Sunday, November 30, 2008


The Christian Council of Ghana has organized a day forum in precedence of this years World AIDS Day celebration for religious bodies in Accra. The forum was themed "Religious leadership, reducing stigma and discrimination. At the forum the RT.Rev.Dr.Yaw frimpong Manso said it was necessary as religious bodies to go out to teach and educate the need for people to fraternize with People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA).This will help create them believe that they have people to rely on and will be open to share their problems. He urged participants to live healthy life styles by not indulging in actions of promiscuity. The Director General of Ghana AIDS Commission Prof. S.A Amoa said the theme for this years World AIDS Day celebration is very appropriate because there is the great need for leadership at all levels to address issues including stigma and discrimination. Stigma and discrimination occur because of lack of knowledge, fear, sin and arrogance therefore these can be through education and it was gratifying to note that churches today recognize the important role expected of them in fighting against the epidemic. Various groups in the church can help by counseling people to change their negative attitudes and improve care and support of PLWHAs. He added that the publication of various policies by churches, the religious bodies should be seen as champions of the national HIV/AIDS campaign and exercises the required leadership. "The church needs to demonstrate in clear terms that the message of being your brothers keepers is not only talked about but practiced".Outlinig some progress of the commission he said HIV and AIDS continue to pose significant challenge to the economic development of Africa that is Africa about 70% of the virus burden. Comparing to Ghana he said the national prevalence rate was now 1.9%. The use of condom has also increase from 28% to 33% in women and from 44% to 52% in men .110 sites have also been establish to offer anti-retroviral treatments and 18,000 people living with HIV are on anti –retroviral drugs. Prof. Amoa called on the churches to support the various activities of the commission and also commended the Christian Council of Ghana for organizing the forum. December 2008 is slated for the World AIDS Day Celebration.


The Country Associate of AITEC Africa,Tim Gros has formally opened the 12th West Africa Information and Communications Technology exhibition and conference in Accra. The theme of the of exhibition was " Enabling industry through information technologies".At the opening he said he had a massive amount of change over the preceding 12 years since Aitec came to Ghana in1996 . "We are proud to be assciated with the launch".The special guest of honour Emma Mitchell chairman of Ghana Trade Centre said no business could run effectively without using technology.She then decleared the event well and truely opened after a Buck's Fizz toast.Exhibitors,sponosors and delegates toured the exhibition hall.The exhibition will last for 3 days with an attraction of 2,000 visitors.AITEC has been the ICT industry in Ghana for over 12 years providing marketing,education and training to thousands of individuals and organisation.


The Minister of Health Major (rtd) Courage Quarshiga has instigated a regional workshop on regulatory control of radiation sources for English speaking countries in Africa in Accra. The workshop which started on the 24th November will end on the 19th December this year. Speaking at the opening the minister said the four weeks course is appropriate and timely because it makes it imperative for IAEA and member states alike to acquire inventory of radioactive sources and radiation emitting devices in their country so as to be able to control and manage their usage and movement. "This will undoubtedly reduce threats caused by illicit trafficking of nuclear and radioactive materials ". He said radiation sources and ionizing radiation are used throughout the world for variety of purposes such improvement of process control in the industry, improve diagnosis of diseases such as cancer among others. Major (rtd) Quarshiega said added that despite its benefits there were hazards associated with their usage. To prevent the occurrence of detrimental effects of radiation by ensuring that threshold dose are not exceeded and that radiation exposure are kept as low as reasonably achievable, is the objective of radiation protection.He called for Agency's assistance to other African Member States to implement the recommendations of this meeting as an opportunity for reflection on the role of regulatory and end users of radiation source towards regulatory and control of radioactive sources so as to protect the population and environment against nuclear and radiological acts of terrorism and about national and regional strategies for nuclear safety and security. The Minister urged all participants to take active participation to help them on their return to their various countries to assist improve upon the handling of issues. The Deputy Director General of Ghana Atomic Energy Commission Prof. Yaw Serfor Armah said the objective of the workshop was to build competence and expertise needed by national bodies for the establishment and operation of adequate regulatory program for the safety and security of radioactive source which includes medicine, nuclear, radiotheraphy, industrial radiography among others.


74 Students have successfully graduated from NIIT Ghana in diverse fields like software engineering,networking,film animation, IT and business skills. This included students who obtained free scholarships worth USD 50,000 under NIIT's 50@50 program to co-incided with Ghana's 50th anniversary.The Indian high commissionner, Mrs.Ruchi Ghanshyam,in her speech praise NIIT for its role in ICT and providing excellent IT education to the Ghanaians. She urged the students to be role model for others to follow and thanked NIIT for its efforts in bringing the best out of the students. She regarded NIIT as one the best IT education providers in the world and praised NIIT for its contribution to the development of the society.The special guest, Mr.Rev.Emmanuel Dadebo, ICT co-coordinator at the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports emphasized the need for grandaunts to use NIIT's new university alliance to gain the coveted BSc degree from UK right here in Ghana .NIIT has successfully partnered with various universities in countries like UK,USA,AUSTRALIA,NEW-ZEALAND to name a few, to help those who wish to travel abroad. He highlighted the various efforts made by his ministry to make ICT mandatory at the grass roots level to enable graduates from Ghanaian educational institutions-formal and non-formal-to confidently and creatively use ICT tools and resources to develop requisite skills and knowledge needed to be active participants in the global knowledge economy by 2015,other policy goals as adapted from the national ICT4AD policy document include; facilitating the deployement,utilisation and exploitation within the educational system to improve on educational access and delivery to support teaching and learning from the primary level upwards;modernise the educational system to improve the quality of education and training at all levels of the education,traning and research resources and facilities and also to orient all levels of the country's educational system to the teaching and learning of science and technology in order to promote science and technology in society and produce a critical mass of requisite human resources and a well informed citizenry .He also noted that, under the Ghana eSchools and communities' initiatives, the ministry in collaboration with the ORACLE and CISCO consortia, the NEPAD eSchools initiative has been implemented six of the ten regions in Ghana. Each of the schools has in place a computer laboratory with 25 computers, satellite internet connectivity and other state of the art of ICT equipment for eLearning.An online portal''SCHOOL.COM.GH'' and a CD-based resource for teaching and learning of various Ghanaian subjects in Junior High Schools and Senior High School have been developed in collaboration with INTEL Corporatio.The portal which is now available to all junior high schools in Ghana has the following

On the impact of ICT on the new world agenda, he noted that, the world's technological landscape is changing very fast. New technologies depend increasingly on scientific and technological knowledge; this interdependence strengthens the reciprocal links between understanding and capabilities .Our economy is trying to keep pace with a world increasingly driven by information, technology and knowledge. These have become the driving forces for productivity, competitiveness, and increased wealth and prosperity. To succeed, policies that are able to facilitate the translation of new knowledge to new capabilities must be put in place. The skills, capacity for continuous learning, and effective management of a nation's workforce largely determines the country's ability to attract and retain high-value-added,high-skill industries and its ability to absord and exploit new technologies for economic benefit.Mr.Kapil Gupta,managing director at NIIT emphasized the need for Ghanaians to put thair knowledge for the best use of the society and provide their services for the betterment of Ghana.He praised the students for their hard work and urged them to move up the ladder in their respective fields.He explained that NIIT trains over 5,000 students a year in ghana at its five centres in Accra(2),Kumasi,Takoradi and Tema.He highlighed that NIIT offers diverse programs like internationally recognizeddiploma programs,BSc degree from the open university,united kingdom and various



The president of the International Prayer Network (IPN), Rev.Dr. Charles Abban has called for the need for peace during this year's Elections. Speaking in a press conference themed " A day of prayer for peaceful election 2008 " in Accra, the Reverend minister entreated media persons to go and explain to Ghanaians the need to pray for peace and practices peace before, during and after elections as defenders of young democracry . He entreated church leaders, chief, presidential candidates and civil society to observe a peaceful election this December. "Peace is always right and violence is wrong, peace is inherent in the wise, violence is an act of the fool, peace is rejection of all forms of violence, and war creates all forms of mischief, sadness, sorrow and death".Rev.Dr.Abban further added that "We who are Christians hold very dear to his advise that says ,love your neighbors as yourself. No religion in this countrydoes not go by this teaching therefore we should let peace prevail". He titled his message "Need for Peace" and it prech peace,essence and how to maintain peace in the country. He prayed that a good leader will be chosen by God himself.


The Graduate School of Governance, Leadership and Public Management (GSGLPM) of the Ghana Institute Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) has organized a day symposium for various political parties in Ghana. This move is to ensure a violent free election and for political parties to reaffirm their promises to their various electorate. The theme of the symposium was "Towards Violence –Free elections: The role of the EC, Security Agencies, Political Parties and Civil Society". The Rector Of GIMPA Prof Addei welcomed the various participants of for the symposium and called for active participation of all. Speaking at the symposium the Deputy Chairman National Commission on Culture and Civic Education Barow Ampoafo said the theme was appropriate because of the coming elections this year. We will call on the electoral commission to ensure transparency in selecting electoral officers who would supervise the elections. The Electoral Commission should try to as much as possible to avoid and prevent mistakes as it happened in some areas of previous elections such as Ayawaso constituency. He said also drew the attentions of various political parties to observe this elections as a peaceful one and avoid any violence because at the end there shall be only a winner. The various political present at the symposium such as the NDC, NPP, PNC, CPP, and DFP all delivered a paper to committing themselves to a violent free election. Others who also delivered their paper were the Commission On Human Right and Administrative Justice among others.This platform by the School of governance is has really position them as body ensuring the best for Ghana in terms of governance and thats is a laudable idea.


A first ever Christian Business Excellence Award was on Friday launched in Accra to reward and inspire business excellence within the Christian community. Dubbed; the International Christian Business Excellence (ICBE) awards, and being organized by Innovations Communications as the event organizers, the award is scheduled to be held in Accra on January 31, 2009.Mr. Ernest Sackey, Head of Public Affairs of the ICBE Secretariat, said the award was one of the most important proactive steps that the church could take to provide global business leadership. He listed the award categories as including best marketing organization, best Christian CEO, corporate woman and man of the year, Christian entrepreneur of the year, Christian print house of the year, business preacher of the year, best foreign Christian company of the year, Christian bookshop of the year and government Christian business ambassador. Others are: overall Christian company of the year, Business focused ministry of the year, best Christian business event of the year and best marketing organization of the year.Mr. Sackey explained that the ICBE award would create a united Christian platform to provide mentorship and international advocacy on Christian principles of business and also serve as opportunity to grow businesses within the Christian market bloc.Mr. Jones Kugblenu, Director of Public Affairs, House of Parliament, expressed Parliament's support for the awards program and urged the media to focus more attention to business news, especially Christian businesses and how they were helping to boost the economy. Mr. Joshua Oboum, Media Coordinator, ICBE, said the award would be an annual event that would reward awardees with plaques and citations to encourage them to do better in their business endeavors'. Sam Mensah Snr, Representative of the Full Gospel Businessmen Christian Fellowship, who launched the tickets for the award ceremony urged other corporate business enterprises to support the activities of the events that sought to reward and promote "their own businesses".
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Zain Ghana Limited has launched a drive to pre-register numbers for new subscribers on its network. The launch targeted mainly journalists in the country, who got their current phone numbers on other networks minus the network code, registered with the Zain 026 code.Mr Sowah Country Manager of Zain Ghana assured prospective subscribers that Zain had enough capacity to accommodate subscribers over the next 18 months, adding that, over subscription and its attendant network problems like calls not getting through, dropped calls, speech mutation and others would not be a factor for Zain."This drive is a nationwide one designed to make it convenient for prospective Zain subscribers to choose their own numbers, especially the ones they are familiar with on the networks they already use. Our network capacity is so huge we are scared in a good way - that there may not be enough subscribers to use the network in the short-term". He entreated interested persons to pre-register numbers of their choice on the Zain pre-registration website, He said Zain was currently working on the quality of its network ahead of the actual launch of services in no time." Zain call rates would be competitive, adding that, Zain would not be in a price war with the other operators, but would ensure that subscribers had a better value for the same amount on Zain than on any other network ". Mr. Sowah further added that in the next coming weeks, all telecommunication operators in the country would announce a co-locations agreement that would allow each operator to use one mast in particular communities.He said the move will help reduce the number of masts erected across the country and therefore prevent any negative implications.The Chief Executive Officer of Ghana Investment Promotion Council (GIPC), Mr Robert Ahomka-Lindsay, charged telecom operators to move beyond the basics of providing call service to bridging the technology gap with more sophisticated service such as third-generation (3G) among others. "Your coming to Ghana is great but try your best to provide more jobs for Ghanaians to reduce the unemployment problems in the country".

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


250 buses at a cost of $11million has been launched to support various transport operators in the country. J.A Plant pool Ghana Limited in collaboration with the ministry of Transportation facilitated by the Agricultural Development bank and Intercontinental Bank are the main entities involved in the acquisition of the buses. The buses which are to ease the transportation problems in this country have a sitting capacity of 51 whiles some have 33 seating capacity all fully air-conditioned with video facilities to make traveling easy. The buses which are been supplied by Yutong Bus Company China’s largest bus manufacturer comes with a year warranty and spear parts. Speaking at the launch in Accra the President John Agekum Kuffuor said he was with much pleasure for the supply of the buses to the business community as he made a promise to them of making his government that of a public- private partnership before assumption into office and he has fulfilled it . “These new buses that we are going to hand out should be well taken care of, so that it can last long for our new generations to witness”. He recalled how the Metro Mass was acquired during his first term in office and how it is helping Ghanaians in their day to day activities and making transportation cheaper for everyone. He congratulated all the entities for great efforts. The Minister for Transportion Dr.Richard Annane said he always sought to facilitate development and growth within the transport sector as a country advancing into a middle income status .He added that with the introduction of the buses the private sector can now work safely in terms of transportation with out frequent problems of accidents and spoilt cars on the road. J.A Plant Pool Limited who is the headliners of the buses provides reliable state of the art equipment for renting, leasing and back up support services.


Climate change is not only an environmental problem but also a development and security challenge. Climate change exacerbates already existing inequalities that in turn can result in an increase in conflict and contribution to threats to global stability and security. Water scarcity, declines in food production, increases in storms and flood migration make the MDGs much harder to reach for 2.6 billion people living on less than $2 a day. All this were contained in speech read by the UNDP representative in Ghana Mr. Dawuda Toure at the launch of the climate change impact, vulnerability and adaptation assessment report in Accra. “Africa is seen to much expose to the threats of climate change”. A variety of studies shows that the LCDs and SIDs will be the hardest hit by climate change and these are the countries most in need of adaptation support for awareness raising, capacity development and action on the ground. He said climate change was not a future problem but rather needed to act now as it is already exerting a strong influence on the day to day economic development of Africa, particularly in terms of water, food security, health, ecosystem and livelihoods. Mr. Toure said the launching of the report was a welcoming initiative and hope that the new report will go along way in helping bring climate change issues at the center of this country’s development strategy. The Executive Director of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Mr. Jonathan Allotey said the impact of climate change on the Ghanaian economy requires that an integrated approach is pursued in the development of coherent national policies. ‘Currently work going on to produce both climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies”. He said there should be increased efforts by the public and private sector to mainstream climate change concerns into their programs including developing their climate change policies. Mr. Allotey pledged his out total support to the new initiative


The Grammy award winning artists Wyclef Jean and Eve who performed over the weekend in the Zain "026 experience" music extravaganza at the Ohene D’jan stadium in Accra has really trilled Ghanaians to their feet as they performed their various hit song. 2Face also sang and it was full of fun and joy said fans. When it was the turn of the local artists it was a great scene, as fans wanted to get closer to Kwaw Kesse’s as he sang his popular hit track “odem” shouting the name “Abodam” in the Ghanaian language meaning crazy. Obrafour also did his usual high level performs and fans were “mad” dancing to his favorite hip-life tunes. Tinny who was judged by various fans as artist of the nite made energetic moves as he move to every corner of the stands of fans to entertain them. Some fans really congratulated Zain for the good show and for also living by their words in bring down the supper stars. “Zain is truly a serious telecommunication network” they said. Zain also promised to offer Ghanaians more soul lighting shows when they fully start operation. Zain is a major player on the African continent and pioneer of mobile telecommunication in the Middle East and now in Ghana.


This year’s EFA global monitoring report published by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in Ghana has been launched in Accra At the launch the Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Sports O.B Amoah who read a statement on behalf of the Ministries Minister Prof. Dominic Fobih said his outfit would work to achieve the best in education system and guarantee quality education for children in the country. “As we strive for quality education in Ghana coupled with quality life we shall support one another to achieve results that will propel the country to achieve its vision”. He encouraged all to emphasis and draw attention the various principle in the manual in all activities. This report is a comprehensive one and all report will be well noted to help the country in the future in terms of education. The Chief Director of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports Ato Essuman said the right to education is the single keys that can open doors to the empowerment of person, social and economic development. There is the need for stronger political commitment from countries as well as that of donors to double aids for basic education. “The report has revealed critical gaps that need to be attended to as far as various goals of education are concerned”. Some of the content of the newly launched EFA report are “The number of children starting primary school has increased sharply since 2000, there are more girls in school than ever before and spending on education and aid has risen. That’s the good news but on the down side, poor quality, the high cost of schooling and persisting high levels of adult illiteracy are undermining the chances of achieving education for all by 2015 ".


About 80 participants representing over 30 countries participated in the Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals, and Sustainable Development (IGF) held from 24-26 November at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. The Forum, hosted by UNCTAD, is an outcome of the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) held in Johannesburg in 2002. The IGF is the only global intergovernmental policy forum in the mining/metal sector. It is a voluntary initiative officially established in 2005 by national governments interested in promoting good governance in the management of mineral resources. On behalf of the Secretary-General of UNCTAD, the meeting was opened by Harmon Thomas, Head of UNCTAD's Special Unit on Commodities, who noted the renewed importance of commodities under UNCTAD’s mandate and the development opportunities that commodities can provide to developing countries. He reiterated UNCTAD’s support for the Forum.This year’s meeting focused on fiscal and legislative frameworks as they relate to investment decisions, revenue sharing, mine closure and abandoned mines, as well as the contribution of the IGF to the upcoming United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) 2010-11 that will review progress in the mining sector’s contribution to WSSD’s Johannesburg Plan of Implementation. Delegates noted the recent significant drop in commodity prices and growing metal stocks due to reduced demand. While this will impact investment in new mining ventures in the short term, there is confidence that this situation will be temporary. Continued growth in many developing countries will again stimulate demand and drive prices up, although possibly not to the highs of recent years.Presentations by representatives of both the World Bank-hosted Community and Small Scale Mining (CASM) initiative and the Belgian Royal Institute of International Affairs focused on artisanal mining. Delegates reaffirmed that understanding miners’ perspectives is critical for effective progress and for build on existing structures. Members recognized the importance of transparency in mineral resources governance. In this context they expressed support for the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). The Minister of Mines and Energy of Ethiopia, Alemayehu Tegenu, announced that “Ethiopia wants to become a member of EITI in order to help our country maximize the benefits of our mineral development.”An in-depth discussion of fiscal and legislative frameworks reviewed different forms of royalties and taxes related to mining and the implications of each for governments and industry. Clearly, there is not one optimum approach for all countries. Specific needs and the management capacity of each country will likely dictate the selected approach. Governments have to ensure that they have the financial expertise to monitor and analyze company reports to ensure that companies pay the taxes they owe. The Minister of Mineral Resources of Sierra Leone, Abubakar Jalloh, stressed that “discussions at the Forum have been extremely helpful to Sierra Leone, especially given that it is currently reviewing its mining agreements.” Delegates were informed about a new specific tax law implemented in Chile and the process that led to its development. The International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) shared the conclusions of its multi-stakeholder Resource Endowment Initiative. The findings showed the extent of and varied benefits that mining has generated in some countries, locally and nationally. The Vice Minister of Mining from Peru, Mr. Isasi, stated that…”mining is a significant contribution to the attainment to the Millennium Development Goals and a process of converting natural into other forms of sustainable capital .”Delegates reviewed the most recent developments in dealing with mine closures including orphaned and abandoned mines in different jurisdictions around the world. Experiences were shared by the Post Mining Alliance, the Blacksmith Institute, and Anglo-American. Participants expressed the view that increased support from the mining industry and the international community will be required to address this serious problem effectively.Of critical importance to the IGF members is the development of a strategy for reporting progress to the special session of the UNCSD 2010-11, which will focus on the mining/metal contribution to sustainable development. Members committed to prepare national reports on the importance of mining to growth and poverty reduction in their countries. As a follow-up to the Heiligendamm G8 Summit in 2007, representatives from the EU and Germany shared information on the EU “Communication on the sustainable access to non-energy raw materials for the European economy” and Germany’s “Initiative for Certified Trading Chains” being carried out as a pilot project in Africa’s Great Lakes region.This year’s accession to the IGF of Mozambique, Papua New Guinea, Peru, and Sierra Leone brought Forum membership to forty-two. Prospective members present at the meeting included Chile, Ecuador, and Germany. Financial support for the Forum was provided by Natural Resources Canada, the United Kingdom Department for International Development, and the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Canada. Support was also provided by UNCTAD

Monday, November 24, 2008


Nana Kwakwu Bonsam a traditional Chief Priest today delivered his Gods sent message to his acclaimed targeted group in the country towards the forth coming elections. The acclaimed groups are the politicians and media persons in Ghana. Addressing Journalists in a press conference in Accra Kwaku Bonsam said his first sent message to politicians was that, some of them were planning to cause confusion during the 7th December elections. They plan to do this by using inflammatory languages against their opponents so as to generate an atmosphere of hatred which will be used as a platform to start unnecessary violence. He further claimed that the politicians in the country are use to telling lies about each other to also generate public hatred among them. Kwaku Bonsam also said the media been a powerful tool of the state and have a lot of influence on society which he fell a victim due to his inability to speak and write English will be convinced by some politicians to join them in spreading their fallacious statements. According to him, he saw journalists announcing fake results from polling stations and it resulted in a big controversy which shall turn bloody. He said he prayed over these problems and was directed to advise the groups. "AS for the politicians I have spoken to them in confidence .If they choose to ignore it that would not be my problem because I have played my role and they will face the punishment”. Kwaku Bonsam told the Journalists present that he sent to beg them not take sides or get passionate about anything on Election Day. “You can support whatever party you want but do it fairly. "I do not intend teaching you your job but only telling you what I have seen, some statement from politicians should not be taken seriously as some of them might not bring peace”. He also pleaded with pastors to stop calling the pending election in favor of some political parties and also called on Ghanaians to leave peacefully among themselves in this election period. He said this year’s election will be a peaceful one and entreated all faith base organizations to keep praying as he is also doing. “I will not be surprise to hear people insulting me tomorrow after the media publication of this press conference”. His message was titled “Life is all about destiny, Discover your!!!”.


Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) and the Africa Regional Organization of the International Trade Union Confederation has formally opened the Pan-African Human Rights Conference in Accra. The theme of the conference was, "Dignity and Justice for All of Us”. Participants were drawn the Africa labour movement, some major human rights advocacy and defense organizations, non-governmental organizations, networks, institutions and prominent individuals from Africa. During the conference participants will be reviewing the state of human rights in Africa to help identity the most critical, pressing issues for common actions and campaigns to be solved on a continental scale. Also, they will also address the growing and deepening problems and challenges of human rights on the continent. Some of the topical issues discussed to be discussed are Civil and Political Rights in Africa today and how to Promote them Using Sub-Regional and African Mechanisms; A Review of the International and African Mechanisms for Promoting Women's Rights in Africa; and Armed Conflict, Human Rights and impunity in Africa. Addressing the participants Mr. Femi Falana a human right activitist and a lawyer from Nigeria said in spite of the African Charter on human and peoples Rights, it has been taken beyond the narrow scope of the constitution of most African countries. “As it is an amalgam of political, civil, social, economic and cultural rights as well as the right to development, it ought to the mantra of the oppressed masses of Africa who wallow in object poverty in the midst of plenty”. He advised all human right activists to help in compelling member states of the African Union to comply with the various articles of the human right constitutions through political and legal actions. The conference will last for three days.


Dear Ms. Bossman,

Please be advised that I shall by close of business day, Monday 24 November 2008, file a Human Rights Petition with the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, UNHCR at their local offices in Labone, Accra, to include submitting the 50 page case summaries that was submitted to CHRAJ on Dec 10 2007, for whistle blower review which requires your august offices in which I placed the utmost confidence regarding my very life to render an opinion or ruling within sixty days which you have failed to do.You have done absolutely nothing as Acting Commissioner for Human rights Ms Bossman, on a matter which involves A plea for my life; obstruction of justice by the President of Ghana President J. A Kufour and his Presidency; colossal abuse of office; significant human rights violations and above all National Security violations by the former national Security Minister Francis Poku, a dangerous security risk to this country who subjected the territorial integrity of Ghana to risks of arms inflows and armed aggravation of conflicts in the most sensitive northern corridor due to absolute corrupt unaccountable power and unmitigated greed and complicity by the Presidency that has engineered a Cover Up to shield Francis Poku and the Presidency from criminal censure afraid of Francis Poku’s blackmailing dossiers and dark Presidential shadows.Your unbelievable willful and deliberate inaction, Ms Bossman, equates criminal complicity in attempted murder by torture and treason by an Acting Commissioner of Human Rights and Administrative Justice. This is a serious constitutional, legal and moral indictment on you personally and on the sanctity of the office you hold Ms Bossman.When you see Kweku Baako Rashid in the shameful discredited secret corridors of CHRAJ please tell him that this is not ‘trivia for untutored misguided masquerading mafia crusaders who have sold their souls to the devil’ Thank you. Kindly submit with immediate effect Ms Bossman certified true copies of the approximately two hundred documents [200] in your personal custody for almost two years since December 2006 to UNHCR with immediate effect for review. I shall also advise that UNHCR make an official request to you as well as to President Kufour who is also holding a set of the documents hostage for your mutual immediate compliance.Your offices Ms Bossman are the embodiment of the spirit and substance of democracy, human rights and justice of this nation called Ghana. Kindly tell this country and the international community why you have wickedly refused to act on this case and rendered yourself incapacitated with all the documentary evidence and comprehensive case details made available to you in a whistleblower action which requires expedited fast track opinion within sixty days?When President Kufour leaves office, I shall seek a court ‘subpoena duces tecum’ for the then former President Kufour of the Republic of Ghana and you Madam Bossman as Acting CHRAJ commissioner under oath and penalty of perjury to produce the approx. 200 [two hundred] documents submitted to both you and the President for international review if the documents are not immediately made available to UNHCR and other requisite agencies. For purposes of corroboration and or collaborative review I shall seek other contemporaneous international agency review as demonstrated by the fact that the case summaries of the CHRAJ action which I personally submitted to you were also submitted to Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. Duly take notice that I shall also petition the incoming government post Kufour on this matter.On International Human Rights day, December 10 2007, I submitted two independent but interrelated cases against Francis Poku and President Kufour/Presidency to your personal offices at CHRAJ for immediate action under the whistleblower Act 2005 which requires sixty days for submission of a report of investigations.On Friday the 11th of January 2008 at about 4 pm, exactly one year to the date January 11th 2007 when President Kufour organized a midnight Presidential subterfuge seizure of documents, I personally hand delivered to you a fifty [50 ]page case summary comprising 30 pages on the case against Francis Poku, a 16 page case summary on the case against President Kufour /Presidency; a 3 page focused cover letter to your attention and a one page face sheet showing that the action had been copied to several entities and embassies including the UK, USA, EU, Dutch, Japanese, and Italian governments who have supported Peace and Security initiatives and donor funded projects that I have been involved with in my Capacities as Legal Counsel to National Security and Technical Advisor and National Coordinator of the Ghana National Small Arms Commission.The following day Saturday Jan 12th 2008, Francis Poku was fired by President Kufour, interesting coincidence, following which I also hand delivered a copy of the integrated 50 page case summaries to Nana Oye Lithur, Head of the Commonwealth Human Rights Institute to track CHRAJ progress. Obviously there has been no progress to trackI delivered the documents to your custody in your official capacity as Acting Commissioner on Human Rights and Administrative Justice Ms Bossman, after I filed an initial case against Francis Poku on December 4, 2006 which is incorporated by reference in the current active case. As you are aware, the complaint and preliminary documents were also submitted to the Chairman of the Parliamentary select Committee on Defense and Interior Hon. Eugene Ata Agyepong and incoming Ranking member Alhaji Abukari Sumani.Due to the risk the documents represented to my life as demonstrated by the fact that Hon Dr. Kumbour who was picked up on Francis Poku’s power flexing and terrorizing surveillance on my offices and official residence as part of his power trip abuse reported armed robbers at his residence after I gave only a couple documents to Dr Kumbour to assist with initiating a bipartisan review as ranking member of the Defense and Interior Parliamentary Committee. The fact is Francis Poku recruited police, gave them military training and money for two years housing among other loyalty inducements, used them as ‘attack dogs’ for covet operations, paid them off and dumped them on the regular police service to create massive institutional security problems. One of such Francis Poku police military recruits Moses Kutom was my assigned 24 hr bodyguard who resided at my official residence wielding an AK 47.On December 19 2006 when Francis Poku became aware of the actions I had initiated for parliamentary and CHRAJ review he pulled my residential security, and instituted a reverse criminal BNI investigation to further terrorize me and clear him of the allegations pending before Parliament and CHRAJ filed by me on Dec 4 2006.The BNI did not do any investigation whatsoever on the allegations I made against Francis Poku. The BNI director merely wrote in a report to Francis Poku who as his boss had instructed him that the allegations are untrue against the weight of evidence in national security files. The BNI report which was an attempt to falsely incriminate me is scandalous and void and the BNI Director should be fired. I discussed these facts with you Madam Bossman and even sought your assistance to reinstate my security watchman Robert Ondasek to no avail during the first week of January 2007 when you had an active complaint before you with documentary supportFurthermore, at a meeting with you a year later on Thursday Jan 16, 2008 Madam Bossman, I specifically asked you if you could use your good offices to get a copy of the infamous BNI report which had been used as a torture tactic for your review. The whistleblower act enables you to do this by court order. The BNI which is not part of CHRAJ or Parliament but part of Francis Poku's torture ambit certainly cannot clear Francis Poku of Allegations before CHRAJ and Parliament. This is nonsensical.It is based on your instructions to your personal secretary and personal assistant, Madam Bossman as the repository of the documents in this case for purposes of my safety that copies of the documents in your custody were made for my meeting with President Kufour on January 11 2007 when I thought I was going to get a reprieve from the Francis Poku menace. President Kufour who attempted to tie my hands for Francis Poku’s ultimate execution ordered me to withdraw the case against Francis Poku and retrieve documents from Parliament and CHRAJ. President Kufour then confiscated all the documents although a significant number of the documents had already been in the custody of the chief of staff for one and half years since July 5 2005 without any action.You are fully apprised Ms Bossman of President Kufour’s seizure of documents on January 11 2007 and his order that I withdraw the initial case filed against Francis Poku and recall documents submitted to CHRAJ as well as Parliamentary Select Committee on Defense and Interior filed on Dec 4 2006 because this is the fundamental basis of the obstruction of justice 16 page case summary before you on which you have failed to act.Furthermore, Madam Bossman I informed you that even if the contractual aspects of the case were to settle by agreement with the office of the President, which agreement the President has subsequently reneged upon with documentary evidence in his secret closet, I would certainly not withdraw the aspects of the case relating to National Security, abuse of office, conflict of interest and human rights violations and torture mania.With the Presidential seizure of documents, I already anticipated that a scenario of ‘plausible deniability’ may arise that would require international oversight of this case as is happening now, this is why I took preemptive steps and copied the international donor and human right s community of my formal 50 page submission to you ms Bossman.The fact is, the Presidency in a politically suicidal ‘Kufourgate’ maneuver has staged an overwhelming multi institutional cover up for Francis Poku with Presidential seizure of documents not unlike the Watergate scandal which led to the resignation of former U.S. President Richard Nixon. It is of course dubious and morally and legally reprehensible that the BNI Director on February 8 2007 handed a report to Francis Poku purporting to clear him after President Kufour paved the way for his clearance by seizure of documents on January 11 2007 in a midnight bullying frenzy. This is a classic mafia Presidency, This is the abysmal sham ‘the produce the evidence’ President Kufour has reduced our democracy to.On Wednesday, 16 Jan 2008, 4 days after Francis Poku was fired from his infamous reign of terror, you Ms Bossman invited me to a meeting which was held in your office around noon the following day Thursday 17th January 2008 in the presence of your Deputy Commissioner. You, Ms Anna Bossman advised that I consider using the normal CHRAJ process, up to 18 months since the whistleblower Act requires submission of all documentation to the Attorney General rendering the process subject to political manipulation. I told you categorically and unequivocally that I wanted to test this country’s democratic mettle and was standing firm by the whistleblower review which required CHRAJ ruling in sixty days. I pleaded that my life was under threat and I thus needed the expedited sixty day review process mandated by the whistleblower Act as depicted in my petition which is captioned ‘A plea for life.’You, Ms Bossman on 17th January 2008 then stated that you would write a formal acknowledgement of the receipt of the case as required under the whistle blower Act. You have failed to do so to date. You have failed abysmally to comply with even the most basic requirement of the whistleblower act. You instructed your staff in my presence to start copying the documents for the Attorney General. Whatever happened thereafter Ms Bossman?Predictably, I stated in my case summation that President Kufour has given you a job that he does not want you to do. I have been proved right. Your deadly silence and inaction speaks volumes. The question for you Ms Bossman to answer is this. Has the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice been so infected with the Kufour corruption virus as to make a disclaimer of truth when my life is under threat and condone falsehood and injustice in a ground breaking historic case that has the potential of redefining and perfecting Ghana and Africa’s democracy? If so Madam Bossman with your horribly misplaced priorities you have certainly missed your place in the annals of continental democratic history. Posterity will also judge you very harshly for compromising Ghana’s democracy.Your inaction in this matter Ms Bossman constitutes abuse of your own office and palpable conflict of interest in protecting the Presidency, this subjects you to criminal censure for participating in obstruction of justice and human rights violation Madam Bossman as well as an accessory after the fact to treason cover up. You are the Acting Commissioner for Human Rights. What guns are the Poku/Kufour Presidency pointing over your head Madam Bossman? What inducements have they offered you to condone such illegality and to violate the constitutionally mandated duties of your office?Please advice, where should I file a whistleblower action to review Madam Bossman and CHRAJ culpability in this matter? Where should I file an action to review BNI nonsensical torture report which purports to clear Francis Poku; A clearance of Francis Poku by Francis Poku sanctioned by President Kufour by Presidential seal on a case before CHRAJ and PARLIAMENT? What kind of valid investigation can occur without taking evidence from the party who has brought the allegations except in the no brainer annals of crusading guide newspaper discredited charade which is an insult to public intellect? The BNI report is a clear illustration of abuse of power and conflict of interest. What manner of effusive unaccountability and disdain for democracy is this?I wonder, if Nana Frema Busia a contemporary professional female lawyer of Anna Bossman’s ilk with my political pedigree and as Legal Counsel to National Security cannot get justice from CHRAJ under Anna Bossman’s leadership and His Excellency J. A. Kufour’s Danquah /Busia Presidency who can? There has been massive systemic and corrosive institutional failure under President Kufuor including significant media and oversight democracy institutions. This case is a vivid depiction of the failure of democracy under President Kufour. The veneer of democracy is fake. The deception is so real.Ms Bossman, Kindly do not hide behind mafia hirelings who have sold their integrity and their conscience to drug lords, those who because they have sold out to governmental drug king pins have lost the ability to read or understand the whistleblower act which deals with disclosure of improprieties, Such disclosures can be made orally. The whistleblower Act is a fast track Act for expedited Sixty day intervention. Section 5 I of the Act states that where a whistleblower makes a disclosure orally, the person to whom the disclosure is made shall cause the disclosure to be reduced into writing, thus even if I had not submitted a 50 page case summary my oral narrations to you Ms Bossman are sufficient under the whistleblower ACT 2005Madam Bossman just explain why you have not acted on the evidence. Please Understand Madam Acting Commissioner of Inhumane CHRAJ inaction that I shall never, kowtow to panicked governmental cocaine trafficking kin pins and their paid hirelings who are throwing destructive cover up dust. They certainly shall not ever succeed in attempting to do a ‘Giselle Yahtzee’ on me. Someday, the ‘Kufour hotel’ disgrace should be revisited by a credible forensic and diagnostic audit.The 4 page cover letter which I submitted to Anna Bossman on Jan 11 2008 is available on Ghana web for downloading by any local news agency that is interested or contact Nana Frema Busia via email at busiapetition@yahoo.comNotwithstanding documentary hostage by President Kufour and Madam Bossman, the international review shall be done with authentic documents.Respectfully and duly submitted by Nana Frema Busia, Protest Candidate as Member of Parliament for Manhyia Constituency, she who is undaunted by governmental contortions, woeful deceptions and torturous lies. These are the dying embers of the exposed Kufuor Presidency that has self destructed haunted by the ‘ghost’ of Francis Poku afraid of its huge closeted skeletons. Their day of reckoning shall certainly come.THE TRUTH WHICH IS IMMUTABLE SHALL OUT

FROM:Frema Busia


Akosombo Textile Limited (ATL) has formally launched another new cloth in addition to its range of colorful clothes. The new textile called “Treasure” is a design inspired from the kente cloth style of Ghana and adorned with a rich sparkling gold effect. Speaking at the launch in Accra the Sales and Marketing Manager Steve Dutton said Treasure was a symbol of creativity of his outfit and has become a reality after months of intense work from their creative design studio combined with technical experts to bring a quality finished product. “The original idea was to combine two fundamental historical and cultural aspects of Ghanaian experience that is kente and gold”. Mr. Dutton added that Treasure will really represent Ghana’s rich past and golden future. We now offer comprehensive range of pan African prints both wax and fancy to our customers. “The successful introduction of ABC wax to our house of brands has made a significant contribution to the development and growth our business in the last two years”. Outlining some of the challenges of the company, the marketing manager said his outfit has managed to survive the emerging power of the Far East as suppliers of cheap, often inferior textile products that entered the country’s market through informal routes without paying tax. “These textiles are often copies of our original registered designs”. He said the new clothe was now in the market and all should buy to have a great feel of Treasure and its rich experience. ATL is located on the Kwame Nkrumah avenue directly opposite Swanzy shopping arcade in Accra. It was established in 1967.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


The Grammy award winning artists Wyclef Jean and Eve have arrived in Accra for the Zain 026 experience music extravaganza slated to take place at the Ohene Djan stadium in Accra.2Face was not left out but equally arrived safely in Accra. Speaking at the press conference to receive the stars Charles Maye Marketing Director of Zain Ghana said “We know Ghanaians have been let down before when international stars are scheduled for performance and then don’t turn up, Zain will always live by its words and bring you the finest”. He urged all to get their ticket to join in the celebrarion.Wyclef, Even, 2Face and other local artist answered questions from journalist. Local Artists who will be performing along side the international stars are Kwaw Kesse, Obrafour and Tinny. Zain is a major player on the African continent and pioneer of mobile telecommunication in the Middle East and now in Ghana.


The fastest growing chicken franchise in West Africa “Chicken Republic” has opened its new office in the capital, Accra. Chicken Republic is the flagship brand of food concepts. At the launch, the High Commissioner of Nigeria to Ghana H.E Misiliu Obanikoro said the opening of the food outlet was another opportunity to deepen the friendship that already exists between Ghana and Nigeria. This will lead to the creation and distribution of wealth as a result of jobs to be created for citizens of both countries.H.E Obanikoro also challenged Ghanaians business prospects to open up businesses in Nigeria and take advantage of opportunities there as they are doing in Ghana. In a statement read on behalf of the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Food Concepts Deji Akinyanju by Kofi Abunu Chief Operating Officer said Chicken Republic served in excess of six million pieces of chicken in Nigeria last year and will perform more excellently in Ghana.. “Being extra ordinary drives us to embrace new ideas, overcome daily challenges and have a little fun even as we constantly aim to excel as individuals in our relationships and as a leading fast food brand”. He added that chicken republic was committed to delivering superior products while being mindful of it’s cooperate responsibilities to the larger Ghanaian community in which it operates. Chicken republic was launched in 2005 in Nigeria


Christian Council of Ghana in collaboration with Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition has organized a one day platform for various political presidential Aspirants in the country .The forum which took place in Accra was geared to create opportunity for aspirants to share and discuss their programs, policies and strategies in addressing various topical issues such as corruption, transperancy and accountability, Peace among others. At the forum the General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana Rev.Dr.Fred Deegbe said churches in the country have been active in political and socio-economic development of the country and this platform will affirm their true role as stakeholders in areas of good governance and democratic development. “An Atmosphere in which there is freedom, justice, adherence to the rule of law ensures that we have freedom to worship God and develop”. Outlining some of the activities by churches towards this year’s election Rev Dr.Deegbe said a week was declared for fasting and prayers which started from ending of September to the 5th October 2008 for a peaceful election this year and the years ahead. This platform is to also strengthen church and state relationship towards national development, to solicit the commitment from both the church and political parties in ensuring a peaceful, transparent and credible 2008 elections and also to create a platform for Ministers of the gospel to interact and engage the 2008 Aspirants on the identified issues affecting the lives of the people, he added. On the platform, the various political parties that represented was the NDC, NPP, CPP, PNCand DFP party and was allowed to deliver a paper each . Various questions asked ranged from industry, agriculture.economy, peace, security among others.


The Institute of Chartered accountants (Ghana) has launched the study manuals of the institute’s syllabus in Accra. The manuals are expected to address the needs of students in particular and accountancy students in general. Speaking at the launch, the President of the Institute Mrs. Cecilia Nyann said the manuals even though it addresses the peculiarities in terms of law relating to taxation, company and business law in Ghana are also written in line with the international financial reporting and public sector accounting and auditing standards as required by the International Federation of Accountants of which ICA (Ghana) they are member. “Hitherto students have had to read a number of books to prepare for a particular subject written with a particular social setting in mind, this resulted in low passes”. The low numbers have had repercussions in the economy because you find unqualified Accountants manning key positions in the country. “As the economy grows there is the need for more professional Accountants and this is one of the key reasons of producing the manual”. She said the institute’s efforts at producing the manual that is Financial Management Strategy, Accounting Foundation 1.1, Strategic Management and Cooperate Reporting Strategy was a step in the right direction. Mrs. Nyann entreated students and Accounting students to patronize the book. She showed appreciation to Writers, Reviewers and all who contribute to the publication of the manual.


Last Wednesday in Far away U.S.A, Joshua Kpakpo Allotey aged 28 alias exciting failed to conjure his exciting instincts and also by continuing the good works of his compatriots Joshua Clottey and Joseph Agbeko when he lost by TKO to American Micheal Torres in a Welterweight bout at Robert Treat Hotel,Newark, New Jersey.Allotey¢s first fight in the States did not only turn a nightmare for him but also a baptism of fire as he went down twice in the first round and t wice in the third round in a fight which had been scheduled for six rounds.Referee Eddie Cotton who officiated Tyson and Lennox Lewis match had no option but to stop the fight 2minutes 15 seconds into round three to save Allottey from further punishment . It was Allotey¢s third fight outside Ghana .He had previously fought in Nottingham-England and Glasgow-Scotland. Kpakpo Allotey record now stands at 22 fights ,won 16 with 14 coming by way of knockout, lost 6 with 3 being by way of knockout.



Milan, Italy - Sulley Muntari's goal in the 73rd minute was enough to lift Inter Milan to a 1-0 win over Juventus at the San Siro on Saturday.The result moves Inter four points clear of AC Milan at the top of the table with the Rossoneri visiting Torino on Sunday, while Juve falls six points back of Inter.The best chance in a scoreless first half fell to Inter in the 33rd minute when Juve defender Nicola Legrottaglie turned the ball over in midfield, allowing Inter's Zlatan Ibrahimovic to carry the ball into the box on the left. However, the Swedish striker rolled his shot wide of the far post.Ibrahimovic then set up Muntari inside the box for a shot from 12 yards but Juve goalkeeper Alex Manninger reacted well and tipped the ball around the post.That duo did finally connect successfully in the 73rd minute with Ibrahimovic driving the ball towards the far post from the right and Muntari finishing the play into the empty net.The visitors had a chance to equalize in the final 10 minutes from a corner kick when Alessandro Del Piero turned a header on goal from close range but Julio Cesar made a good reaction stop in the Inter net to snuff out the chance.Fiorentina took over fourth place with a 4-2 win over Udinese as Riccardo Montolivo scored his first two goals of the season while Adrian Mutu and Alberto Gilardino also found the net for the Viola.
FROM;Sports Network


Zain Ghana, one of the new multi-national entrants into the Ghanaian telecom industry has donated GH¢10,000 to the Korle-Bu Reconstruction, Plastic Surgery and Burns Centre (RPSBC) for the treatment of poor persons with facial deformities. The amount was raised through voluntary contributions from the new staff of Zain, affectionately called Zainers, and was topped up by management.The presentation was made during an interdenominational thanksgiving service organized for staff, management, distributors of Zain products and well wishers of the company to show appreciation to God and to usher its operations into his hands. Mr. Philip Sowah, Managing Director of Zain Ghana, who made the presentation, said the purpose of the donation was due to a staff member of Zain whose face was slashed with a broken bottle during a recent public outdoor event, got his face excellently fixed at the department. He praised the Surgeon, Dr. Opokuware Ampumah, who performed the surgery, for doing an excellent job and assured the department of Zain's support.Dr. Ampumah, who received the cheque said, it took an average of GH¢300 to treat one person born with a facial deformity, but due to poverty several people grew up with their deformities. "This amount will help to treat at least 33 persons free - we hope that God will strengthen the hands of the staff to donate some more in the future to help more needy persons with facial deformities," he said. Rev. Dr. Mensa Otabil, General Overseer and Head Pastor of International Central Gospel Church, in his sermon, urged the management and staff of Zain to employ and associate with valuable people, keep to constant practice, embrace challenging pressure and adhere to strict professionalism in their work. He urged management to be ethical in their service delivery, saying that "if you know your network can only accommodate 10,000 lines, do not sell 40,000 phones and lines only for your customers to experience network problems."
Ms Ursula Owusu, Corporate Services Director of Zain Ghana noted that the kind gesture shown by the staff and management of Zain, at a time when the company had not started operations, was a clear sign of bigger things to come and offering of better services.


The Ghana AIDS Commission has sensitized journalists in the country through a media workshop at Accra to up date them on the current HIV situation in the country. The workshop also seeks to further the theme of this year’s World AIDS Day celebration "Leadership:Reducing stigma and discrimination" .The month of November has been declared the “Counseling and Testing Month” and as such the media would help in informing and educating the public about their risk and vulnerability of HIV infection and thus encourage people to go for HIV testing to complement the on going “Know your status Campaign”. Opening the workshop the Director General of Ghana AIDS Commission Prof. S.A Amoa said the theme for this years World AIDS Day celebration is very appropriate because there is the great need for leadership at all levels to address issues including stigma and discrimination. “Stigma and discrimination occur because of lack of knowledge, fear, sin and arrogance therefore these can be through education and the media is the fore front in informing the public”. He said it was important for his outfit to organize the workshop because the role of the media was very important especially in behavioral changes.Outlinig some progress of the commission he said HIV and AIDS continue to pose significant challenge to the economic development of Africa that is Africa about 70% of the virus burden. Comparing to Ghana he said the national prevalence rate was now 1.9%. The use of condom has also increase from 28% to 33% in women and from 44% to 52% in men .110 sites have also been establish to offer anti-retroviral treatments and 18,000 people living with HIV are on anti –retroviral drugs. Prof. Amoa called on the media to support the various activities of the commission and help in tackling some of the commission’s challenging problems such as improving the capacity of key institutions implement prevention programs, mainstreaming HIV AND AIDS prevention interventions at all levels among others. We can only achieve our target if only media institutions mainstream HIV and AIDS into their media programs and play more active role in the fighting against the virus. This year’s World AIDS Day will be celebrated in December in Accra at the International Conference Center.


BY:Michael Father Amedor
The Vice president Alhaji Aliu Mahama has burnt more than 700 small arms and other weapons seized from armed robbers and those wielding them illegally in the country. The ceremony which took place at Nima in Accra was to under score the mood of Ghanaians and foreigners in the country to serve as a warning that illegal arms were not needed in the country because it only destroy. The vice president also asked Ghanaians to commit themselves to the toil and sacrifice made so far in developing the economy. “In our struggle for sustainable development, we need to take steps to curb the flow of small arms into our various societies”. Alhaji Aliu further stated that after the December 7th election, “ life will still continue, children will still go to school, workers also to their various work places, everybody will continue with his usual work and this beloved country of ours will still be Ghana the beacon of hope for Africa”.TheMinister at the Ministry of the Interior NanaObiri Boahene used the occasion to advice all Ghanaians to put a stop to the use of weapon on fellow human beings especially as this year's elections draws nearer . Lets develop the spirit of peaceful co-existence, learn to tolerate others opinion and dialogue to solve any conflict. The youth were also cautioned not to involve themselves into any unprofitable group to be used as foremen in causing trouble in society.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


The Institute of Democratic Governance (IDEG) has held a debate with various political parties and parliamentary candidate on issues of election 2008 in Accra .This is part of the institutions election 2008 project themed “Sustaining credible elections, peace and national cohesion in Ghana 2008”. The objectives of the debate are to promote effective accountability relationship between citizens and their elected officials through dialogue on the political parties’ manifestos, strengthen the interface between elected legislators and citizens and to build knowledge of voters around the policy framework within which parliamentary candidates will be expected to address priority issues of the constituencies. The title of the Accra debate was “Combating poverty through security, job creation and basic social services delivery; which way forward? Some of the representatives of the various parties on the platform are Dr.Mustapha Ahmed of Ayawaso East constituency and Nana Arku Akrah of Aburi –Nsawam constituency representing NDC and Daniel Kofi of Ayawaso Central constituency and William Dowokpor of Ayawaso West representing the CPP. Others include Mohammed Salisu Baba of Ayawaso East constituency and Francis Bernard Anyinatoe of Ashiaman constituency representing NPP and Samson Awingobit Asaki of Ashiaman constituency and Zalia Seidu of Ayawaso central constituency representing the PNC .Participants answered various questions in areas of industry, Agriculture, education, governance, economy among others. This debate will covered 7 cluster platforms out of the 10 regions in the country.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008



The Director in charge of elections at the Electoral Commission (EC), Mr Albert Kofi Arhin, has disclosed that his outfit has so far removed as many as 500,000 names from the voters' register.Speaking in an interview with TV 3 in Accra over the weekend, Mr. Arhin said the names included the dead, minors and those who had done double registration. He said some minors who had registered as votes, were led to the EC offices by their parents to have their names removed from the register. Adults, who had done double registrations, also came forward voluntarily to have one of their names deleted.This followed assurances that they would not be prosecuted if they came forward to assist the EC clean the register. According to him, the EC was doing everything possible to ensure free and fair elections, and dismissed allegations that the elections would be rigged. He said apart from the representatives of the political parties at the polling stations, and observers who would be going round to ensure that nobody tried to cheat, his outfit would also make sure that the indelible ink was properly applied on the fingers of the voters.Arhin also repeated the position of the EC, that security men, who would be posted to man the polling stations, would not have any direct role to play in the conduct of the elections. He said the Presiding Officer would have full control and that the security men would have to take instructions from them should anyone try to misbehave. The Director of Elections also said National Security had given them the firm assurance, that there would be a standby patrol team to respond quickly to any emergency situation.When asked as to whether minors should be allowed to vote if they have their names in the register, Arhin explained that, that should be at the discretion of the Presiding Officer. He, however, said if he, as a director, comes across a four-year-old voter during his rounds, he would never allow him or her to vote, even though the minor may have his name in the register. According to him, he had taken such an action before, during one of the general elections, and would not hesitate to repeat it, should he come across a minor voting.He noted that one of the means to verify the actual age of a minor, who claims to be of voting age, is the register being used by the local school he or she was attending. He said since all pupils had their names and ages recorded in the schools registers, those challenging the voter's age could fall on the local head of his or her school for succour. He said this was the strategy he used to verify the minor voter he stopped in one of the elections. GNA


Several people are feared burned to death when fire on Monday night gutted a warehouse containing firecrackers and plastic toys at NIC near Ablekuma in Accra.An unknown number of persons are also feared to have been trapped under the warehouse that collapsed after a loud explosion. A driver and two others, who were at the warehouse to offload goods from a KIA truck, were among the dead, according to witness. The incident occurred around 1800 hours and the cause of the fire is not yet known.He said residents around observed thick smoke billowing from the warehouse but they could not rush in to save any of the victims. The fire, he said, spread to three houses nearby but did not cause much harm. He said two persons have also been taken to hospital. The witness said the Fire Service fire tenders could not get to the scene early due to vehicular traffic and difficulty in accessing the Anyaah-Ablekuma route that is under construction. As at 0600 hours the fire was still burning



The new multi-national entrants into the local telecom industry Zain, has outlined its strategy to catapult itself to the top of the telecom market in Ghana and elsewhere by the close of 2011.The strategy, dubbed "3x3x3" was designed to make Zain a major player on the regional, international and global stages, each of which was to be completed in three years. Zain facts sheet available to the Ghana News Agency said that in essence, through acquisitions, partnerships and green-field opportunities, Zain aims to achieve in nine years what other companies have taken more than 27 years to achieve. Western Telesystem Limited (WESTEL), Ghana, was the latest acquisition of the Kuwaiti-based mobile telecom pioneer and giant, Zain. The company has since its acquisition of WESTEL been improving infrastructure, including laying fibre optic cables in preparation for a huge re-branding later in the year."The corporate strategy simply summarized as 3x3x3 is an ambitious, sustainable expansion strategy, that will see Zain become a leading mobile services provider on the global stage by the end of the year 2011," the facts sheet said.It said a strategy dubbed ACE implementation plan, which sought to accelerate the growth of the company's African base, consolidate existing assets and expand into adjacent markets had been put in place to facilitate the realisation of the 3x3x3 vision within the set time.The facts sheet said through the implementation of the ACE strategy, Zain's new goals by the year 2011 were to attain 150 million customers, six billion US dollars earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) and to become one of the top 10 leading telecom companies in the world by market capitalisation. Currently Zain has 50.74 million subscribers in 22 countries in the Middle East and Africa.The Zain facts sheet noted that with its 16,000 staff strength, the company was committed to high standards of corporate governance, excellent and quality world class mobile and data serviced provision and to the ethos of corporate social responsibility in supporting communities, offering employment and creating business opportunities wherever it operated. It said out of the total of 50.74 million subscribers across its operations, 33.301 million were in 15 countries in Africa alone, where the company used to have the brand name Celtel, and the remaining 17.439 million are in seven Middle Eastern countries. The facts sheet said Zain was listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange, adding that the company's market capitalization exceeded US$27 billion as at June 30, 2008. "As the largest shareholder is the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) with and share of 24.6% there are no restrictions on Zain shares as the company's capital is 100% .


Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) and the Africa Regional Organisation of the International Trade Union Confederation will host a Pan-African Human Rights Conference from November 21 to 23 in Accra on the theme, "Dignity and Justice for All of Us".A statement released by the MFWA in Accra on Monday said representatives from the Africa labour movement, some major human rights advocacy and defence organisations, non-governmental organisations, networks, institutions and prominent individuals from around Africa would be present at the conference.These representatives will review the state of human rights in Africa to identity the most critical, pressing issues and cases for common actions and campaigns on a continental scale. Also, they would address the growing and deepening problems and challenges of human rights on the continent.The key topics to be reviewed include Civil and Political Rights in Africa Today and How to Promote Them Using Sub-Regional and African Mechanisms; A Review of the International and African Mechanisms for Promoting Women's Rights in Africa; and Armed Conflict, Human Rights and Impunity in Africa."This being the first active attempt to build an Africa-wide or Pan-Africa human rights movement to embrace and involve the continent's trade union movements, the conference promises to usher in the development of a truly new dynamic, popular, mass-based human rights movement in Africa."The Africa Regional Organisation of the International Trade Union Confederation, which is the largest congregation of independent and democratic labour movements in Africa, has 87 national trade union centres from 46 countries while the Media Foundation for West Africa is a West African free expression advocacy organization that seeks to defend and promote the rights and freedoms of the media and all forms of expression in Africa. 17 Nov. 08


Saturday, November 15, 2008


As part of this years 7th Ghana international book fair organized by the Ghana Book publishers Association in Accra,
Under the theme “Enhancing education through publishing; A reading nation is a winning nation.Readwide Ghana Limited has organized various competitions for its reading club members at the Efua Sutherland Children's Park in Accra. Some of the competitions are reading of books, drama, singing, and chorography among others. Some of the school who participated was De- Youngsters international and Association international school among others. Speaking at the ceremony the Public Relations officer of Readwide Ghana Limited Mrs. Eruma Greenslade said the competition was organized annually to bring together reading members to interact and to build their confidence to enhance their reading habit. "In all nine schools participated, it is our hope to increase the number as time goes on". She advised students to live by the motto of readwide which is "Get caught reading anytime, any where". Various prizes were awarded to winners of each game. Mr. KObina and Miss Akosua Nyansaland Akuffo-Ensaw of Association international were awarded best readers of the day.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Emmanuel Samini known in the music industry as Batman Samini has formally announced the grand launch of his latest album titled "Dagaati". The event which is scheduled to take place this Friday 14th November at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel in Accra will also witness across section of some of Ghana's renowned musicians. Addressing journalists in a media launch in Accra the Music Icon Samini said he tilted the album "Dagaati" because, as a man it was very important to remember your routes and "i been a Dagaati is the best for this album. The theme for the album is "Peaceful and Love in an Election Year". Samini reiterated that he chose this particular theme to help educate his people and Ghanaians on the great need for peaceful and non violent election to move the country forward. The album has 21 tracks and has various collaborations with local artists like Kwasi pee and international artists like Still Pulse among others. Some of the tracks on the album are movement, sweet girls, Dagaati among others.Samini mentioned Zap Mallet as one of the studios he recorded his master piece. He called on all Ghanaians to observe a peaceful election this year and to attend his grand launch. The Customer Care and Brands manager sponsorship of MTN Ghana Richard Achaempong emphasized MTN's joy to be associated with Samini in making positive impact on audience across the country through music.MTN partner with Samini to launch his album is also coming at the right time after a presentation at the Electoral Commission to reiterate MTN's commitment in supporting the whole country to deepen democracy and ensure good governance as the album also preach peace for this election. He said MTN will partner Samini in making the grand launch a success.


The Used Car Dealers Association of Ghana (UCDAG) has called on the Millennium development Authority to be free and fair to all car dealers in the country. In a statement read by the secretary of the Used Car Dealers Association of Ghana Nana Bujey at a press conference in Accra, he alleged that a couple of months ago the MIDA on behalf of government promised to secure a land for the association but failed to fulfill their promise. According to him the securing of a new land for the association was part of the re-location of car sellers for work to begin on the three lane carriage way from Tetteh Quarshie to Dimples Inn Junction with two inter-changes from Apenkwa and Dimples Inn Junction which joins George Bush Motorway. He added that members of the UCDAG who dealt in used cars on the outskirts of the road earmarked for the high way expansion project was earlier promised a suitable place for them to re-locate but was to no avail. According to the secretary the association finds it surprising the sub car dealers that are the Greater Accra Used Car Dealers Association (GAUCDA) has been offered a parcel of land situated on the Spintex Road. "The association is nowhere near to the UCDAG in terms of the membership and is also the mother association of the whole country"Bujey said. He said it was very unfortunate for government act that way and denies them their portion of land as negotiated with the late minister of Finance and Economic Planning Kwadwo Baah Wiredu.The Association wanted to enquire from government through MIDA if truly a land has been acquired for them to relocate and why that the Chief Executive Officer of MIDA is making deliberate attempt to sabotage the association of their fair share of the land. They called the president and the various presidential candidates for intervention. "We are waiting patiently but with a serious expectation to hear something good".


The Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture in Charge of Livestock Anna Nyamekye has advised countries wanting to embark on tsetse eradication to learn from those that have benefited from the African Development Bank (ADB) in order not to make mistakes in project formulation and implementation. Some of the achievements on work in Ghana three years form the date of implementation of the project is minimal because of the effective communication with the ADB in matters relating to procurement and adjustment to strategies in attaining project objectives. She said this at the opening of Pan African Tsetse and Trypansomiasis Eradication Campaign (PATTEC) Coordinator at the MIKLIN Hotel in Accra. "It is important to dispassionately evaluate your achievement in relation to what is expected of you in the agreement signed with ADB".Nyamekye called on actors to take immediate steps to address unforeseen circumstances that are likely to jeopardize the attainment of the objective of the current project. A critical issue to address is the demand for Sterile Males for the Sterile Insect technique vis-à-vis their availability. I urge all to take bold steps to rectify any lapses you might observe in the project designed and to take full advantage of the information that have been gathered since the project implementation People have also been trained in community based Tsetse suppression coupled with spraying of community based grounds to be complemented with the sequential Aerosol Technique (SAT). She called on countries involve to do their best to excel. The PATTEC Coordinator, African Union Commission Dr.John Kabayo said PATTEC is the description of a problem that is one of Africa's greatest constraints to socio-economic development. It is the campaign that is intended to highlight the great impact of Tsetse and Trypanosomiasis on the lives and livelihood of the entire communities on our continent. It is important for the fight of it to make Africa well to do country to achieve various targeted goals. Trypanosomiasis transmitted by tsetse flies has been identified by policy makers as on of the major constraint to agriculture production and livestock production in the humid and sub-humid zones of sub-Saharan Africa. The conference which started on the 11th November this year will end on the Friday 14th African. Afraican Development Bank has been the major sponsor.So far the disease can be found in 37 African countries.