Wednesday, September 9, 2009 Ghana now available on your TV Screens

Without any fanfares, bells or whistles, Ghana, the newest television station in Ghana quietly hit the airwaves with a sneak preview of the programming viewers can expect to see during the final test transmissions.

Says Mr Akwasi Agyeman, CEO: “We had to check the quality of the programming lined-up for broadcast and in the process those viewers who are already tuned to Ghana, got a sneak preview of some of our programmes that we have been running.”

Viewers who still are not tuned to Ghana, here are the quick and easy steps to follow.

Tuning in to Ghana – quick and easy

Test transmissions for the free-to-air commercial channel Ghana is now available on your television sets.
How to tune in to Ghana – 4 easy steps

.Select the channel on your remote where you would like Ghana to be

.Press Menu and go to “Set-up”

.Select “Manual Search” on the UHF band and scan

.Keep scanning till you reach frequency 687.25 MHZ. Ghana is Channel 48.

This however does not mean the channel number for Ghana displayed on your screen must be 48. It could be different.

The management of Ghana would also like to appeal to viewers to bear with us if there are any breaks in transmission during the test transmission period. This is to enable our technical team to resolve any minor adjustments that still need to be done to ensure a perfect picture when we officially go on air on 1 October 2009.
Source: Brooke Nuwati/GMA

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