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Vodafone Ghana to lay-off 950 employees under business transformation update

Vodafone Ghana, is poised in laying off 950 employees under its new business transformation update under a compulsory redundancy by end of November 2009.This will allow a new organisation take effective by 1st December this year to deliver enhanced value for customers and ensure commercial success in the competitive telecommunication market.This was disclosed to the press today at the company's headquarters based in Accra by Mr.Isaac Abraham,the chief manager of the corporate communication department of Vodafone Ghana.
" We have already developed a negotiation within a collective bargaining agreement with other senior staff terms and conditions of service for compulsory redundancy,which is three months basic salary for each year of service.This exercise will be done in a fair manner and with stated alignments."

He further stated that, the labour office,Senior Staff Association and communication workers union was yersterday notified of the the restructure.The company have also offered two voluntary exist program this year.The second one,at the request of the union was restricted to non unionised employees and they will be dealt wih accordingly.

Abraham said his outfit will offer full transition support in the form of entrepreneurship training,investment advice,counselling and preparation for life after Vodafone Ghana all affected employees.

Source:Ghanaian Reactor Online/Michael Amedor

Ghana Association of the Blind eyes joint business enterprises

Mr Wilson Anku, Volta Regional President of the Ghana Association of the Blind, on Thursday urged its members to engage in joint business enterprises to attract financial support. Mr Anku was addressing a delegates' meeting of the Ho Municipal branch of the Association on the theme: "2009, an action year for the implementation of the Disability Law 715- Let us all be involved." He said the Association was finding it difficult to attract financial support for its members because many of them have defaulted in paying back loans secured for them.Mr Anku said group loans had greater chance of being granted and recouped because the lenders would be at ease working with such groups as corporate entities. He observed that some relatives of the blind tend to exploit their vulnerability by pressurizing them to take loans, which they seized from them amidst threats.Mr Anku said some blind people also took loans and gave them to others voluntarily to invest in ventures over which they have no control. He said collective action and solidarity constitute very strong tools that the blind could use to assert their rights and importance in their communities.Mr Anku therefore urged them to show keen interest in whatever goes on in their communities to ensure that their peculiar interests were taken care off in all decisions and actions. He urged members to inform the Association about blind children who were being kept away from society by their relatives due to superstitious and other reasons.Mr Thomas Malm President of the Ho Municipal branch of the Association said, the branch had almost completed arrangements towards the establishment of an Educational Endowment Fund. "Hopefully a top banking institution is likely to advance grants to two students during 2009/2010 academic year to pursue programmes at the tertiary level," he said.He said 23 of its members underwent successful cataract surgery in Accra through its initiative with sponsorship of the International Women association of Ghana in collaboration with the Indian Association. Mr Malm said the branch had tabled proposals to the Ho Municipal Assembly to install a corn mill and cassava grater. He said all visually impaired persons must take their own destiny into their own hands instead of sitting on the fence. He appealed to the Media to intensify the campaign to educate the public on the Disability law.

Ghanaian Justice

... 7yrs jail for raping
...10yrs for selling wee
... 25yrs for Stealing

Kwaku Oppong, a 23-year-old farmer has been sentenced to seven years imprisonment in hard labour by the Juaso Circuit Court for defiling a two-year-old girl at Agogo. Oppong pleaded guilty.
Prosecuting, Police Detective Inspector Eric Atatsi told the court that on July 10 the convict lured the victim when she was playing with her mates on their school premises during break time. He took her to his veranda and sexually abused her but her screams attracted one Yaw Asamoah to the scene who caught Oppong in the act.
He took to his heels but Agogo Police later arrested him at Pataban, a farming community near Agogo.
Wee peddler sentenced to 10 years imprisonment Kumasi, July 30, GNA - Sunday Adongo, alias "Olusey", aged 24, has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in hard labour by a Kumasi Circuit Court for possessing 66.7 grammes of Indian hemp. He pleaded guilty.Police Inspector Philip Bebli told the Court that on July 23, last year, the police had a tip off that some people were peddling drugs at the Race Course in Kumasi. They went to the place and caught Adongo with the drug and when questioned he said it belonged to another person but he could not lead police to the owner.
Burkinabe sentenced to 25 years for robbery A 25-year old Burkinabe, Ibrahim Bishib who, together with two others now on the run, undertook a daring raid on a supermarket at Nhyiaeso in Kumasi has been sentenced to 25 years imprisonment for robbery by a Kumasi Circuit Court. He pleaded not guilty.The Court presided over by Mr Emmanuel Amoah-Yartey, heard that Bishib and two accomplices, on April 16, stormed a supermarket owned by Mr Eric Opoku at about 2000 hours.Armed with a locally manufactured pistol, they ordered that the sales should be surrendered.Mr Opoku, who at the time was with the wife, had other ideas and decided not to allow himself to be bullied by the robbers without a fight.Mr Opoku picked a tin of cream milk and threw it at the convict, hitting him on the forehead and it sentng him sprawling on the ground. He raised the alarm attracting neighbours to the scene. Bishib was arrested after a hot chase by the people and handed over to a police patrol team that arrived there but the two others escaped.


STARTRITE Montessori school based at New Bortianor off Weija-Kasoa road has held its first ever graduation ceremony .The graduation held last week within the school premises was dubbed “Quality education and national development.”The guest speaker for the graduation, Dr.George Owusu said the school s theme for the graduation “Quality education and national development” was appropriate as virtually every country in Sub-Saharan Africa including Ghana has identified improved quality education as the national highest priority. In this dimension, the key determinant of quality education is the critical role of teachers because studies revealed that, positive attitudes among teachers are critical given evidence that teaching performance is perhaps the main driver of student learning. Teacher’s motivation is important for promoting school reform and quality education. “Teachers actions need to be self-motivated, resulting from their acceptance of and identification with the values and objectives of practices and regulations in school”.He further stressed that, even though teachers’ salary is important, teacher policy needs to address a lot more than salaries. Teachers should place more emphasis on quality of their relations with students and colleagues.Dr.Owusu commended the school efforts to invite experienced teachers and volunteers from Europe and North America to assist them in terms of teaching and learning. He said that was an opportunity to open the school and students to the world beyond Ghana.The Director of Startrite Montessori School, Dr. Peter Quartey said the school through its tireless efforts made various achievement such as improvement in the number of school buses to three which have made transporting of students easy to school early to start learning, improvement in academic works due to great forbearance of dedicated teachers coupled with moderate fees compared to other schools with comparable facilities and the development of the school’s new site which will be ready in September for pre-school children to enable them enjoy ultra modern facilities to aid them learn more effectively.Dr.Quartey added that, the prospects of the school included continuous strive for excellence, registration of school to junior high school and senior high levels and also giving parents the option to choose between GES and the UK GSCE system of education, improvement of school library to ultra modern status and having links with collaborators among others.The Director challenged parents to get their kids ready in time to minimize lateness and also appealed to government to develop roads with in the area because it’s been a great challenge to the school especially during raining season such as this.Hard working staff members were awarded for their tireless efforts.
Source: Ghanaian Reactor Online/Michael Amedor

AFAG’S Actions Are Ridiculous

They must be suffering from immense frustration!!!!
Fellow Countrymen, the NDC- Youth Activist Network (YAN), a political action group of the NDC whose mission is to champion the course of equality, freedom, and accountability and to emphasize the primacy of political action and economic determinism wishes to express its disappointment and profound dismay in the NPP and their allies for their attempt to make the country ungovernable for the NDC and deprecate the hard won international image which has placed Ghana on the ladder as the best country in Africa as judged by Foreign Policy's Online Annual Index of the United States think-tank, and an independent research organization released on Wednesday 15th July, 2009. The indicators that informed their judgment included human rights, security and economic status.The NPP as a result of the unexpected defeat in the 2008 general elections has allowed themselves into servitude in the Kingdom of desperation, which has continuously characterized and guided their actions. Before the Ministerial vetting a group calling itself AFAG of NPP, which unfortunately lacks the moral authority to identify itself with the NPP, because it lacked a sense of originality, brought out some various allegations against the Ministerial nominees at the time. The content of this frivolous allegations are hitherto not a matter of concern to Y.A.N but rather the purpose and intent. Those allegations like all their acts of desperation were uncalculatedly baseless and uninformed. None of those allegations stood the test of time during the Ministerial vetting `since its veracity could not be established.AFAG petitioned the President on various issues which included a call for the revocation of the Foreign Minister Alhaji Mumuni’s appointment, they also called on the president to reduce school fees which has gone up by 18%, reduce petroleum prices which has gone up by 30% and the fact that they think the NDC has failed by not implementing its campaign promises made in the NDC 2008 Manifesto. These we see as an unfortunate attempt by AFAG and their NPP to throw dust into the eyes of discerning Ghanaians and create apathy and dispassion towards the NDC government. Meanwhile, they are aware that prevailing conditions in the country gives no better standard of living to Ghanaians than this bold step by government to permanently ameliorate the petroleum crises.On 28th of June 2009 AFAG had a press conference, which we the members of Y.A.N see as not only baseless but completely unnecessary and unacceptable. This press conference sought to state that the Government increased salaries by about 18% yet inflation is around 20.74% which makes it unrealistic and for that matter the government is insentive. Fellow Countrymen, since when did it become economically wise to march the rate of salary increment to inflation? What if inflation drops to about 2% does it mean that workers should have 2% increment in their salaries? I hope AFAG has lost its sense of analysis and does not care about the welfare of Ghanaians other than that how can you compare the rate of salary increment to the rate of inflation?They also cited incidence of profligate spending on the part of government by stating that ¢ 2,800,000,000 was spent on transitional team allowance. It is very exceptionally outrageous how these people can take Ghanaians for granted. We must be emphatic and place on record that the Chairman, Mr. P.V Obeng took GH¢ 2,250; two supporting staff took GH¢ 1,800 each (GH¢ 3,600); seven sub-committee chairmen took GH¢ 1,800 each (GH¢ 12,600) and 141 members of the team also took GH¢ 1,350 each (GH¢ 190,350) bringing the total amount to GH¢ 208, 800 for 10wks (2.5 months) of transition work. Assuming any of the members were doing their various jobs, obviously they would have been earning more than GH¢ 675 a month and that was without any other allowance not even transport allowance. This is purely a commitment to austerity.The allegation that GH¢ 10 billion was spent on Obama’s visit is a blatant, baseless and a completely irresponsible lie. This amount can build 8 Presidential Palace and is $9.2 billion more than the World Bank loan of $535 million. Fellow countrymen, is this possible?The allegation that the state is not providing adequate protection to citizens is absolutely preposterous and unimaginable when crime statistics states that crime such as murder, rape, defilement, robbery, narcotics, heroine and cocaine has reduced by 11, 36, 3, 56, 26, 3 and 19 respectively. Check Appendix for details. These emphasizes that crime has generally reduced drastically.It was also alleged that, the IMF loan of $535 million had killer conditionalities that state that there should be full cost recovery for tertiary education which has led to an increase in academic facility user fee (AFUF), removal of subsidy from electricity and water bills. This is an unfortunate deceit on the part of AFAG, we don’t think this group should be given any regard of any sort. In a news release from the World Bank dated 30th June, 2009 Ishac Diwan, Country Director of World Bank stated clearly and we quote: it is important to stress that there are no externally imposed conditionalities. These are actions the government has decided to undertake in order to ensure fiscal prudence. The internal commitments of the Ghanaian Government were as follows:• Publishing fiscal accounts with less than one quarter lad.• Reconstituting the boards of energy related regulatory utilities and authorities.• Extending the Livelihood Empowerment against Poverty (LEAP) beneficiaries and reviewing the effectiveness of the pro-poor expenditures. These conditions are pro-poor than all the conditions of any loan the NPP contracted in the 8 years of their rule. Source: University of Ghana has denied that they have redrawn admission letters sent to graduate students with admission fee of GH¢ 300 and replace it with GH¢ 3000 admission fee. This is utterly absurd, is the NPP so desperate to make the government unpopular? That they can even lie against the nation’s premier university, where they acquired their so-called knowledge.Fellow Countrymen, it is important we place on record that in 2006/2007 academic year, the academic facility user fee (AFUF) was increased by 68.7% and this was one of our demands during the ‘YA BRE MO’ Demonstration in April, 2007, as if that was not enough, in 2007/2008 academic year, the AFUF was increased by another 33% followed by 30% in 2008/2009. The AFUF for all public universities for 2009/2010 ranges from GH¢ 209 to GH¢ 312 and this is 18% increment, the NPP have never heard. Indeed the fees of 2009/2010 was decided and approved by a University Council appointed by the NPP government, since the new University Councils were inaugurated in mid-June this year.In 2001 petroleum prices were astronomically increased to about 64.3% in the first 100 days when they had inherited a TOR debt of about ¢2.7 trillion as compared to the NDC inheriting a TOR debt of ¢11trillion and reducing fuel prices by 5% and later increasing it by 10%, hence a net increase of about 5% in 100 days. Fellow Countrymen, this is all in the face of when the NPP had collected ¢7.2 trillion for TOR Debt Recovery Levy, which by simple Mathematics could have been able to pay for debt in 2001 and prevent further accumulation of debt.It is also important to place on record that the NDC’s sensitivity to the economic woes of Ghanaians is better than that of the NPP. This is because in 2001 by the first 100 days there was an imposition of 15% and 12% tax on gross profit of all financial institutions and all other business enterprises respectively. There was also a 5% import duty slapped on materials such as cutlasses, hoes and fishing gears, all these were nonexistent before the NPP assumed office in 2001 and the NDC has not done such imposition from January. There was also a 150% increase in airport taxes as opposed to 50% increase in 2009.It is clear that there is a grand scheme by the NPP to discredit the NDC Government, despite the fact that these actions are necessary to test the strength of our democracy; it is also intellectually insulting to Ghanaians, not to mention their NPP fanatics. For instance, Former President Kufour stating that the situation in Ghana is like a coup d’état was used to change government, is rather unfortunate.Fellow Ghanaians, what has Kufour been denied of in this country, apart from the illegal possession of the bullet proof cars meant for the presidency and the illegal acquisition of an office, which due procedure is being used to rectify. This acts purely indicate that the NPP and their former government officials are AFRAID OF ACCOUNTABILITY and for that matter any attempt to hold them accountable makes them feel like in hell fire or in a coup d’état situation.The Youth Activist Network of the NDC is the last group to condemn any acts that seem to exercise the fundamental human rights of people to agitate and demand for social justice and their welfare. However, it is clear that the agenda the NPP wants to push with this demonstration is to create chaos and anarchy. As a short reminder, Nana Akuffo-Addo some few weeks ago stated that the situation leaves them with no choice than to use militancy.Indeed AFAG is a brain-child of Nana Akuffo-Addo and has his cousin D.M. Ofori-Attah as one of their Spokespersons, so if today AFAG says it is demonstrating because of the above stated baseless and unfortunate lies and deceit it shouldn’t be surprising.Fellow countrymen, colleagues of the NDC and those of the NPP, it is very important to note that when you make this country ungovernable, obviously it will become uninhabitable and you may become a refugee of some bodies land. But an advice to the NPP is that the earlier they wake up from their desperation the better for them. In fact whether they like it or not they would be held accountable for their stewardship. Long live accountability!! Long live believers in accountability!!!!! Long live Ghana!!!!!!Signed: Otokunor Boamah Peter (Chief Spokesperson) 0276902003CRIME STATISTICSJANUARY- MAY 2004 –2009
MURDER 189 172 153 184 194 183
RAPE 286 212 279 429 228 192
DEFILEMENT 820 719 963 1470 678 675
ROBBERY 309 502 564 677 591 535
NARCOTICS 197 185 170 249 301 275
HEROINE 10 16 20 22 4 1
COCAINE 17 22 26 30 24 5
INDIAN HEMP 170 147 124 197 273 269
Source: ministry of interior/Otokunor Boamah Peter

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You should only spend FOUR hours per month managing your finances.

Look at this graphic -- in the next couple of weeks, I'm going to show you how to automate your money so you build a bulletproof personal-finance system like this: -Automation is the key to getting there. It lets you focus on the big wins and gets you beyond the day-to-day management so you can earn more, travel, and hang out with friends and family, guilt-free.
Personal finance is not about more willpower and yet people constantly fall prey to the "Try Harder" fallacy: "If I just try harder, I can save more money!!" Yet they never stop to ask themselves one question: Has this worked over the last year? 2 years? 5 years? The "try harder" strategy is similar to diets...and we know how those end up.

But there's a better way

In one excellent study, researchers were able to cause 401(k) contributions to soar from under 40% to over 90% with a simple change: They made enrollment automatic.
We all know money is important, but most of us don't even take the simplest step of contributing to our 401(k)...even though there are HUGE financial benefits. But using automation, you can start to dominate by having your system passively do the right thing for you.
A reader named Josh G. wrote me about using an automated financial system:
"I just wanted to drop you an email and personally thank you for teaching me about automated savings. I am saving 12k a year! I have saved 14k so far since I started May 2008 and I'm on track for 20k by the end of the year! Fear kept me from automating my savings previously. I had bills and it seems that was all I thought about every month."
Back to your friends. While they're busy trying harder (which invariably wears off after a few weeks), you'll be building an automated system that will help you manage your money, guilt-free, for years to come. Bills, payments, and even investments will be automated, leaving you to focus on the things that really matter. And since the system I've built is so flexible, you can tweak it to your specific situation.
Even better, automation can save you from making big financial mistakes. For example, if you miss just 1 credit card payment, your credit score can drop 100 points, your interest rate can soar to 30% -- and the worst part is, this can happen on multiple cards, not just the one you were late on.
Ghanaian Reactor Online brings you more on automation later.


The game of pool (snooker) is suddenly generating a lot of interest among the youth in Ghana. The game is currently enjoying a high patronage among the youth today especially in the pubs, restaurants, and spots. The first ever pool tournament is a Y FM initiative involving 9 pubs in Accra and Tema.
The objective of this tournament is in line with Y FM’s desire and commitment to encourage sports among the youth. Sports, undoubtedly is a number one unifier in the world over today and pool certainly plays a major role as an interesting sporting activity. Y FM therefore wants to take the game to a higher level by mobilizing all interested stakeholders – players, organizers and spectators who just watch the game for the fun of it.
“The rationale behind the tournament is to inculcate in the youth, the qualities and virtues that come with participating in sports, including discipline, determination and team spirit” said Mr. George Laing, General Manager of Y FM during the launch of the tournament yesterday at CoolWorld.
The Y FM-Stone Pool Tournament kicks off on the 8th of August at 8-Ball Pub in Tema. There are 9 clubs made up of both men and women participating in this competition. The clubs will play each other in interesting knock-out stages which will be culminated with a grand finale on the 22nd of August, 2009.
This first tournament is sponsored by Stone Strong Lager, a product of ABL, and CoolWorld who have kindly donated a range of their Haier Thermocool products as prizes for the winners. These products include a a 42” Plasma screen, home theatre centre, a laptop, a pool table and many consolation prizes including mobile phones, cinema tickets and Stone Lager which will be given out on-air on Y FM 107.7
Y FM 107.7 is the only youth-dedicated channel in Accra and barely after a year’s operations, it has come to change the radio listening habits among the youth in Accra and its environs. Today many young people have made radio a part of their daily lives because of the interesting programming carefully designed for and targeted exclusively at them. Y FM - Radio for the young and the young at heart is proud to be associated with this initiative as it complements the station’s commitment to encourage and help young people have fun and lead meaningful lives. Thus through fun and cheer, young people should also develop talents and skills while also generating some wealth for themselves.
For further enquiries, listen to Y FM 107.7. You can also log on to and register to be a part of this phenomenal event.

Source: Global Media Alliance/ Brooke Nuwati

Steps needed to strengthen benefits, reduce problems of large global flows-UNCTAD

Rising unemployment as the global recession worsens is damping flows of migrant workers and many are returning to their home countries, experts said at a one-day meeting on "the contribution of migrants to development."

But steps taken nationally and internationally could stem these economic and personal losses and labour migration could function as a "tool" for recovering from the worldwide financial crisis, high-level officials on migration and economic development issues said.

"The crisis will be impacting quite significantly on the flow of migrants, especially in terms of unemployment," UNCTAD Secretary-General Supachai Panitchpakdi told the opening session of the meeting.
He said global unemployment will continue to worsen this year, with an estimated 60 million put out of work by end of 2009. That would bring total unemployment caused by the worldwide recession to an estimated 240 million.

Sectors affected by significant job losses include some that employ numerous migrants, such as construction and manufacturing, Mr. Supachai said. For women, the impact will likely be felt in declining employment in health care, education, and domestic services.

Mr. Supachai said there is a "great need" for multilateral agreements, including through the World Trade Organization General Agreement on Trade in Services, and a need for partnerships and "diaspora networking" not just to regulate migration fairly and humanely but to harness migration for development, and to ensure that knowledge and technology and “circular migration” help to advance the economies of the sending countries, and to avoid the negative effects of the so-called brain drain on such countries.

Sha Zukang, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN/DESA), said current trends indicate that the total number of international migrants could reach 214 million by 2010.
But he said that excluding refugees, there has been a deceleration in the growth of the number of migrants in recent years, and high unemployment will likely dampen future migration flows. It also appears that the growing feminization of the international migrant stock -- a trend apparent over some years -- has ceased, and the proportion of women among migrants has declined slightly.

William Swing, Director-General of the International Organization for Migration, said the flow of labour is a “neglected element” of the globalization process. There are many agreements dealing with free flows of money, investment, and goods, he said, "but migration policies haven't kept pace. And migration today is overwhelmingly about labour mobility.

"Legal migration channels are inadequate," Mr. Swing told the meeting, "and that opens doors of opportunity for those who traffic in human beings." Meanwhile, "remittances are falling, jobs are being lost, and we fear that levels of ODA (official development assistance) and FDI (foreign direct investment) may decline. Remittances may drop by 9% in the current year."

And Marielza Oliveira, Associate Director of the Governance Unit of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and Chair of the Global Migration Group, said migration has social, economic, and environmental impacts and affects such concerns as security, social cohesion, and many aspects of human development. There is a "win-win potential" to effectively linking migration and development, she said, "but enhanced dialogue and the sharing of ideas and practices" is vital, especially in times of crisis.

Topics discussed over the course of the day included "migration trends and the impact of the economic crisis;" "trade, investment, and development linkages;" and "policy frameworks to enhance migrants' contributions to development."

The one-day meeting results from decisions at the 2008 UNCTAD XII quadrennial conference that the organization should "conduct research and analysis on the potential benefits and opportunities of trade, investment and developmental links between migrants' countries of origin and their communities abroad;" and that UNCTAD should "analyze the potential of migrants' remittances to contribute to development."

Minister inaugurates Regional Lands Commission

Alhaji Collins Dauda, the Minister of Lands and Mineral Resources, has called for attitudinal change on the part of the staff of reconstituted regional land commissions to ensure the success of the reforms in the land sector.

"Reforms in themselves do not necessarily bring change but rather it is the people involved in the implementation", he said at the inauguration of the Brong-Ahafo Regional Lands Commission in Sunyani. The 30-member regional Commission is chaired by Nana Bosoma Asor Nkrawiri 11, Omanhene of Sunyani Traditional Area and members were sworn into office by the Sunyani Supervising High Court Judge, Mr Justice Francis Opoku.

Alhaji Dauda said the Commission is now responsible for all issues involved in land administration, namely surveying and mapping, compensation and valuation, land registration and land management. "The Survey Department, the Land Valuation Board, the Land Title Registry and the Lands Commission Secretariat have been merged and a new Lands Commission with four functional divisions has been created," the minister said.

The new functional divisions are Survey and Mapping, Land Registration, Land Valuation and Public Vested Lands Management. Alhaji Dauda said what Ghanaians expected was a stress-free process for registering land and it is expected that the new Commission would reduce the bureaucracy, inefficiencies and frustrations of the public and "failure to do this will nullify all the reform efforts irrespective of the good intentions".

He said by the Executive Instrument Number 46 of February 18, 1961 some stool lands in Brong-Ahafo Region are vested in the President in trust for the various stools and named them as Dormaa, Nsoatre, Sunyani, Fiapre, Odumasi, Acherensua, Mehame, among others. "These lands were vested for town planning purposes and also due to numerous land-related chieftaincy disputes and customary allegiances that existed in the areas at the time of independence. These lands are currently managed by the Lands Commission".

He said the government is considering divesting some of these lands and would need the collaboration of the Lands Commission, adding that if the reasons for vesting are no longer valid the government would not hesitate to divest the lands.

Alhaji Dauda said in the management of vested lands, there should be collaboration between the Regional Lands Commission and stools as the vesting order did not extinguish the right of the stools. "The stools should be involved in all decisions", he said and called on the Regional Lands Commission to immediately develop guidelines that would give effect to the directive.

The Minister said it was also the intention of the government to return lands acquired by the state and which are no longer needed to their original owners but added that would be done on case by case basis.

He said an inventory of state acquired lands in Brong-Ahafo had already been done in three districts, namely Sunyani, Techiman and Wenchi and appealed to the Commission to study the reports and advise the government.

"Land issues in this country will continue to be an obstacle to our national development if the bottlenecks associated with land administration are not removed", Alhaji Dauda said.

He urged the Brong-Ahafo Regional Lands Commission to work hard to complement the efforts of government to deliver on its mandate to the people, adding, "the functions of the Commission as enshrined in the Lands Commission Act, 2008 is enormous but I have no doubt that you will be able to perform creditably.

Mr. Kwadwo Nyamekye Marfo, the Brong-Ahafo Regional Minister, said "population pressure and economic interests had placed great value on land" and this had generated tensions, conflicts and the illegal activities of land guards.

He said the situation had also witnessed the wanton encroachment on school lands, sanitary sites and other public places. The Regional Minister expressed the hope that the Regional Lands Commission would work assiduously to ensure that litigations over land in the region were either eliminated or minimized to ensure steady progress in the region.

Nana Bosoma gave assurance that the regional commission would work as a team and to ensure that land litigations and conflicts were reduced or eliminated.

11 and 14 are sexually active -Survey

A survey conducted in the Birim Central Municipality and the Birim South District in six communities by Herald Foundation, a non-governmental organization (NGO), shows that about 10 percent of teenagers between the ages of 11 and 14 are sexually active. While some of those teenagers said they learn sex from video shows others attributed their early involvement in sex to hardship.

Dr Konlaan Benson, Senior Lecture, Red Cross University, Stockholm, Sweden and Executive member of Herald Foundation, said this at the inauguration of a Youth Information Centre at Akyem Oda on Wednesday. He said the survey revealed that about 85 percent of boys are sexually active by the age of 14 while 60 percent of girls in that age group are also sexually active. Dr Benson said 10 percent of the teenagers said they had about three or more sexual partners in the last 12 months while 70 percent said they never used condom.

He expressed worry about teenagers' involvement in early sex and said the Foundation would step up its education programme in the communities on the need for them to guard against pre-marital sex Mr Samuel Appiah-Kubi, Chairman, Ghana Union-Umea Sweden, advised the youth to guard against watching pornographic films and to concentrate on their studies

He expressed concern about the youth involvement in homosexual activities and appealed to parents to live up to their parental responsibilities by monitoring the activities of their children. Mr Appiah-Kubi said the centre that comprises a library and a computer laboratory would give the youth the opportunity to get information on Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) including HIV/AIDS. Mr Samuel Anyimadu Amaning, National Coordinator, GHANET, commended the Foundation on its efforts to help reduce the spread of the pandemic in the communities.

He said GHANET had selected 31 NGOSs to go from house to house, school to school to intensify HIV/AIDS education adding that though the prevalent rate was going down, 'we should not relax". Mr Amaning appealed to parents to engage their children in sex education while Churches should also educate the youth on the dangers in engaging in promiscuity. Mr Amaning donated a number of books on HIV/AIDS to the centre.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

$700 million to be spent on port upgrade

Ghana is planning to spend $700 million to upgrade infrastructure at Takoradi port next year, according to a senior port official.Nester Galley, Acting Director-General of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) announced Thursday that the project would comprise the development of oil services facility to support offshore oil production.Other rehabilitation works include building an office accommodation, oil storage tanks for bunkering, storage facilities for oil production materials and cargo handling equipment.The development of offshore oil production support services and oil tanks for bunkering would help to meet demand for bunkering along the West African coast, which is one of the world's largest offshore bunker markets.The market services primarily fishing vessels, tankers, bulkers and container ships. Bunker demand also comes from the offshore oil industry, servicing rigs, floating production storage and offloading units.Takoradi port would also have a wharf length of about 500 metres and water hydrants for the supply of fresh water to ships.As part of a general infrastructure upgrade, the port would be provided with paved roads and railroad facilities, according to Galley.He added that the aim of the renovations was to make Takoradi port the main port on the west coast of Africa.The project, currently in the design stage, would be tendered before the end of this year. A total completion of the project is scheduled in 2028.Galley said GPHA would strive to achieve its vision of becoming the Most Preferred Port in the West African Sub-Region.


STARTRITE Montessori school based in Weija within the Greater Accra region has held its first ever graduation ceremony .The graduation held last week within the school premises was dubbed “Quality education and national development.”
The guest speaker for the graduation, Dr.George Owusu said the school s theme for the graduation “Quality education and national development” was appropriate as virtually every country in Sub-Saharan Africa including Ghana has identified improved quality education as the national highest priority. In this dimension, the key determinant of quality education is the critical role of teachers because studies revealed that, positive attitudes among teachers are critical given evidence that teaching performance is perhaps the main driver of student learning. Teacher’s motivation is important for promoting school reform and quality education. “Teachers actions need to be self-motivated, resulting from their acceptance of and identification with the values and objectives of practices and regulations in school”.
He further stressed that, even though teachers’ salary is important, teacher policy needs to address a lot more than salaries. Teachers should place more emphasis on quality of their relations with students and colleagues.
Dr.Owusu commended the school efforts to invite experienced teachers and volunteers from Europe and North America to assist them in terms of teaching and learning. He said that was an opportunity to open the school and students to the world beyond Ghana.
The Director of Startrite Montessori School, Dr. Peter Quartey said the school through its tireless efforts made various achievement such as improvement in the number of school buses to three which have made transporting of students easy to school early to start learning, improvement in academic works due to great forbearance of dedicated teachers coupled with moderate fees compared to other schools with comparable facilities and the development of the school’s new site which will be ready in September for pre-school children to enable them enjoy ultra modern facilities to aid them learn more effectively.
Dr.Quartey added that, the prospects of the school included continuous strive for excellence, registration of school to junior high school and senior high levels and also giving parents the option to choose between GES and the UK GSCE system of education, improvement of school library to ultra modern status and having links with collaborators among others.
The Director challenged parents to get their kids ready in time to minimize lateness and also appealed to government to develop roads with in the area because it’s been a great challenge to the school especially during raining season such as this.
Hard working staff members were awarded for their tireless efforts.
Source: Ghanaian Reactor Online/Michael Amedor

IFA’s status as a leading international event continues to grow among the media and industry

The IFA 2009 International Press Conference is proof that worldwide interest in the event continues to grow. 300 journalists from 45 countries as well as members of the international retail trade, industrial associations and exhibitors will be attending, underlining IFA’s international appeal. With attractive product presentations and podium discussions on the latest issues impacting the industry and markets IFA will be setting the tone for the industry and trade at this event.
Product debuts and important industry topics such as ecology, lifestyle, HDTV & wireless communications the main features at IFA 2009
For the second time, and with an even more comprehensive show, the leading brands of the consumer electronics and electrical home appliances industries will be jointly represented on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds at IFA 2009. Traditionally a large number of new technologies and products make their debut at IFA.
IFA Director Jens Heithecker: “In 2008 the industry took the IFA to pole position with a previously unmatched number of product debuts. IFA 2009 will be building on this.“
Dr. Rainer Hecker added: “High-quality, wide-ranging brand presentations will once again feature significantly at IFA 2009 in Berlin. The consumer electronics range of products covers the entire market. It includes innovative, flat-screen TVs, home cinema systems, high-resolution media and intelligent networking solutions, as well as all types of mobile devices. As regards electrical home appliances, the focus is on ease of use and health and wellness where fridges, washing machines, tumble driers, dishwashers, kitchen appliances, hairdriers and personal hygiene appliances are concerned. In both product sections an eco-friendly approach and using water and electricity in a responsible manner are at a premium.“
IFA is the meeting place of leading international companies from both industries. As the leading venue for doing business it moves markets, as it comprehensively serves and targets the structures of the wider trade. With its unique flair IFA provides the perfect setting for the ultimate experience of consumer electronics and home appliances brands. Thus IFA combines fascinating innovations and exciting entertainment with a show. What is more, Berlin is where media political decisions are made.
“IFA brings the markets together in a unique way. It provides an ideal platform for international retailers, buyers, consumers, the industry and the media. This autumn at IFA 2009 we will be sending out clear and positive signals to the economy“, Dr. Rainer Hecker continued.
TecWatch – the name says everything
The TWF has taken off in a new direction. In future, as the IFA TecWatch, it will be offering European research projects, developers from industry, international trade associations, as well as German research institutions and universities an exclusive platform for presenting product firsts. In 2009 the main topics will be devoted to assisted living, the personal home, innovative audio and smart interfaces. Thus TecWatch will without a doubt be the international attraction for technologically interested exhibitors, visitors, experts and the media.
Trade visitors and the media can register as of now
Starting in June, trade visitors can purchase their ticket to the IFA in comfort from the online ticket shop, at a reduced advance sales price. Alternatively, they can redeem a ticket voucher. The IFA ticket shop is open at Be it special travel packages, the Fast Lane, an exclusive reception area or leading specialist forums, starting now the IFA Website has information on special services for trade visitors coming to IFA.
As of now members of the media who can submit proof of their identity as journalists can register online under “Press” on the IFA website. Advance registrations will be accepted until 20 August 2009. Information available under “Press” on the IFA website includes press releases, press appointments with exhibitors at IFA and the organisers of IFA, innovations at IFA and press photos of IFA.
IFA website relaunched
A new and completely redesigned IFA website offering new services is now available. For example, the latest information on IFA 2009 can now be downloaded to a PDA. Easy navigation, user-friendly applications and speedy access to required information were the priorities during the website’s relaunch.
The new Download Centre is yet another, convenient service that is available. This gives a clear and concise overview of all the forms and graphics relating to IFA 2009. Using an easy-to-use search function, users can enter key words and topic headings to download data ranging from stand application forms, logos and banners for advertising, to information on communication services.

National Service week launched in Accra

The Deputy Minister of Information, Mr Samuel Ablakwa Okudzeto, on Tuesday said the current global economic crisis has made access to capital difficult and urged the youth to be more creative and look out for available opportunities to better their lot. He said job offering by government could not cater for the many job seeking young Ghanaian school leavers.Mr Ablakwa said this when he launched the Greater Accra regional celebration of national service week on the theme "Rekindling the spirit of volunteerism, the role of the national service scheme." He called on volunteers not only to focus on the privileged educated but also those not privileged, adding that volunteers were very helpful service providers.Mr Ablakwa urged the youth to take advantage of areas such as the green movement, and to form non-governmental organizations to widen the employment net. "Let's look at ways of thinking of not only government employment but creative ideas. Let's make the necessary move and see what the small NGO can do."Mr Kwame Fosu Agyen, Regional Director of national service, said the service scheme had already blazed the trail by implementing a national volunteer scheme (NVS) since 2003.He said the target of the NVS is deprived schools in the rural and peri-urban areas, adding that in the 2005/2006 service years, the Greater Accra Region recorded 172 personnel, and 631 in the 2006/2007 service year. The 2007/2008 figure rose to 894 and reduced to 736 in 2008/2009 service year, he added.He said the service scheme had been of immense contribution in terms of teacher supply, as well as the provision of quality education in the Islamic schools.

Water pollution responsible for high water tariffs - AVRL

Mr. Daniel Muomaalah, General Manager, Customer Care of Aqua Vitens Rand Limited (AVRL), on Tuesday said high water tariffs in the country was largely due to the high cost of water treatment as a result of high level of pollution in the country's water bodies.He said the citizens who complained about high water tariffs were the very ones who polluted the water bodies and therefore are to blame for the high water tariffs.Mr. Muomaalah said this at the opening of a four-day two-in-one workshop designed to fashion out a syllabus for water as a subject area for basic schools and also to train trainers who would implement the syllabus when it is ready.The workshop, jointly organized by AVRL and Wise Water Foundation with support from the ministries of Education and Water Resources, Works and Housing, is being attended by about 40 participants. Mr. Muomaalah said the workshop was one of the many ways in which AVRL sought to shift water from an engineering-based to a community-focused issue as a way of bringing citizens closer to the operations of AVRL to fully appreciate the challenges of water treatment and distribution."Not until the majority of Ghanaians begin to appreciate what these challenges are, it remains a mirage to provide any lasting solution to the challenges facing the water sector," he said.He said the ultimate focus of the workshop was children, in order that they would become water ambassadors to their communities and also grow up with a better sense of appreciation for the value and importance of water and water-based sanitation and environmental issues.Mr. Andrew Barber, Managing Director of AVRL, said the company spent an estimated GHC100 million Ghana cedis every year for its operations, which largely involved the use of chemicals and power for water treatment and distribution. "In spite of the huge operational cost, demand still far outstrips supply and we will need over GHC1.5 billion capital investment to meet the country's demand for potable water," he said. Mr Barber said the high cost of water treatment was also the problem of huge non-revenue water (about 48 per cent), due to illegal connections, adding that education and awareness creation is key to dealing with that kind of problem.Mr. Barber said ahead of a comprehensive school syllabus on water, AVRL had a programme dubbed "one day education on water", under which 4,200 children from 20 schools in Accra had been educated on the importance and value of water. "We are expanding that programme to benefit schools outside Accra and we intend to educate at least 30,000 school kids by the close of 2011 when our contract ends," he said. He said the rationale for the programme was to make children water and sanitation ambassadors to challenge their parents and neighbours to take responsibility for the water they use and the way they treat water bodies.Mr. Emmanuel Opare, Deputy Director, Basic Education, GES, noted that whereas human population was rising, sources of potable water kept dwindling, adding that the judicious management of water and the environment should be a priority to all.He said it was in that light that the GES welcomed the idea of creating a syllabus for water as a subject area in schools, saying, water and environmental education were matters of human survival rather than just a course of study.Mr. Opare urged participants to develop water and environmental education programmes that would integrate different dimensions of curriculum work in a way that would make the knowledge and skills acquired responsive to practical challenges.Mr. Mintah Aboagye, Head of the Water Directorate of the Ministry of Water Resources, Works and Housing noted that water was the commonest conveyer of diseases and therefore issues about pollution of water resources, domestic water storage, illegal connections and wrong laying of underground pipes should be taken seriously. He said government was committed to making water supply affordable to citizens but to the extent that citizens were engaged in water-unfriendly activities, the cost of treating and supplying potable water would remain high.

Women have the right to bail - Okudzeto

Mr. Sam Okudzeto, a barrister at law, said in Accra on Tuesday that it was wrong for anyone to prevent women from endorsing bail bonds. He said no surety should be discriminated against on the grounds of gender, race, colour, ethnic origin, religion, creed, social or economic status.Mr Okudzeto was speaking at a human rights awareness forum, organised by the Commonwealth Human Right Initiative (CHRI) said any body who had the view that women had no right to bail was living in the era when property ownership was used as basis for security. The programme, which was on the theme: "The rights of Arrested Persons in Ghana," was sponsored by the Australian High Commission. CHRI is an international non-governmental organisation mandated to ensure the practical realisation of human rights across the Commonwealth. Its Africa office, situated in Ghana, was opened in 2001.Mr. Okudzeto observed that currently, some women are richer than some men and are acquiring expensive property than their male counterparts.He said a bail was the release of an arrested person on the condition that the person would appear before the court when required to do and abide by any restriction. He said bails were not favours and therefore it was unlawful for some one to give money to police officers as a way of paying for bail services.The circumstances under which a court could refuse a bail were in the cases of treason, subversion, murder, robbery, hijacking, piracy, rape and defilement or escape from lawful custody. Mr. Okudzeto said a court would refuse to grant bail if it was satisfied that the defendant may not appear to stand trial, interfere with any evidence or hamper investigations or commit further offence when on bail.He said many people were ignorant about their rights and issues of right abuse, explaining that unfortunately anyone who wanted to stand for his or her rights by challenging authorities that infringe on those rights were normally branded as "too known".Mr. Paul Tawiah Quaye, Inspector General of Police (IGP) in a speech read on his behalf said arrested persons had a lot of rights. "The law confers a number of rights to any person who is arrested in connection with any alleged offence," he said. From the point of arrest, he said the arresting police officer was required to immediately inform the arrested person the cause for the arrest in a language to be understood and must not be detained for more than 48 hours if arrests were effected.When unlawfully arrested, restricted or detained by any person including a police officer, the person shall be entitled to compensation from the other person, he said and added that such a person had the right to be treated with dignity and respect. "This requires that the police should not subject any person arrested detained or restricted to torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment" he explained.The IGP said any person alleged to have committed any crime should be presumed innocent until the contrary was proven or had pleaded guilty. "He who alleges a crime against any individual person has the burden of proving the guilt of the person by producing the relevant probative evidence," he said.

Ghanaian invents "Electric Cream" for energy

Mr Paul Karikari, 55, has invented an "Electric Cream" that generates intense heat of up to 100 degrees Celsius within four minutes, intended to solve the energy problems of the country.The electric cream, a greyish lotion-like stuff has aluminium, edible oil, caustic soda and water as its active ingredients. In an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Monday after a competition organized by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) as part of their 50th Anniversary, Mr Karikari, a trained teacher who hails from Bekwai in the Ashanti Region, said the "Electric Cream" was a multi-purpose product which powered certain prototype items for domestic use.The competition, which seeks to unearth the innovations of Ghanaian inventors, has 14 entries left after screening the initial 20 entries. The screening would continue until three innovators emerge as the final winners.He said stage one of his innovation had ended with prototype items such as iron, food warmer, cutlery sterilizer, plumber plastic pipe bender, water and egg boiler and a messaging bottle modelled for prospective investors.The "Electric Cream" has been tested and approved by the Chemistry Department of the University of Ghana with Professor Derrick Caboo as the reference.According to the inventor, the Al metal in the cream also begins to react and in less than 10 minutes heat begins to generate and the amazing thing is that after two hours, when the heat begins to drop, one needs to put three Alu-nodles and one-eighth litre of water into the container, stir and heating begins again.The "Electric Cream", he said, could be charged and re-charged with water and Al-nodules for many years and could become a new source of energy for the whole world should an investor come his way. Mr Karikari said of all the capabilities of the "Electric Cream", the iron and food warmer stood out for obvious reasons."Let all the fires in the world go off, anybody in possession of the "Electric Cream" will generate heat anywhere with the afore-named products, including people in the Polar region".He said the exothermic nature of the cream made it to release electrons which the Department had advised him to look for investors or physicists to help tap to produce electricity."It is my greatest desire to get an investor who will buy into my invention to solve the energy crisis of the country and beyond," Mr Karkari said.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ghanaians should stop looking at issues through NDC, NPP lenses - Veep

Vice President John Dramani Mahama on Monday asked Ghanaians to stop looking at serious development issues through the lenses of the National Democratic Congress and the New Patriotic Party.He said President John Evans Atta Mills had repeatedly said that he was a father of all and this must be reflected in the way Ghanaians approach investment and other business issues. Mr Mahama made the request when he met with a delegation of the Ghana Printers and Paper Converters Association, who paid a courtesy call on him at the Osu Castle.He said government was committed to the promotion of everybody's business especially local investors, no matter their religion or political affiliation.He observed that he was being tagged as being on the pay-roll of Zoomlion simply because he inaugurated a quarry established by the organisation." We should rise above this kind of pettiness, which does no one any good," he said.Mr Mahama said as much as government would support foreign investors it would as well promote indigenous Ghanaian businessmen and women as far as they remain competitive.He said any policy obstacle that discriminated against the Ghanaian investor to favour the foreign investor would be addressed. The Vice President noted that foreign investors eventually repatriate their profits, which creates s a telling effect on the cedi while the Ghanaian investor has to spend the money in the country, which is more beneficial to Ghanaians.Mr James Appiah-Berko, President of the Association who led the delegation presented a memorandum to Mr Mahama, which listed some challenges facing members.He said the Ghanaian printers and publishers had the capacity to print all Ghanaian textbooks but they had remained uncompetitive because they pay 32 per cent tax, which involved Value Added Tax while the books printed abroad attract no tax.Mr Appiah-Berko said each publisher had the capacity to employ about 2,000 workers, offer in-service training to national service personnel and allow students who are in the printing industry to do their attachment with them. Mr Mahama assured the association that he would give the memorandum the needed attention.

IFA 2009: Today’s ideas for the lifestyle of tomorrow

Innovations from the world of digital media and modern household appliances

Television and web technologies are converging to form new,
interactive media, with screens presenting three-dimensional entertainment and information.
Gesturing and language commands trigger electronic functions throughout the entire house,
complex technologies dramatically reduce the energy consumption and improve the ease of
use of household appliances. Are these simply the visions of a far-off future?
IFA TecWatch is showing these developments right now – the real-life technological potential
of the world of digital media and modern home appliances.
In a separate hall and a display area covering 2.500 square metres, IFA TecWatch will present
exciting prospects for new markets. Public and industry research institutions, universities,
joint projects, standards institutions and leading international semi-conductor specialists will
present their latest developments here.
IFA TecWatch is unique in combining a specialist exhibition with a communication and business
platform for innovative technologies. At IFA the focus is on entertainment, fascination, lifestyle
and efficiency – in short on a wealth of attractive products and services which make our lives
more colourful, pleasant and comfortable. “As a special competence centre IFA TecWatch
directs visitors’ attention to essentially the industry’s engine room, to the technologies and
innovative ideas which drive our industry forward and define ways in which future generations
of products will benefit us“, is how Dr. Rainer Hecker, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of
Gesellschaft für Unterhaltungs- und Kommunikationselektronik (gfu), describes the
significance of this presentation.

Technology exhibitions are a well-established feature of IFA. At the Science and Technology
Forum (TWF) IFA presented the big firsts in media technology – ranging from the MP3
standard to all the key technologies of digital television, including cable, satellite and
terrestrial broadcasting.
IFA TecWatch follows in its footsteps and has taken the concept of an innovation platform even
• for the first time IFA TecWatch 2009 will also be presenting the results of research
within the home appliances sector, thus mirroring the technical expertise of all
areas of the industry represented at IFA.
• IFA TecWatch systematically combines the scientific initiatives of public institutions
and research activities of industry with the practical potential of specialists for
semiconductors and other components. Thus the role of TecWatch is also as an
important place for the science and research markets to meet and do business.
• IFA TecWatch’s tailored events and content address a variety of target audiences –
from industry decision-makers and technical experts to young people with an
intuitive ability to handle modern technologies, and to a broad range of technically
interested members of the public.
IFA TecWatch cordially invites all visitors to IFA to be inspired by the unique variety of ideas
for ease of use, entertainment, and quality of experiencing life that tomorrow has to offer.
TecWatch is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. for the entire duration of the fair.

GMA rejects pay Increment

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has rejected the proposed seven per cent increment by government for the health sector, and described it as an "insignificant increment". It said the proposal did not factor in the economic realities of the day which must have informed the recent 17 per cent increments for other public sector workers.A statement jointly signed by the President of the Association, Dr Emmanuel Adom Winful, and the General Secretary, Dr Sodzi Sodzi Tettey, and copied to the GNA on Monday, called on labour unions in the health sector to close ranks and adopt common strategies to address common challenges for their mutual interest.The Association at the end of its fourth National Executive Council meeting in Bolgatanga, protested against the unilateral variation of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between the Association and the Minister of Health, Dr George Sipa Yankey, on the part of government. The statement said the Association had necessitated the action because of the silence of the Ministry of Finance on the issue of on-call duty facilitation allowance and other pertinent issues. For example, it said a letter signed by the Minister of Finance postponed the payment of arrears due members from July to August 2009, and scheduled to be paid in four tranches instead of the two agreed upon.The statement said after deliberating on all the concerns, the Association called on the National Labour Commission to urgently address the issues before any crises arose. The GMA signed a MoU with Dr Sipa Yankey on May 26, 2009, to address the concerns of the Association, following the work-to-rule schedule embarked upon by members.

Minister of Communication to inaugurate Ghana Network Operators’ Group

On Friday, July 31 2009 Honorable Haruna Idrissu, Minister of Communication will officially inaugurate the Ghana Network Operators’ Group (ghNOG). The Ghana Network Operators’ Group is a forum for sharing technical information amongst technical operators of Internet services in Ghana.

The inauguration comes off after the Internet Society Ghana Chapter (ISOC Ghana) in partnership with Internet Society, Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC) and Africa Network Operators’ Group (AfNOG) organises its first ‘AfNOG Track E0 Localization’ Unix Systems Administration Workshop at the University of in Cape Coast in Ghana.
The workshop is targeted at Information Technology (IT) personnel working in industry, government, tertiary institutions and non-profit organizations.

The workshop is aimed at building the capacities of IT personnel in Unix Systems Administration in Ghana. The Internet Society, Ghana Chapter will be facilitating the first workshop, but subsequent workshops would be facilitated and organised by ghNOG. Part of ghNOG’s role would be to harmonise the activities of network operators locally with the aim of improving their work and ICT in general.
The initiative to localize ‘AfNOG E0’ in African countries is being spearheaded by the Internet Society. ‘E0 Localization’ workshops will be organized twice yearly in July and December/January in Ghana.

Rep: Kim Kardashian, Reggie Bush Split

Reggie Bush (L) and TV personality Kim Kardashian arrive at the premiere of Dreamworks' "Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen" held at Mann Village Theatre on June 22, 2009 in Los Angeles, CA. Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesUs Magazine Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush have split, her rep confirms to"Nobody cheated," a source close to the couple says. "This is just a case of conflicting schedules and their lives going in different directions.See who else is single this summer."It was a totally mutual decision," continues the source.The reality star, 28, began dating Bush, 24, the running back for the New Orleans Saints, in April 2007.Look back at Kim and Reggie's most romantic moment.In June of this year, she denied rumors of an engagement, as falsely reported by tabloid Star."I am not engaged!" she wrote on her Web site. "The rumors about me picking out my ring already are also not true! I don't know where all this comes from!!" See Kim's sexiest red carpet shots.But last December, she told Us "of course, I would say yes!" if Bush proposed.When asked about marriage, Kardashian told Us then: "We are totally happy, and we have a great relationship, and it's definitely where things are heading. But hopefully it will be a surprise!".

Monday, July 27, 2009

National Security sacks 160

Daily Guide has gathered that 160 National Security personnel reportedly employed between 2001 and 2008 have been penciled for dismissal and 70 of them were given their termination of appointment letters last week.The dismissal letters were signed by the Ag. Deputy National Security Co-ordinator, K.D. Dankwa, and did not state the reason for the mass exercise or the criteria by which the recipients were selected.A copy of the letters sighted by Daily Guide stated: "I wish to .inform you that the office will no longer require your services.. H.E. the President and the National Security Co-ordinator have asked me to convey to you their appreciation for your dedicated and loyal service to the Republic of Ghana."A number of the said workers who reside in government apartments have also been given quit notices and ordered to vacate the premise by end of this month or risk being thrown out with force.Attempts by Daily Guide to reach the National Security Co-ordinator, Gbevlo Lartey, proved futile as he did not pick his phone and a sms text message sent to his phone number to book an interview was not replied.Some of the affected workers who were stationed at the Castle said they were initially invited for interrogation after which they were reassigned to various national security offices nationwide.They said during the interrogation, they were asked questions about their relation with the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and what role they played during election 2008."About eight of us from the Castle who were employed between 2001 and 2008 have been left to work and some of them have even been promoted; they are the ones giving all sorts of information on which ex-minister is driving which car," they alleged.
Source:Daily Guide

Missing Parcels of Cocaine - Big Names To Pop Up

As Appeals Court Sets Scapegoats Free
Snippets of information filtering through from intelligence circles to your authoritative, The Catalyst, indicate that fingers are pointing to some bigwigs in the erstwhile New Patriotic Party (NPP) government who have questions to answer as far as the search for the real culprits of the monumental drug-related crime of the ‘missing’ 77 parcels of cocaine aboard MV Benjamin is concerned. The Catalyst has been hinted that sooner than later, Ghanaians will get to know the actual criminals involved in the importation of 77 parcels of cocaine into the country in 2006, and the truth about how the drug dramatically vanished into thin air after being arrested.The people of Ghana will then become clear in their minds as to why the Georgina Wood Committee’s sittings were effectively truncated by the arrest at the Committee of some so-called suspects in relation to the ‘missing’ cocaine, and why those suspects were hastily arranged before court on, what has been termed as, trump-up charges and subsequently imprisoned.Long-held widespread beliefs that the real culprits in the case of the so-called 77 missing parcels of cocaine from MV Benjamin were out there walking free, was confirmed by the Court of Appeal on Friday when Kwabena Amaning alias Tagor and Alhaji Abass, were set free for wrongful incarceration by an Accra Fast Track High Court in November 2007.The two “scapegoats” who were brought to court handcuffed to each other, audaciously walked out of the court room as free men and would have gone straight home but for procedural purposes. They were sent back to their prison cells only for the completion of the paperwork concerning their release from prison before they can be able to step out into their newly regained freedom. As part of its uncompromising commitment to fighting drugs, the “expected” development leaves the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government with no option than to embark on a “missing 77 parcels of cocaine witch-hunt” in a bid to find the real perpetrators of the serious crime and bring them to justice, this paper has been told.This crime, according to our impeccable source, is one of a monumental scale that must not be pushed under the carpet but thoroughly investigated and the perpetrators fished out for punishment to serve as a deterrent.Emerging facts regarding the real perpetrators of this crime, The Catalyst has leant, will blow the minds of the people of Ghana when the search is complete. The facts, the paper has learnt, show that the imprisonment of the two men was diversionary and a cover-up by the alleged real culprits who, according to this paper’s information, appear to be very powerful people at the time.The Atta Mills-led NDC government has vowed to sincerely fight drugs by hunting all ‘cocaine witches’ in the system in a bid to flush out them out, for a better Ghana.There is clear evidence that drug trafficking in Ghana, and to some extent, the West African sub-region has taken a drastic nosedive since the new NDC government assumed power on January 7, 2009. Currently, there is shortage of narcotic drugs in Ghana according to experts.Following massive public outcry questioning the bizarre circumstances that led to the so-called disappearance of the 77 parcels of cocaine from MV Benjamin on April 26, 2006, the NPP government set up the Georgina Wood committee on July 4, 2006, to investigate the disappearance of the drug among others.Some have described the Committee’s work as window-dressing when it failed to find the whereabouts of the large quantity of the ‘missing’ cocaine. Meanings were also read into the decision by President Kufuor to make Justice Georgina Wood the Chief Justice afterwards when her seniors at the bench were still around.Based on an anonymous tape recording dropped at the Committee, the Committee recommended the prosecution of ACP Kofi Boakye, which recommendation was ignored by the government, Kwabena Amaning a.k.a Tagor, Issah Abass, Kwabena Acheapong and Mohamed Moro.On November 28, 2007, the Fast Track High Court (FTHC) presided over by Mr. Justice Victor Jones Dotse, who is now a Supreme Court judge, found the two ‘suspects’ guilty for conspiracy, engaging in prohibited business relating to narcotic drugs and sentenced each of them to 15 years imprisonment.But a three-member panel of the Court of Appeal, chaired by Mr Justice Peasare, with Mr Justice Yaw Appau and Mr Justice Addo as members quashed the earlier ruling by the Fast Track High Court and ordered the immediate release of Tagor and Abass who had each spent a year and seven months in prison.The release of the two businessmen has reopened public enquiry into the whereabouts of the ‘missing’ 77 parcels of cocaine. This paper’s intelligence source has hinted that the new government will pursue the matter to its logical conclusion.The big question being asked however is where such a process will leave those in power at the time.
Source:The Catalyst

Govt to review taxes and duties on some food imports

Vice President John Dramani Mahama on Saturday served notice that government will in the near future review taxes and duties that were taken off some food imports in order to allow local farmers to compete.Speaking at the 20th National Marketing Performance Awards of the Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana (CIMG), Mr Mahama said government's aim was to reduce drastically the food import bill, especially in areas that the country had the comparative advantage to produce. He said the Small and Medium Enterprises sector was in danger of losing out on the gains that it had made over the years because of the current adverse economic environment caused by lack of prudence in the management of the economy in the past three years. He reiterated government's commitment to maintain fiscal discipline to ensure a stable and predictable environment for the local private sector, adding that the steps taken since January had begun to yield results.Touching on the awards, Vice-President Mahama charged award winning companies to examine their operations carefully and determine the metrics that was the most appropriate for their specific organizations. He said the chosen metrics must enable executives to gather and analyse basic market data, measure the core factors that drive their business models, analyse the profitability of individual customer accounts and optimize resource allocation among increasingly competing and fragmented requirements.The Vice President lauded the efforts of the institute in instilling best marketing practices and pledged government's support to enable the CIMG complete the process of localizing the marketing profession so that members played a much more relevant role in achieving the country' vision.Besides, government would also assist the CIMG incorporate into the curriculum new marketing standards and course content that would reflect the aspiration of companies in the country. Mrs Josephine Okutu, National President CIMG, said the turbulent world economies required that countries adopt appropriate policies that would protect their economies against the shocks being experienced the world over.She said CIMG had constantly appraised the selection procedure and other areas of the awards scheme to respond to changing situations within corporate Ghana. In response, there have been visible improvements, culminating in a new addition of marketing Practitioner Award in order to give recognition to the efforts of marketing practitioners. Mr Kwame Achampong-Kyei, Chairman GLICO Group of Companies was adjudged the marketing man of the year 2008 while Mrs Norkor Dua, Managing Director Lowe Lintas took the coveted price of the Marketing Woman of the Year 2008.The award for the marketing student of the year went to Mr Cedric McAddy, Head, External Marketing of the Ghana Commercial Bank. Mr George Andah, Chief Marketing Officer MTN took the Marketing Practitioner of the year 2008. Three companies were also inducted to the CIMG Hall of Fame, which is reserved for organizations that have won the awards for three times. The 2008 inductees were Toyota Ghana Limited, Melcom Limited and State Insurance Company. There were no awards for the ICT and Retail companies of the Year because of the inability of the nominated companies to meet the required criteria.

"We are optimistic of achieving high level success at IFA 2009"- IFA Director

IFA, organizers of the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances are very optimistic that this year’s trade show will equally be successful as that of last year. The event which is scheduled to take off between 4th -9th September 2009 in Berlin have already witness a high turn out interms of registration ,which is very impressive said Jens Heithecker IFA Director . “We see a big opportunity to build on IFA’s standing within the markets. Newcomers and regular exhibitors who are making use of IFA as a new platform for networking and stimulating the markets can more than make up for individual losses. We see IFA being very successful. “

Dr. Christian Göke, Chief Operating Officer of Messe Berlin further added that, it was the aim of his outfit to equal last year’s records. Hall space close to the same amount reserved this time last year has now been rented out (99 %). Additional brands from the consumer electronics and home appliances industries will be represented at IFA for the first time in 2009. With orders superseding three billion euros at the last event IFA is a big attraction and an important barometer of the markets. “In the face of market challenges, the industry’s exhibitors have proved to be reliable partners, side by side with the trade.”
“IFA’s carefully tailored concept aimed at the requirements of exhibitors and trading partners, which has been continuously developed to suit market requirements and trends, has achieved positive results. IFA represents a unique foundation on which to base the long-term business success of industry and trade – particularly in times of crisis“, said Dr. Rainer Hecker, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of IFA’s organizers Gesellschaft für Unterhaltungs-und Kommunikationselektronik (gfu).
IFA’s status as a leading international event continues to grow among the media, trade and industry – product debuts and important industry topics such as ecology, lifestyle, HDTV & wireless communications the main features at IFA 2009 – trade visitors and the media can register as of now.
Source: The Ghanaian Reactor Online/Michael F.Amedor

Youth need global curriculum to face future challenges

Mr Alhassan Andani, Managing Director (MD) of Stanbic Bank Ghana at the weekend underscored the need for policy makers to evolve a global curriculum that could shape the future of the youth. When this is done, he said, the youth of this nation would be adequately prepared to face the realities of life wherever they found themselves.Mr Andani made the call when he addressed members of District 9100 Rotary Club of Tema at their Annual President's Ball and Fundraising Dinner Dance in Tema.The ceremony was to enable the club raise funds to help construct a police station for Tema Community 11 and a school library. Mr Andani, who spoke on the theme: "Equipping the Youth for tomorrow's Challenges", observed that in this technological era when the world seemed to have become a global village, people needed advanced knowledge to exist. He, therefore, reminde d policymakers to ensure that the youth of today were emotionally prepared to help them cope with future challenges with ease. Mr Andani, himself a Rotarian, called on parents to play active role in shaping the lives of their children in order for them to grow to become responsible adults. Mr Ben Aniagyei, out-going president of the club, thanked members for their co-operation and support to make the tenure of the immediate past executive successful. He said this year, the club participated in all four National Polio Immunization Programmes that were organised by the Ministry of Health, and hoped Rotary's dream of seeing Ghana a polio-free nation would soon become a reality.Mr John Bisiw, the new president urged members to accord the incoming administration the necessary co-operation and assistance to enable it live up to expectation. He said Rotary, under its book distribution project, had so far distributed over 45 million dollars worth of books to equip libraries and institutions in the country. The project, he explained, aims at equipping schools and other libraries with books in order to help the youth to acquire sound knowledge to face tomorrow's challenges. Mr Bisiw urged civil societies and corporate organisations to support Rotary in its corporate social responsibilities so as to make it sustainable.In a goodwill message, Mr John Kenny, a Scottish and President of Rotary International, told members that the future of the club and their individual aspirations lied in their own hands. "If our clubs are congenial and our meetings well run; if our service is carefully planned and competently carried out; if our members are qualified, honest, and respected in their vocations and communities, then all of Rotary will thrive", he said. Earlier, the out-going president decorated the president-elect with the investiture of office signifying that he had now taken over as the new president of the club. Rotary is an organisation of business and professional leaders united worldwide, who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world.

German European Business in Ghana Trade Fair 2009.

The GGEA announces the upcoming GEREU 2009 at the Accra International Conference Centre from the 30th September - 3rd October 2009.

Categories of Sponsorship are as follows:

Gold sponsor - USD 4,000.00

Silver sponsor - USD 2,000.00

Bronze sponsor - USD 1,000.00

Catalogue Advert:

Final outside cover page: USD 1,500.00

Inside cover page: USD 900.00

Inside full page: USD 600.00

To become an exhibitor, please log on to download application formTo become a Sponsor (Gold, Silver, Bronze), please log on to to read the benefits please contact:Trade Fair and Marketing OfficerGhanaian-German Economic AssociationAsylum Down.

Tel: 233 21 257837 / 8Fax: 233 21 257837 / 8

End of registration: 31st July 2009

Kennedy Agyepong In Trouble

As P. C. Appia Ofori’s Challenge Revives Ato Ahwoi’s Cocaine Allegation Against Him
New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) Kennedy Agyepong has found himself in all kinds of troubles in the past few days simply because the NPP guru cannot keep his mouth shut for a minute.The latest to shoot Kennedy Agyepong down is his colleague NPP MP for Asikuma-Odoben and anti corruption crusader, Hon P. C. Appiah Ofori who has cast doubts over the source of the Assin North MP’s much-bragged-about wealth and dared him to show proof of his tax obligations.A few years ago, no mean a personality than Mr Ato Ahwoi made a damning allegation against Kennedy Agyepong, accusing him of being a cocaine dealer and dared the Assin North MP to go to court if he was man enough and believed he was innocent. This was before the then NPP MP for Nkoranza North, Eric Amoateng was busted in the US for drug trafficking and subsequently tried and jailed. Mr Ato Ahwoi’s challenge to Kennedy Agyepong, which the Ken City Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is yet to take up, has since left a dark cloud hanging over the source of his much-bragged-about wealth. Several years on, the people of Ghana have been waiting with bated breadth for Kennedy Agyepong to brace the storm and go to court to demand proof from Mr Ato Ahwoi regarding the devastating claim made against him.Hon P. C. Appiah Ofori has also thrown a challenge to Kennedy Agyepong demanding that the NPP MP discloses the source of his much touted wealth and show proof of payments of tax accordingly.The Asikuma-Odoben-Abrakwa MP threw the challenge to his colleague in the wake of the raging storm within the NPP between the anti-corruption crusader and his party following an allegation made by him that his colleague NPP MPs took a $50,000 dollar bribe each in order to vote in favour of the controversial Vodafone deal in Parliament in 2006.This was at the time the Ghana government under NPP administration sold majority 70% shares in the then wholly government owned Ghana Telecom to Vodafone. Kennedy Agyepong who was one of the NPP MPs in Parliament during the debate leading to the sealing of the deal decided to go for the kill against Hon P. C. Appiah Ofori. But that appears to have backfired. The anti-corruption crusader has hit back with the damning challenge to his tough-talking and incessant personal-wealth-brag-about colleague.It remains to be seen whether Hon Kennedy Agyepong is now prepared to first, go to court to clear his name from Mr Ato Ahwoi’s cocaine dealing allegation against him and also, if he is prepared to take up the challenge thrown to him by Hon P. C. Appiah Ofori and disclose the source of his much-bragged-about wealth with corresponding proof of fulfilment of his tax obligations in order to prove his critics wrong.
Source:The Catalyst