Thursday, October 30, 2008


As we get nearer and nearer the polling day, many Ghanaian voters get more and more uneasy and concerned about the security of the ballot papers that wil cast in favour of the NDC. It is mainly this apprehention, expressed variously and repeatedly with such urgency by our members, supporters and sympathizers on the street, in the chop bars, drinking spots, markets and in deed everywhere all over Ghana that has mainly informed today’s event. In deed, the wonderful idea that gave rise to the launching of the NDC Party Agent Support Fund was mooted by one of our ardent supporters.Why pooling Agents Support Fund? To answer this question you need to know what Pooling Agents really do on the election day. Polling Agents are a political party’s representative at a polling station. They observe election proceeding to ensure that their party’s interest is protected and to enhance credibility of the elections. One can in fact, say that the Pollin Agents are the watchdogs of a free, fair and transparent election process. In general, Polling Agents ascertain that an election goes on well.

Ladies and Gentlemen: the specific work of the Polling Agent during the polls includes the following:
Ø Checking impersonation and other forms of electoral fraud including:
o Multiple Voting
o Juvenile voting
o Casting ballot s that do not beat the official ballot validation of the station
Ø Ensuring that election officials go by the rules, procedures and prescribed mode of conduct;
Ø Assisting when requested to do so, the Presiding Officer to establish the true identity of a voter whose identity is in doubt;
Ø Assisting, when requested to do so, the Presiding Officer to keep order at the polling station;
Ø Helping to detect and prevent persons who try to temper with the contents of the ballot box;

Ø Observing the counting of votes closely and actively to ensure that each ballot is counted in faovour of the candididate for whom it is cast
Ø Ensuring that a ballot is not counted if it does not bear the official ballot validation of the plloing satation;
Ø Paying close attention to ballots that are rejected;
Ø Certifying the results at the polling station.

For more information on the role and functions of Polling Agents, you need top consult the Electoral Commision’s booklet entitled A GUIDE TO CANDIDATES AND THEIR AGENTS with a September 2008 dated foreword by DR. Kwadwo Afari Gyan, Chairman of the Electoral Commsion of Ghana.It is in recognition of the importance of the polling agents in our electoral process that the NDC has for some time now been following a well laid down procedure to select literate, knowledgeable, commited and incorruptible party agents. Efforts in this direction have been serious and are well advanced. There is however a lot more to be donewithin a period of 37 days to the crucial 2008 December Presidential and Parliamentary Elections.

According to the electoral commission, Ghana has a minimum 22,000 polling stations each of which station electins take place. This means that if a political party is to be represented by two persons at each polling statin, then NDC would need to recruit, train and place a minimum of 44,000 literate, knowledgeable, commited and incorruptible polling agents. This number includes other party election officials who will be tasked to bring out potential NDC voters to “come out and cast their votes” on the polling day.Polling agents recruitment, training, and placement require the expenditure of a substantial amount of money. Even moreexpensive is the motivation of polling agents placed at the polling stations fro at least 10 hours to ensure the intergrity of the polls. Poling agents’ motivation involves provision of adequatesafe drinking water, adqute wholesome food and the payment of the polling agents’ allowances for the polling day.In recent elections, NDC had not been able to make the finanacial provision and logistical arrangements necessary to cater for the needs of our polling agents at all polling stations and on time. In the circumstance, our political opponents had in the past had the opportunity of tricking our polling agents into accepting and eating packaged food (take-aways) laced with laxative and drinking water leced with sleep-inducing medicinal agents.This grossly immoral strategy by our main political opponent to effectively compromised the loyalty and lowered vigilance of many of our agents during the polls in many constituencies. In some instances, the food that the NDC polling agents had unwittingly or innocently eaten occasioned the need for them to doze off, respond with abnormal frequency to nature’s call or abandon the polling station all together, making it possible for all manner of rigging to take place.
Quite apart from safeguarding the ballot, the NDC has the moral responsibility to protect the health and lives of its polling agents in the polling stations across the country.
The NDC does not think that the precious lives of Ghanaians, tasked to ensure free, fair and transparent elections, should be unnecessary endangered through the desperation on the part of our main political opponent to retain power through criminal means.
It is therefore the policy of the NDC this time around that only the NDC and her party executives supply its polling agents adequate amounts of wholesome food and safe drinking water at all polling stations across the country at the right time on the pollin day.This appeal is being made to all Ghanaians needing a change for A Better Ghana to help supplement the financial and logistical arrangements made made so far to support more than 100,000 polling agents and other party election officials tasked to bring out people to vote.There is virtually, no time left fro December 7 elections to happen. You may be happy to know that the ball has been set rolling through a contribution of 10,000 Ghana cedis by one of our very ardent and but concerned supporter who mooted the NDC polling agents support fund. You may wish to contact any of the under mentioned to make your contribution, no matter how small.

1. Dr Kwabena Adjei – NDC National Chairman(Tel. 0243332661)
2. Mr Johnson Asiedu Nketia NDC General Secretary (Tel. 0243327745)
3. Madam Margaret Clerk-Kwesie – NDC Natiaonal Treasurer (Tel. 0243366069)
4. Naval Captain Kwadwo Butah NDC Natioanal Finance Committee Chairman
(Tel. 0277166312)
5. Mr Mathias Mokono Wilson – Accountant, NDC NationAl Secreatariat
(Tel. 0284757571)

Be a patriot. Let us all break the jinx of political discrimination and intimidation. Do not be afraid of victimisation which has become the order of the day in today’s Ghana. As a Ghanaian, you have the democratic right to support the political party of your choice. Simply refuse to be collected by incipient fascism and anti-democratic tendencies of our main political opponent. Be proud to be an NDC. Come out and support the NDC liberally to ensure that our ballot is safeguarded.When you make a contribution, please insist on the receipt covering your contribution to enable certificate of recognition of the right category- Platinum, Gold, Silver – to be awarded to you.


Zain the major Mobile Telecommunication operator on the African continent and pioneers in the Middle East now operating in Ghana has announced sponsorship for its first ever musical extravaganza in Ghana at Accra. The music concert which is dubbed “the Zain 026 experience” is slated to take place on November 22 this year at the Ohene Djan stadium in Accra. Speaking at the launch, the marketing Director at Zain Ghana Charles Maye said the objective of the concert was to connect people through music which has no boundaries and it was another way of bringing people together to give them memorable experience. “Zain is aimed at creating a wonderful world for our customers by giving them opportunities to succeed and celebrate life through our superior network and excellent customer service”. He said the “Zain 026 experience” will be headlined by Wyclef Jean one of Americas multi-award wining musician, actor, producer and a philanthropist.Wyclef who started his career with the group titled “Fugees” sold millions of copies worldwide and now going solo has many Grammy awards to his credit. Some other international artists who have confirmed to perform along Wyclef on the same stage that day are Eve and Mario. All these artist will also be joined on stage by three of Ghana’s most popular hip-life artist such as Obrafour, Tinny and Kwaw Kese.They will also be joined by the winner of the 2006 Kora awards, MTV Europe awards and MOBO 2008 awards, 2Face Idibia.Wyclef who was called during the launch answered various questions from journalists and said “I am coming to Ghana, this is my first time I will be there to rock the stage and collaborate with any serious local artist”. Ticket for the show has been pegged at GH¢20. Zain the telecommunication company that created the first borderless network connecting 12 countries across Africa and Middle East started operation in Ghana in 2007 through the acquisition of a majority stake in Westel.


Zain the major Mobile Telecommunication operator on the African continent and pioneers in the Middle East now operating in Ghana has announced its sponsorship for its first ever musical extravaganza in Ghana today in Accra. The music concert which is dubbed “the Zain 026 experience” is slated to take place on the November 22 this year at the Ohene Djan stadium in Accra. Speaking at the launch, the marking Director at Zain Ghana Charles Maye said the objective of the concert is to connect people through music which has no boundaries and it was another way of bringing people together to give them memorable experience. “Zain is aimed at creating a wonderful world for our customers by giving them opportunities to succeed and celebrate life through our superior network and excellent customer service”. He said the “Zain 026 experience” will be headlined by Wyclef Jean one of Americas multi-award wining musician, actor, producer and a philanthropist.Wyclef who started his career with the group titled “Fugees” sold millions of copies worldwide and now going solo has many Grammy awards to his credit. Some other international artists who have confirmed to perform along Wyclef on the same stage that day are Eve and Mario. All these artist will also be joined on stage by three of Ghana’s most popular hip-life artist such as Obrafour, Tinny and Kwaw Kese.They will also be joined by the winner of the 2006 Kora awards, MTV Europe awards and MOBO 2008 awards, 2Face Idibia.Wyclef who was called during the launch answered various questions from journalists and said “I am coming to Ghana, this is my first time I will be there to rock the stage and collaborate with any serious local artist”. Ticket for the show has been pegged at GH¢20. Zain the telecommunication company that created the first borderless network connecting 12 countries across Africa and Middle East started operation in Ghana in 2007 through the acquisition of a majority stake in Westel.


The Christian Council of Ghana has launched its eighty years celebration which falls the coming year in Accra. The Christian Council is an ecumenical organization of churches that have agreed to witness together in fellowship and service to the glory of God. It was founded on 30th October 1929 as a result of five churches and its main purpose was to work for unity and work with members on issues of social concern and be the voice of the voiceless in society. The association currently has fifteen members to its credit and two Christian organizations. Speaking at the launch, the General Secretary of the Christian Council Ghana Rev.Dr.Fred Deegbe said the importance of the ecumenical movement as a viable instrument of the church could not be emphasized. “Ghana today faces complexity of spiritual and social life challenges that call for a social and economic policy coupled with its practices”. He added that the council would continuous to provide support in areas such as human rights and relevant and dynamic ecumenical 0rganisation.The new goal of the council is to contribute to development of a peaceful, just and equitable society in Ghana, where there would be an increased realization of social and economic rights of disadvantage women, men and children. “We seek to increase our member churches and citizen groups with local and national government gender, social and economic justices, interfaith and ecumenical and good governance”. Rt.RevDr.Yaw Frimpong Manso Chairman of the council commended the Electoral commission and National Commission on Civic Education for their good works but seriously called on them to intensify their education programme on the good rules of regulating election. He also cautioned the media to be professional in their reportage during the elections in order to avoid any chaos associated with elections. The various member churches and affiliates were also commended for their enormous contribution towards the council’s activities and growth.Rev. Manso said various programmes have been slated next year for the celebration.


The New Patriotic Party addressed a press conference at which the party sought among others to mislead the nation that the NDC is planning to plunge the country into a state of violence and chaos with a view to forcing a power sharing arrangement.According to NPP's fantastic daydreaming claims, the NDC is desperately pushing for this power sharing arrangement because the party knows it has no chance of winning the upcoming elections.Before touching on the baseless claims about power sharing, let us tackle NPP’s claims that the NDC plans to visit violence on the nation.NDC’s Enviable Record Of Bequeathing A Stable And Peaceful Nation To The Incoming NPP In 2001The NDC in the year 2000 provided the whole of Africa an example of a model transition of power. The NDC presided over one of the most seamless and smoothest transfer of power from one party to another on the African continent- a phenomenon clearly unknown to countries like Nigeria and Togo that have been the main sources of inspiration to the NPP in the sub region. The democratic dividend that continues to accrue from that beautiful transition has largely contributed to the global image of Ghana as a stable, democratic nation worthy of attracting investments from the four corners of the globe.So how dare the NPP accuse us of violence and plotting to plunge Ghana into chaos?The NDC did not show this love for peace and national cohesion only when it was in power. Four years after losing power to the NPP, we once again demonstrated incredible maturity and love for our nation's peace and cohesion when the party led by its candidate, Prof Mills, exhibited incredible maturity when it restrained itself and decided not to react when the NPP in 2004 illegally took the law in its own hands by declaring itself the winner of the 2004 elections.Is it not ironic that the NPP, which nearly plunged our nation in chaos through that reckless and illegal act, is rather pointing fingers at the NDC, a party that considered the supreme interest of our nation and wisely held back from unleashing its millions of supporters onto the streets of Ghana?We have not even mentioned the clear instances of massive rigging in favor of the NPP as happened in the Pru and believed to have occurred in many other constituencies as well.So how dare the NPP accuse us of violence?NDC’s Track Record Of Cooperating With The EC And Other Parties The NDC has presided over three elections in the history of our country. And the records are there to show that the party in the interest of Ghana acceded to virtually every electoral demand of the opposition especially after the 1992 elections. The following represents a number of key reforms urged by the opposition and acceded to by the NDC.• Complete Revision of 1992 register• Introduction of transparent ballot boxes • Establishment of an inter party advisory committee where the parties sat together and discussed issues as equals and very frequently• annual opening of electoral register to take of newly eligible voters• Introduction of photo voter ID cards- colour photos• Voting in the open• Agreeing that both parliamentary and presidential be held on the same day• Making sure that parties had copies of register in time• Ensuring that results were publicly displayed at the national and constituency levelLet us compare the above to what has pertained under the NPP over the last eight years.IPAC's meetings have been sporadic at best. The views of the parties are not treated seriously as seen in the brazen manner the NPP brushed aside all the views of other parties and pushed ROPAB down the throat of Ghanaians. The ROPAB was another demonstration of NPP's belief in the Rule of Might- the same predisposition that led the party to illegally declare itself winners of the 2004 elections.The problems that beset the recent registration exercise are well documented and point to the fact that if the EC had heeded the wise counsel of the NDC our people would have been spared all the trauma they had to endure.The advice of the NDC was ignored as usual and the results were there for all to see. Today the same EC that refused to heed our advice is calling on the NDC and other parties to help it clean the register.The fact that as a country we have retrogressed from the previous colour photo ID cards to the current black and white captures the NDC’s superior commitment to ensuring that the EC was well resourced to perform its task properly.The NPP also claims that our complaints about the work of the EC amounts to preparing the grounds to reject the results when the party loses. What the NDC has done is to raise concerns for the right things to be done and every step of the way, our position has been vindicated. The NDC unlike the NPP has never questioned the composition of EC because it has not been consulted before appointments were made. It will be recalled that then candidate Kufuor in the year 2000 went to the extent of questioning the composition of the EC on grounds that the government did not consult the NPP at the time.How Dare A Super Violent Group Like NPP Accuse NDC Of Violence?NPP’s attempt to label the NDC as a violent party is a typical case of the black pot calling the kettle black. The most violent political grouping in the history of our country was and continues to be the NPP family.Which political party in the current electioneering campaign has been engulfed in violence right from the presidential primaries through the parliamentary primaries and beyond? The obvious answer is NPP.The congress that saw the “questionable election” of Nana Akufo Addo opened the floodgates of violence- it was almost an omen that the candidate taking over the fortunes of the NPP was not a man of peace but was an embodiment of violence and chaos. His henchmen at that congress in collusion with Lord Commey, deliberately created a false alarm that caused a pandemonium and brought about physical scuffles. The same Akufo Addo group blatantly fabricated the lie that Paul Afoko, an assistant to Alan Kyeremanteng, was busy sharing dollars. In the ensuing confusion, Paul Afoko would have been lynched by the supporters of Akufo Addo but for the swift intervention of the police.From that violent presidential congress, NPP’s violence spread to the party’s parliamentary primaries. The mayhem and bloodletting that characterized the primaries at places like Suhum, Bekwai, Ofinso South etc have been well documented.Subsequently, the NPP started exporting its violence without- members of the NDC became the next recipients of NPP’s violence. It does not come as a surprise the scale of the violence and the barbarity the NPP has been visiting on the NDC- when a party can visit so much violence on its own members, what kind of mayhem can it not mete to its opponents- when friends of the NPP are not even safe, why should anyone wonder about the brutal treatment they are visiting on their opponents?Ladies and gentlemen, when you hear the NPP claim that the NDC plans to plunge Ghana into a state of chaos, you should find out whose conduct throughout this season has been characterized by violence. While NDC’s presidential and parliamentary congresses were absolutely peaceful, NPP’s congresses were a theatre of war and bloody confrontation. If Ghana is to be plunged into a state of chaos, it is not difficult to guess which of the two parties is most likely to do that. One just needs to look back on NPP’s chaotic presidential and parliamentary primaries and the answer will be obvious. One should just compare the track record of Prof Mills and that of Nana Addo and there will be no doubt that it is NPP that poses a great danger to Ghana’s peace. The NPP in Gushiegu recently launched an attack that saw several properties of NDC supporters burned down. Later in the night, the lights of Gushiegu town went off and residents heard the arrival of vehicles into the town and for fear of their lives no one came out. They woke up the following morning only to discover to their utter disbelief that 11 stores had been broken into, looted and burnt. All together, forty-two houses and eleven stores at the Gushiegu market were burnt down- all these properties belonged to NDC supporters.The Gushiegu Constituency Chairman of our party in particular suffered terribly. He had all his three houses completely burnt. The following items belonging to him were also burnt- four long Transport Buses, two long Cargo Trucks, one Tractor and one brand newNissan Patrol. The NPP bloody mob did not allow occupants to save any property from the houses. They made sure they took away three large metal boxes containing large sums of monies from the chairman’s daily transport business before setting all the houses ablaze. Such was the scale of the barbarity that the NPP mob made sure that no property belonging to the chairman, his wives, his numerous children or any member of his household could be saved as they threatened to shoot anyone who dares to retrieve any belonging.Need we remind you of how the NPP supporters killed a scrap dealer who was in the chairman’s house and set his body ablaze? Need we tell you how the NPP attackers proceeded from the chairman’s residence to the house of an 80 year old sub-chief, clubbed him to death, broke his arms and fired at his dead body several times? How they still carried his limp and bloodied corpse and dumped it on a large heap of freshly harvested corn in the house. Let us not go into the detail of how Ayuba was also murdered by the same NPP mob.The gory and shocking account above should give you an idea of the extent of brutality the NPP is visiting on the NDC- a continuation of the same violence that engulfed its internal party affairs.Look Which People Are Calling NDC ViolentLadies and gentlemen, does the NPP examine itself before pointing fingers at others. We in the NDC do not have as Chairman of our campaign, a man like Jake who has never once been heard condemning the terrorist activities of his father- his father who had no qualms distributing bombs that were planted in the hands of little children and caused them to be blown into pieces- and this his father did after taking young Jake out of Ghana and kept him securely in the UK. How Jake Obetsebi Lamptey, a man who clearly condones the Osama Bin Laden terrorist crimes of his father, can even dare call the NDC violent is difficult to understand.This is the same man who illegally addressed the press conference at which the NPP declared itself winners in December 2004- an act that would have plunged Ghana into chaos but for the nationalism and peaceful nature of the Prof Mills led NDC.This is the same man who nearly plunged the whole of Dagbon into crisis by ignoring all traditional norms and recklessly announced the murder of the Ya Na. How dare this man talk about violence?We in the NDC do not have a National Organizer who is a leader of a criminal gang of armed bandits who spread violence and snatch ballot boxes at gun point.We do not have as General Secretary a man at whom fingers were being pointed following the murder of a party delegate at Akropong Akwapim. And we do not have as candidate a man who claims he abhors violence yet had no problem when his henchmen framed up an innocent Paul Afoko and nearly had him lynched.So How Dare The NPP Accuse The NDC Of Violence?It is against this background also that we need to view the so called peace overtures of the NPP. NPP’s track record of broken promises, perfidy, proclaiming peace while unleashing violence makes their call dubious and lacking genuineness. The NDC’s position is that every effort should be deployed to ensure that the EC does it work well to bring about free, fair and transparent polls and that the security forces discharge their duties with professionalism and impartiality. When NPP starts telling the truth and stops breaking its promises, the NDC will start taking its overtures seriously. A party that is busily lying about free education, free heathcare, free bus ride and deliberately shielding its supporters who are breaking the law etc cannot be trusted.Power sharing and So Called Trip To KenyaLadies and gentlemen, the most preposterous claim of the NPP is the talk that the NDC is doing all this with a view to pushing for a power sharing deal. Power sharing? Power sharing with who?What the people of Ghana need is the end of the rule of the NPP- a rule which has been characterized by Corruption, Cocaine, rise in Crime and Insecurity, massive Deception and Broken Promises, astronomical rise in cost of living, and the general Moving Forward of the personal fortunes of NPP officials and their cronies while the suffering of our people has also been moving forward.What business does the NDC have, wanting to share power with this group that has so terribly disappointed our people? What business does Prof Mills, a man trusted by the people of Ghana, have wanting to share power with Nana Akufo Addo whose campaign has been characterized by more of the same deception, empty promises and the outright insult of the intelligence of our people?What Ghanaians want is Change- and Change they shall have come December 7! Besides, in virtually all instances where there has been power sharing, it has always been occasioned by the refusal of an incumbent party to accept defeat after it has lost elections- not when an opposition party has been defeated at the polls.We in the NDC know that it is rather the NPP that is so desperate to cling on to power at all cost that they are determined to spare no effort including unleashing a state of terror on the country with a view of creating conditions that will call for a power sharing deal when the inevitable defeat at the polls occurs on December 7.If the NDC were minded to cling to power at all cost, the party in the year 2000 could have resorted to the same tricks used in places like Togo and Nigeria-tricks incidentally approved by the NPP- to remain in power. We never did any such thing- not because we could not but in the interest of national peace and cohesion we placed Ghana first. That is what the NDC did in the past and what we stand for.It is ironic that the NPP is talking about power sharing- perhaps the party is recalling how they in the aftermath of the 1992 elections pushed for a position that essentially amounted to power sharing.Ladies and gentlemen, after the crushing defeat at the presidential elections in 1992, the NPP led by then Chairman B.J. Da Rocha met the NDC and essentially pushed for what amounted to a power sharing arrangement. The meeting held at the international conference centre was mediated by the Christian Council, whose Secretary at the time outlined the demands of the NPP which included the following: A demand for 50% of all parliamentary seats and for 40% of executive positions. It is perhaps on account of this that the NPP is so obsessed with power sharing, because long before Kenya and Zimbabwe dreamt about power sharing, NPP was already pushing for it. Perhaps that is why President Kufuor boasts that it was him who successfully brokered the Kenyan power sharing deal.Against the background that the NPP has a history of pushing for power sharing way back in 1992 and claims by President Kufuor that he was the architect of the Kenyan deal, one wonders why the NDC has to travel all the way to Kenya when both B.J. Da Rocha and President Kufuor are still here with us.NPP’s claims that the NDC has dispatched its director of International relations to Kenya to go understudy the Kenyan power sharing deal is therefore ridiculous at best.Mr Kofi Attoh was in Kenya recently where he was a resource person at an international seminar organized by the Fredreich Erbert Foundation (FES). Or is the NPP insinuating that the Fredreich Ebert Foundation is in collusion with the NDC to plunge Ghana into a state of chaos and thereafter push for power sharing.How a whole political party can be leveling these ludicrous allegations is difficult to understand. Jake Obetsebi Lamptey’s logic is that once any official of the NDC visits a country where there is power sharing deal, then the NDC as a party must be planning for power sharing. By that convoluted logic of Jake, the fact that President Kufuor has gone to the Hague means that he is possibly there to try to cover up trails of the reported Kuwaiti Oil scandal. That is the logic of Jake Obetsebi Lamptey. No wonder he got the number of votes he obtained at the NPP Congress?NPP’s call on the security forces to clamp down on NDC supporters only goes to confirm widespread suspicions that the NPP government plans to unleash the security forces on innocent people when the real culprits are to be found in the ranks of the NPP. This is exactly the kind of approach that has brought about the culture of impunity among NPP thugs and hoodlums all over the country.The NDC urges members of the security agencies to remember that their foremost duty is to defend the state and the people of Ghana. They have no obligation to obey the instructions of a desperate government willing and ready to employ every trick to cling on to power. Any member of the security forces who allows himself to be misused in such acts should remember that sooner rather than later, the people of Ghana will ensure that justice catches up with him. As to claims that former president Rawlings had insulted our Fanti brethren, the least said about it the better. Clearly NPP is in panic because the central and western regions have this time round decided to join the “Yese sem” bandwagon. Jake and the NPP should focus their energy on apologizing to the hardworking people of Ghana who have been insulted as “lazy” by President Kufuor.The NDC will continue to focus on the critical issues that matter to our people because we believe that Ghana cannot afford to have four more years of the same corrupt, greedy, selfish government that breaks promises at will and that has no qualms deceiving the people continually.


Skill training means to provide jobs - Mills Akufo-Addo to build upon foundation by Kufuor Mahama blames mob justice Nduom gives condition for production of oilAccra.Professor John Evans Atta Mills, Presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), on Wednesday said he would equip the youth with employable skills to enable them to find jobs when elected President of Ghana. He said many of the youth were finding it difficult to get jobs after school because they did not possess the requisite skills that would enable them to get employment.
Prof Mills was answering a question on how his administration would create job opportunities for the unemployed at a presidential debate organised by the Institute of Economic Affairs in Accra.
The debate brought together the candidates of the four political parties with representation in Parliament to address issues of common concerns including job creation; the management of anticipated oil revenue; women's and children's rights; provision of adequate electricity and the fast-tracking the implementation of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Protocols.
Prof Mills said his administration would accelerate growth in the agriculture sector to generate employment for the people. He said the fact that 60 per cent of the population was engaged in the sector made it imperative for any government to address the needs of the sector.
In this direction, an NDC Government would implement policies such as the provision subsidies; reduction of post-harvest losses and the institution of a buffer stock management system as a means of providing ready market for produce and thereby encourage farmers to produce more and entice others to the sector.
There would also be linkages between agricultural production and industry to allow for the processing of the produce. Prof Mills identified the major challenges facing the country's industries to include high cost of production; low skill levels in the workforce and the dumping of cheap and inferior goods Ghanaian markets and said these would be addressed to enable the private sector to create jobs and employment.
Touching on the oil discovery, he said, it was necessary that the country learnt from the experiences of other countries where instead of being a blessing to the economy, oil had turned to engender violent conflicts.Prof Mills said his administration would ensure that the country received a fair share of the oil revenue and pledged to make provision for the present and future generations through the use of part of the monies to shore up the economy.In this connection, he said, an independent authority, a body that would monitor the operations in the oil sector would be established to keep Ghanaians abreast of the operations of the industry. On Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Prof Mills said such investments must not be at the expense of local initiatives to grow the economy, saying that they were welcomed as long as it would help to supplement efforts of local entrepreneurs.
Prof Mills said the NDC Government would put into operation the Osagyefo Electricity Generating Barge, build minor hydroelectric dams on Pra and Ankobra Rivers and exploit wind and solar energy to augment the present electricity generating capacity of the country. He said he would work to gain the confidence of Presidents of neighbouring countries in order to facilitate the integration of West African States.
His Eminence, Peter Cardinal Appiah Turkson, Chairman of the IEA Presidential Debates Committee, said democracy was truly exercised when the electorate was knowledgeable and informed about the options before it.
The IEA, he said, had initiated the process to enable aspirants to debate on common issues of concern to all Ghanaians and to answer questions from the electorate.
Akufo-Addo to build upon foundation laid by President Kufuor Accra, Oct. 29, GNA - Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, Presidential Candidate of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) on Wednesday pledged his commitment to build upon the economic foundation laid by President John Agyekum Kufuor over the past eight years.
He said: "The party inherited a battered economy in 2001, but through the prudent management of the economy by the NPP Government under President Kufuor, Ghana's economy is now on a solid foundation." Nana Akufo-Addo was answering questions at the first of two Presidential Debates organised by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) in Accra.
The debate was among the Presidential candidates of parties with representation in Parliament- NPP; National Democratic Congress (NDC); People's National Convention (PNC) and Convention People's Party (CPP). The questions focused mainly on the economy; social; security; pension schemes; the oil industry; infrastructure development; education and job creation.
The NPP Presidential Candidate used the platform to defend the eight year rule of the Party and spelt out his blueprint to move the nation forward as contained in the Party's 2008 Manifesto; "Moving Ghana Forward: Building A Modern Ghana."
He said President Kufour's Government had brought back the dignity of the Presidency and made Ghana an internationally recognised good-governance regime, which has enlarged the freedoms of the individual citizen, and institutions.
On promoting gender equality, the NPP Presidential Candidate said his administration would drastically reduce maternal and infant mortality by improving quality of and access to ante-and post natal care; address the issue of child mortality, morbidity and malnutrition. He would ensure that social security arrangements were set up in the formal and informal sectors in the rural and urban areas to cover all workingwomen and men.
Nana Akufo-Addo said he would introduce micro-financing schemes to help to improve the economic position of women, continue with the free maternal health care, and create enabling environment for accelerated growth.
He said the discovery of oil and gas in Ghana was the result of prudent management of the economy, "my administration will implement national oil policy with the aim of maximising benefits to the local people in the Western Region.
"Institute measures for transparent management of oil revenue, use oil as an instrument of national development through specific identified projects and develop liquefied natural gas as a complement to government's efforts in the West African Gas Pipeline Project." On national security, Nana Akufo-Addo said his Government would establish relationship with international community to combat crime and increase the manpower capacity of the Police Service.
He also responded to questions on NPP's policy on education; health; infrastructure development; bilateral trade; foreign direct investment; energy, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and relationship with the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). Mrs Jean Mensa, IEA Administrator, said the debate provided the four leading Presidential candidates an opportunity to dialogue and discuss their vision, policies and programmes on the same platform. Meanwhile organisers of the programme seemed not to appreciate that journalists relied to a large extent on the body language of newsmakers in crafting their stories, and consigned them to an adjacent room with a projector television screen, and thus compelling them to pick the news from the perspective of a cameraman.
Mahama blames mob justice on failure of criminal justice system Accra. Dr Edward Mahama, Presidential Candidate of People's National Convention (PNC), on Wednesday said he would ensure justice for all under his presidency, blaming the lynching of suspects on the failure of the criminal justice system. He pledged that under his presidency justice to all would be a cardinal principle.
Dr Mahama made the remark in answer to a question about national security, law and order during the first round of two scheduled presidential debates organised by the Institute of Economic Affairs. The debates featured the four Presidential Candidates of parties with representation in Parliament.
Other candidates in the debate were Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo of New Patriotic Party (NPP); Professor John Evans Ata Mills of National Democratic Congress (NDC) and Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom of the Convention People's Party (CPP).
Dr Mahama, who spotted white smock on top of a black pair of trousers, his usual cap and a muffler in party colours, was the fourth in the sitting arrangement.
He noted that the search for peace in Ghana could be an effort in futility if justice was not upheld. "A CPP chairman was killed sometime back and people were arrested and let go - till date justice has not been done and that could be a possible source of mob action," he said.
He also noted that in northern Ghana, the interference of politicians in chieftaincy matters had been a major source of the conflicts in parts of that area, saying that under PNC Government the politicians would keep off chieftaincy issues and allow chiefs to deal with such matters.
"Under my Government the police will deal with crime and chiefs will deal with chieftaincy issues," he said. Dr Mahama also promised to ensure judicial independence by improving the judicial system to enable it to provide justice without influences from politicians.
"The days when senior politicians protect junior politicians from the long arms of the law would be over under a PNC government," he said. On energy, Dr Mahama promised to explore wind, solar, bio-fuel and nuclear energy sources to augment the hydro and thermal energy in the country, adding that even the two existing sources would be improved substantially.
He also promised to improve the management of energy and cut down the wastage in the system to ensure that production cost also reduced substantially to make energy affordable to citizens. Dr Mahama said under a PNC Government petrol chemical industries would be established in the Western Region to process some of the oil discovered for local consumption.
"We will also build a university in the Western Region with a particular focus on training people in oil management to man the petrol chemical industry.
"We will also ensure transparency of contracts with the overseas explorers through a Parliamentary scrutiny process to ensure that the public knows the quantity of oil going out and how much revenue is coming in," he said.
He said PNC Government would create an effective link between the petrol chemical industry and agro-industries to ensure that the food production sector got enough oil and other by-products to increase production for the benefit of the masses.
"Through that linkage we are sure to create at least 100,000 jobs in the first year of our coming into government," he said. Touching on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Dr Mahama said he would not go round begging for investors to come into the country, but rather focus on helping local investors and innovators to improve their production and thereby attract foreign investor to partner with them. He cited the Rev. Safo Kantanka, Head of the Kristo Asafo Mission, who uses reverse engineering to manufacture cars and other mechanical equipment, saying that a PNC government would support such initiatives. Dr Mahama deplored the existence of borders and roadblocks on trade routes within the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and promised that if voted president, he would use his good relations with other Heads of State and government in the Sub-Region to remove the roadblocks to allow trade to flourish.
He said his Government would ensure food security by creating market at the farm gates; improving irrigation systems through rainwater harvesting and providing functional storage and food preservations systems.
"We would go back to Operation Feed Yourself but in a modified form," he said.
On quality education and social security, Dr Mahama said he would focus on improving the lot of teachers and revamping the salary system in the country to ensure that pension money was calculated on a larger basic salary than what it was now.
"That way we would encourage more people into the teaching profession to fill in the huge gap which is adversely affecting quality education in the country," he said.
Dr Mahama noted that some of the investment made by SSNIT with pensioners' fund were low yielding and that had led to low pension payment to retired workers, saying that a PNC Government would re-look at some of those investment and ensure that the interest of the masses were upheld in that regard.
He said the PNC would overhaul the public health system to for instance prevent maternal mortality, which now stood at 50 per 1,000 mothers.
Dr Mahama used his concluding statement to call on Ghanaians to choose between the road that led to destruction and violence and that which led to prosperity and progress and promised a leadership of honesty and sincerity saying that under his leadership there would be real change and real hope for the people.
"I will provide leadership by example - leadership that does what it tells others to do - people centred leadership," he said. In all, there were eleven major questions, which focused on job creation; education; health; security; law and order; oil revenue; energy; women and children's rights; foreign direct investment; food security and intra-regional trade.
There were four rounds of four questions each. For the first two rounds each candidate had three minutes to answer a major questions and a minute for rebuttal, which was optional. Two minutes was allotted for major questions in the third and fourth rounds and each was given an extra two minutes to make concluding remarks.
The moderators were Mr. Cyril Akolatse, a veteran broadcaster and Prof. Kwame Karikari, Associate Professor of the School of Communications Studies, University of Ghana.
Dr Nduom gives condition for production of oil in Ghana Accra."If the oil is not going to benefit Ghanaians then it must stay under the ground," Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom, Presidential Candidate of the Convention People's Party (CPP) said at the first Election 2008 Presidential Debate.
He said, "CPP led government will ensure that revenue generated from the oil industry benefits Ghanaians, especially communities who will be affected by the oil exploitation in the Western Region".
Citing experiences in the solid mineral sector, where most communities in which the mines were allocated did not benefit from the gold, diamond and manganese deposits, Dr Nduom said the oil resources must be used for the benefit of the people.
The debates featured the four Presidential Candidates with representation in Parliament; Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo of the New Patriotic Party (NPP); Professor John Evans Atta Mills of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and Dr Edward Nasigrie Mahama of the People's National Convention (PNC).
Dr Nduom said for the country to be saved from the experiences of what was happening in Niger Delta of Nigeria, communities around such resources would be rebuilt.
The CPP Presidential Candidate said petrol chemical industries would be set up to provide the people in the community employment and direct benefit from the resource.
He said a CPP led Government through Parliament would enact a law to prevent the Executive from taking decisions on how the oil revenue was used. On security and crime he called for a proper identification system of properties and people to allow for easy tracking of criminals. In addition the Attorney General's Office would be separated from Ministry of Justice to ensure quick prosecution of criminal cases. Dr Nduom also pledged to use the State's purchasing power to buy what was produced locally to boost demand and create market for people. Commenting on the NPP Government slogan 'private sector as the engine of growth of the economy' Dr Nduom said an engine alone could not move so a CPP led Government would provide the engine with a body, fix tyres and provide a competent driver.He said his administration would pursue local investment and not foreign direct investment, saying as President he would go round the country to find out what the needs of businesses were and provide for those needs.Dr Nduom stressed the need for agricultural subsidies, saying they would help farmers and fishermen to produce sufficient food to bring about food security.In all, there were eleven major questions, which focused on job creation, education, health, security, law and order, oil revenue, energy, women and children's rights, foreign direct investment, food security and intra-regional trade.There were four rounds of four questions each. For the first two rounds each candidate had three minutes to answer a major questions and a minute for rebuttal, which was optional.Two minutes was allotted for major questions in the third and fourth rounds and each was given an extra two minutes to make concluding remarks.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The Minister for Chieftaincy and Culture S.K. Boafo has disclosed that the aged in the country are very happy due to what they’ve taught society of today. “There is the need for change and this is the season” .A change can make our Ghanaian identity be felt in this global world. He said all this at the launch of this year’s culture awareness month in Accra today. The theme for the celebration is “Attitudinal Change: The power in culture “. Every Ghanaian should be alarmed at the rate at which Ghanaian cultural values and norms are been grossly compromised in the name of liberalism, based on emerging global cultures whose negative social values are becoming universally accepted, especially in areas of entertainment and social life.
Mr. Boafo further added that, these universally acclaimed values have led to immorality in Ghanaian society today coupled with profanity and lust as a means of self-satisfaction. “This is worrying indeed”. The time has come for us to return back to our rich culture and values to help correct all these immoral habits in society to create an environment of descent and productive people to help mother Ghana. He said the month long celebration will help in addressing some of these problems and make available to son and daughters of Ghana their rich arts and culture for them to really understand it. The celebration will be focused on attitudinal change because many a time, Ghanaians are found wanting when it comes to work ethics, time consciousness, maintenance culture, patriotism and voluntarism among others. Everybody has a role to play to ensure that our attitude to life generally changes to accelerate peace for the development of the country. He charged the media as the front liners in information to use their medium in promoting the awareness month which falls this November. “I also promise my outfit’s total support to make the celebration a success”. The programmes slated for the celebration are all community based which includes radio and television discussions, town hall interactions, performances and dramatic sketches on the theme.


The Minister for Chieftaincy and Culture S.K. Boafo has disclosed that the aged in the country are very happy due to what they’ve taught society of today. “There is the need for change and this is the season” .A change can make our Ghanaian identity be felt in this global world. He said all this at the launch of this year’s culture awareness month in Accra today. The theme for the celebration is “Attitudinal Change: The power in culture “. Every Ghanaian should be alarmed at the rate at which Ghanaian cultural values and norms are been grossly compromised in the name of liberalism, based on emerging global cultures whose negative social values are becoming universally accepted, especially in areas of entertainment and social life.
Mr. Boafo further added that, these universally acclaimed values have led to immorality in Ghanaian society today coupled with profanity and lust as a means of self-satisfaction. “This is worrying indeed”. The time has come for us to return back to our rich culture and values to help correct all these immoral habits in society to create an environment of descent and productive people to help mother Ghana. He said the month long celebration will help in addressing some of these problems and make available to son and daughters of Ghana their rich arts and culture for them to really understand it. The celebration will be focused on attitudinal change because many a time, Ghanaians are found wanting when it comes to work ethics, time consciousness, maintenance culture, patriotism and voluntarism among others. Everybody has a role to play to ensure that our attitude to life generally changes to accelerate peace for the development of the country. He charged the media as the front liners in information to use their medium in promoting the awareness month which falls this November. “I also promise my outfit’s total support to make the celebration a success”. The programmes slated for the celebration are all community based which includes radio and television discussions, town hall interactions, performances and dramatic sketches on the theme.


Religious leaders in the country have been charged to help in preaching the importance of safety on our roads. “As religious heads you need to preach the importance of safety on the road with the same passion for the need for repentance and seeking the kingdom of God”. The Executive Director of the National Road Safety Commission Mr. Noble Appiah made these statements today in a forum with religious leaders in the country as part of the commission’s road safety week celebration in Accra. The aim of this inter-faith forum is to establish and sustain the culture of road safety and ensure that the entire religious community of Ghana participates actively in the struggle against road traffic crashes. He said the task of actualizing the culture of safety on the road is independent on the spirit of compliance of traffic regulations, care, peace, love, compassion and mutual respect which requires full participation of everybody in the country.
Mr.Appiah added that it will be useless to invest resources, incessant prayers for safety and at the end of it all lose everything due to road crash. The work that the moral general is doing on the renewal of our behavior and attitude must be complemented by our actions of tolerance and respect for each other in using the road. He appealed to the religious leaders to use their position to positively influence behaviors and attitude to promote tolerant coexistence of society.


The Ministry of Health is to ban tobacco smoking at public places next month.This was disclosed by Deputy Minister of Health Abraham Dwumah-Odoom in Accra at stakeholder sensitisation seminar on the ban of smoking in public places. He said the initiative would help reduce the health risks that tobacco smoking exposed non-smokers to and its resultant impact on the economy.The World Health Organisation (WHO) has attributed five million deaths each year to tobacco related illness, whilst the figure is expected to reach over eight million by 2030 with 80 per cent of these deaths occurring in developing countries. "The extremely negative impact of tobacco on health now and in the future is the primary reason for going explicit and strongly supporting tobacco control on a world wide basis." He acknowledged that although there were likely to be challenges in the implementation of the ban, the Ministry hoped to strengthen and formalise its links with relevant institutions and organisations to facilitate the implementation of the ban.We believe the power of in-country coordinating networks of employers, unionised groups, directors and managers of public places cannot be underestimated in helping to build a collaborated strategy in protecting the citizenry from the hazards of smoking and second-hand smoke.Vice President for the Coalition of NGOs in Tobacco Control Oscar Bruce said Passive smokers are at a greater risk of getting lung cancer, coronary heart diseases and even cardiac death. He concluded that survey conducted in 2005 also revealed that one-third of Junior High School pupils were exposed to the smoke.
BY:Michael F.Amedor

Monday, October 27, 2008


The General Secretary of the Christian Council, Ghana Rev.Dr.Fred Deegbe has disclosed that a peaceful environment was the bench mark to poverty eradication in the country. “Let us all commit to a non violence election 2008 and live to experience the fruits of stable and peaceful mother Ghana”. He said this today at the Stand up and take action against Poverty and Inequality 2008 press briefing Accra. In his presentation he said the Ghana human development report 2007 indicated that the proportion of the extremely poor fell from 26.8% to 18.2%. “However the figures are still high”. He added that the same report showed an increased trend in the city of Accra with the UNICEF report of the same year having more 10million people in Ghana living on less than GH¢1.Everyday more than 2.5million children and families go to bed without food. Rev. Deegbe entreated more Ghanaians to help the campaign against poverty eradication to help find collective solutions to the menace in the country and the world at large. Reading the National summary report of the campaign by the Kyerewa Akua Asamoah of the Millennium development goal and global call against poverty said globally more than 1.6million people representing nearly 2% of the world population were mobilized in 131 countries as part of the campaign was ratified in the Guinness Book of Record as having shattered the world record of mass mobilization .Locally, youths, were drawn from various educational institutions represented 65% of Ghana’s total number of 1,115,520, therefore she said it demonstrated readiness of the youth to take ownership of the MDGs like never before . She said the children were also thought solutions to poverty as they stood up to be counted. “Our Secretariat through its platform members will further be looking at stepping up our monitoring and hold our leaders accountable to their commitment to the MDGs.” Kyerewa Asamoah said it was very important to keep better focus on poverty as the global financial crisis and its preceding food prices crisis from the rocket crude oil price could be particularly devastating to people already affected by poverty when the ripple effects hits Ghana .She urged all to join hands with the Stand up and take action secretariat to fight and eradicate poverty by the year 2015.


Ghana Road Safety Commission has launched this year’s week celebration in Accra. The celebration which started in the year 2005 is to create greater awareness for social challenges responsible for loss of hardworking individuals and compatriots who symbolized hope for friends, family and country .The Theme for this years celebration is “ Ensuring an accident free election 2008”. This year’s celebration is focused on the view to inform politicians, policy makers and the general public. At the launch the Executive Director of the National Road Safety Commission Mr. Noble John Appiah said his outfit expected political leaders to demonstrate immense support and commitment through their actions, pronouncements on political platforms and particularly their strategic vision for road safety. “Road traffic deaths and injuries are undoubtedly a major development challenge in the country killing many people and affecting thousands of homes”. He appealed to stakeholders involved in road safety to rise up to their duty by showing commitment and hard work in other not to make it a crisis for the country. “It is important to have critical mass of stakeholders who have passion to implement measures that will lead to the reduction and prevention of road accident in our country”. Mr. Appiah retreated that road safety was a share responsibility and therefore it was import for everyone to play its role in advocating and embracing positive road user behavior coupled with good resource allocation and demanding road safety from political leaders and statutory agencies. The Deputy Minister for Transportation Opare Asamoah said the theme of the celebration is expected to create and heighten road safety awareness throughout the election period. Outlining some of the tragic crash statistic in Ghana he said four persons are killed daily,1,600 die annually ,8000 people suffer serious injuries, 70% of accident victims are males and 60% of crash victims fall within the productive ages of 18 to 55.He further added that, economically, the cost of medical bills, loss of productivity,pain,suffering among others are estimated about $160million representing 1.6% of the gross domestic product 2006. Mr. Asamaoh promised his ministries continuous support to the commission to carry out its mandate The Communications Manager of the commission Mr. Kwame Attuahene who read the slated programme for the celebration said, a forum would be held for religious leaders , followed by prayers at the mosque and will be climaxed with a road safety walk witnessing the president John Agyekum Kufour.All these activities will be held simultaneously across the various regions of the country. He called on corporate organizations to emulate the sponsors of this years celebration instant Indomi noodles to help the commission in its day to day activities.


Press conference by Nana Frema Busia an independent candidate for Manyiah ;When I die, I should want to leave a hallmark in the footprints of time as someone who did my very very best with dignity and integrity to serve, to genuinely serve our people from the very depths of my soul, in TRUTH. This is why I have signed a covenant of righteousness with God. What about you? Can any of our aspiring Presidential candidates do the same? Do any of them have proof of sacrificial service under threat of death, I do. Rev ministers, distinguished guests, friends of the media, all protocols observed, I shall introduce myself, I am just another humble imperfect woman in the army of God, I am a lay Preachers daughter and a lay Preacher so I shall preach today with your indulgence and rapt attention because I believe in God who has saved my life which has been under threat these past six years because of what I know.What I know is that President Kufuor should be impeached. President Kufour has committed an impeachable offense by condoning Francis Poku's Treason and hocus pocus against the territorial integrity of this country. An offense, which should be punishable by death instead of entrenched constitutional immunities. Our constitution is haunting us because we don’t tell the Truth. President Kufuor should be impeached and the chief of staff Kwadwo Mpiani should resign with immediate effect. Both the President and chief of staff have condoned treason and attempted murder by torture and obstructed justice and they should both face criminal proceedings. President Kufuor should certainly face criminal proceedings when he leaves office in three months stripped of Presidential immunity. Like Saul God has already removed President Kufour from his executive office this is why he is a lame duck ceremonial chief. When President Kufour said there were no ‘political prisoners’ under his administration, he did not tell the Truth. I Nana Frema Busia declare that I have been a ‘political prisoner’ for the past six years under a ‘death sentence’ without trial. The former National security Minister, Francis Poku pronounced a death fatwa on my life to be administered by undercover torture. President Kufour with knowledge has refused to grant me a pardon from the death sentence of Francis Poku although His Excellency grants pardons for causing financial loss to the state because of his own complicity in corruption. The Kufuor Presidency is inhumane and without conscience. We have a President who elevates the guilty and stands by when the blood of the innocent is sacrificed by a demon. A President ‘Di awu’. does not desrve to be President. Francis Poku is the God of corruption that Ghana has been worshipping, that is why God has removed him from office. How could the President set up a commission to look for lost cocaine on the MV Benjamin, when ‘the produce the evidence President’ did not have the evidence, and the cocaine was already long gone. This charade was like putting someone on trial for murder when you don’t have a corpse. The people serving sentences under the MV Benjamin trial are suffering injustice. The real culprits have national awards of Order of the Volta and vain gold chains around their necks.
A mafia racket is in control of this country from all aisles of politics, for the avoidance of doubt I mean the NPP NDC CPP ETC. We have not seen the contents of the CHRAJ report on Dr. Ndoum. We also do not know who murdered the Judges in cold blood. Talking murder, I have made allegations of attempted murder by torture against Francis Poku. The Attorney General Joe Lartey who is my Junior at the Ghana Bar, is in a serious conflict of interest and has been rendered incompetent and incapable of performing his functions because he has or ought to have documentary knowledge of facts that should result in the President’s impeachment as a Minister of Justice. He is however incapacitated because of his dual role as Attorney General and should also resign forthwith. The Attorney General does not know the law otherwise he would not have filed a response to my lawsuit which was a test of his legal skills. According to the whistle Blower Act when there is a whistle Blower complaint, there can be no lawsuit until after the whistle Blower ruling. Joe Ghartey has all the documentation on my Whistle Blower Petition, not such a good idea after all. Has the Hon Minister also shredded the documents? Joe Ghartey is in court to protect and defend the President and his boss Francis Poku not to defend the innocent.Ambassador D. K Osei should be stripped of diplomatic immunity to stand trial for being the custodian of documents held under Presidential siege, that is, evidence of treason and for failing together with President Kufuor and chief of staff and Minister of Presidential Affairs Kwadwo Mpiani to implement measures under an agreement which was to remove me from my current official residence where I have been under life threatening siege By Francis Poku and his BNI and CID and national insecurity insurgents including his attack dogs, police recruits who were giving military training and used for undercover dubious acts and paid off on the quiet. In my case it is quite chilling that my previously assigned national security watchman Robert Ondasek and assigned bodyguard, one of Francis Poku’s military trained police Moses Kutom who lived at my official residence and wielded a gun supposedly for my round the clock security were subsequently used by Francis Poku to fabricate worthless evidence to attempt to falsely incriminate me and provide an alibi for Francis Poku. Would they not, when ordered with the appropriate incentives pull the trigger? National Security under Dr. Sam Amoo is still harboring them both. According to Madam Ama Busia if I were not Kofi Busia’s daughter I would be in jail but for what? Madam Ama Busia of the Council of state, because she does not have an iota of Busia blood in her, but is using the name for personal gain has provided the Judas kiss of death and betrayed Kofi Busia’s blood, has aided and abetted and instructed the Presidency not to take remedial action to save my life because she is a national security agent under Francis Poku’s curse and has fabricated an alibi for Francis Poku in consultation with the BNI which was to result in my false imprisonment to die in Nsawam prison as if I were a JB Danquah. Madam Busia who has been given a national award by the President for whatever secret services, which in my opinion she does not deserve claims that my situation will be resolved over ‘her dead body’. Such a person does not have the moral stature to represent Kofi Busia. If madam Busia were a true Busia she would not have boycotted my brother’s funeral for spite. So much for allegiance to Francis Poku! Madam Busia should face criminal proceedings for aiding and abetting Francis Poku’s criminal intent to commit murder by torture. Talking Danquah Busia mirage tradition, Other award winners and government agencies that have collaborated in my protracted torture by overt acts of commission or omission to act, orchestrated by devious master schemer, the Francis Poku torture chain include, Vice President Alhaji Aliu Mahama, Foreign Affairs under Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo, Ministry of Interior under Hackman Owusu Agyeman, Papa Owusu Ankoma, Albert Kan Dapaa &Agyeman Manu, as well as Kwamena Bartels, Ministry of Information under Oboshie Sai Cofie and National Security under Dr. Sam Amoo. Other torture agencies in Francis Poku’s arsenal of my torture include the UNDP under Christophe Bahuet, Daniel Andoh of the UNDP, the UNDP volunteer Gyebi Asante, the Ghana UN mission in New York, Fifi Imbeah and Sam Afari in their capacities as Deputy National Security Coordinators, Col Yahaya of national security secretariat who was used as a decoy to destroy implementation of the Cote D’Ivoire /Ghana border security project in order to allow arms influx, various BNI, CID and national security hoodlums trained by Francis Poku in active cooperation with Parliament, the chief of Staff Kwadwo Impiani and President Kufuor. Francis Poku gets cooperation even when he does the damnest things. This is the colossal weight of oppression among others under which I was sinking with my cries of help even to the international community unheard because Ghana is their black Star which must not be soiled or sullied. How come after international acclaim for former President Rawlings’ Structural adjustment program, President JAK qualified Ghana as a highly indebted poor country? How come after we have reached debt saturation point, instead of, ‘creating jobs for the people’ we are distributing cash to the people while the international donors who support our budgetary deficit tell us our poverty has been halved. President Bush knows that this is fussy maths. The Chairman and Ranking member of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Defence and Interior should face criminal proceedings for covering up Francis Poku's Treason etc and failing to initiate a Parliamentary inquiry since December 2006 to protect Ghana’s Ivorian border and the sensitive northern sector from arms influx. Because of Francis Poku's default Presidency and profane unaccountable budget they condoned criminal abuse of State Power. If the whistleblower Act is not a complete fraud and a sham and a mere waste of paper CHRAJ after eleven months of what is constitutionally mandated to be a three month review under the whistle blower Act should tell the people of Ghana its ruling on a whistleblower action I filed against President Kufuor and the Presidency for obstruction of justice and condoning Francis Poku’s Treason and attempted murder by torture as well as its ruling on the whistleblower action I filed against Francis Poku for treason, international fraud, sexual harassment, Corruption, Abuse of Power etc. etc. President Kufuor should be held accountable for national insecurity and the national tragedy that is looming and for abdicating his role as President to the god of corruption that the Presidency serves with international acclaim. I am a complainant in those cases and await the rulings with interest with all of Ghana.

Under President Kufour we have systemic institutional failure. I shall as appropriate initiate legal action against some media houses including Ben Ephson and the Crusading Guide that have been used by FRANCIS POKU’S default Presidency to harass and to attempt to ruin my reputation when the Kufour Presidency that is in a secret merger with and a harbinger of corrupt CPP elements finishes his term in deserved disgrace. To borrow Rashid Kweku Baako’s TERMINOLOGY THEY SHALL BE STRIPPED NAKED. Mr. documents who published my paper ‘Of systemic dysfunction, a not so fast track to modernity ‘does not have the nearly 200 documents in this case which are under siege by the Produce the evidence President. President JAK does not act when he has evidence but rather sets up sham commissions of enquiry when there is no evidence. This is a part of the systemic dysfunction to de addressed The Kufuor failed governance has an underground culture of fear and silence, as well as purchased cooperation of those who should know better, including unfortunately, significant segments of the so called fourth estate the, media. This includes in particular some who have been giving national awards for undercover dirty work for the fused Poku /Kufuor Presidential farce.

In my position as Legal Counsel to National security as well as the Technical advisor and National coordinator of the now non existent functional wing of small arms commission which has been effectively dissolved by President Kufuor, I am of course privy to state secrets. When crimes are being committed against the state there is no Attorney Client Privilege. Besides the Presidency that is without integrity while holding documentary proof hostage, has publicly denounced my appointment, thus depriving it of any such privilege. President Kufour has also shamefully taken international credit for my work which includes sourcing and single handedly delivering a $1miliion project for Ghana within my first year of operation while other ECOWAS countries obtained only US $ 25,000.[twenty five thousand dollars]

The challenges of my position under Francis Poku nearly cost me my life. My life is still under threat, and my brother Nana Gyasi Busia, Kofi Busia’s son has actually died as a result of the circumstances surrounding my work. I shall at the appropriate time seek reconciliation and justice for the political persecution by the joint President Poku/ Kufuor administration. President Kufuor who set up a reconciliation commission without Truth is giving back confiscated assets with political hypocrisy even while my salary for six years has not been paid by President Kufuor as part of my torture package. My mother, Kofi Busia’s former wife is in an ongoing emergency with fragile health and emotional pain. My life is still under threat today under President Di awu who has personally engineered a cover up and rescue package for Francis Poku. President Kufour wants me dead because his hands are tied by a drug lord and blackmailer with secret dossiers, a psychotic and sociopath who delights in torture. A dubious dangerous criminal is at large by Presidential secret pardon. I will not be their sacrificial blood. President 'Di awuo'shall not sacrifice another BUSIA blood. I am declaring a fast of sorrows, a day of mourning and the Presidency’s day of shame.It is with knowledge of the state of national insecurity and close knowledge of the frightening pathology of the Presidency and as an attorney with significant international experience that I declare that Ghana is on the verge of a constitutional and democratic crisis. I also of course, speak from the perspective of being the daughter of the late Prime Minister Dr. K. A. Busia, the Busia in Busia Danquah, to reclaim my father’s image and legacy from so called protégés of dubious character who are secretly ruining this country. I want to conserve and preserve my father’s, good name, legacy of truth and Christian principles and to revive his failed search for true democracy through civic education.

I am declaring an indictment on this country. Each and every Ghanaian is guilty of the corruption menace to which we have sold our very souls. This is why we will not benefit from the measly 5 percent of anticipated oil revenue for which the politicians are out there rigging elections by purchasing votes. President Kufour by this 5% deal has already compromised and shortchanged Ghana. I want to demonstrate that corruption kills. I am running for political office as a memorial to my brother, Damirifa Due. I shall seek a national memorial to commemorate his senseless death. When Oboshie Sai Coffie’s disinformation machinery was ordered to peddle national falsehoods about me on GTV and nationwide multi radio stations I warned that this shock could result in a fatality. I want all of Ghana to take a very close look at ourselves in the mirror, using my experiences over the last 6 years as a reflection of who we have collectively become, A wicked nation of murderers and thieves, a nation that rapes itself, A nation that worships the ‘god of corruption’ and dirty money. A nation that is incapable of staring truth in the face and recognizing it. A nation that exudes moral decadence and lack of ethical values as if these were worthy of our collective boasts in who should cast the first stone. Ghana’s freedom is in chains held bondage to Presidential corruption and effusive greed. Our justice system is a mirage as social injustices create entrenched conflicts in Yendi, Bawku Gushiegu Anloga, all across Ghana, both north and south Ghana is falling apart at the seams, with frightening upsurge in arms proliferation and drugs as we sing Peace. Ghana under President Kufuor is a drug destination of choice, armed robbers are running riot in this country. Law and order have broken down as Politicians are going around with macho men adding to the mayhem with a looming election where the intelligence on the ground is that there are forces poised to do a Kenya or a Zimbabwe. There is breakdown of law and order, upsurge in violence, violent socio political upheavals and a President missing in action. President Kufuor has condoned treason against this country and attempted murder by Francis Poku’s torture infliction as well as obstructed justice and committed an impeachable offense, while playing his Patriot game of catch me if you can. His Excellency who is hardly in the country where he is supposed to be President has shut down my operations at the small arms commission at a time like this. Is the President interested in the Peace and security of this country when arms inflows and local production of arms as well as governmental imports are at intolerable limits? I am making a national address in a role as a shadow Presidential candidate and as a Protest candidate for Manhyia to make an alternate state of the nation address and call for the immediate impeachment of the man who established the fake office of accountability and whose parliamentary majority passed the ridiculous whistle blower act which makes Attorney General privy to documentary submissions in order to manipulate the process behind the scenes to be held accountable.

Where is the opposition in this country? We are not even practicing democracy. If we had an effective and honest Parliament with a credible opposition President Kufuor who abdicated his Presidency to Francis Poku would have been impeached a long time ago. Francis Poku would also have had to resign before the cocaine on the MV Benjamin got lost. When his Excellency returns from yet another insensitive, waste of state funds, worthless award winning travel in collusion with the international community that has intelligence of his secret of secrets, while the people he now terms lazy because he has not provided them with jobs in spite of registering their names when he came into power under false pretenses wallow in hardships, his Excellency should be held to account. The peoples representatives including particularly NPP Parliamentarians should impeach MR president and put a hault to his jolly plane rides, because his Excellency has the potential of causing them to lose the election. President Kufuor is certainly a liability to the NPP. If my classmate and ‘learned friend. Alban Bagbin’ who is occupying Kofi Busia’s former seat, as leader of opposition in parliament, is not in a secret pact with government, the opposition should initiate impeachment proceedings against the President. I am making a timely intervention prior to elections to usher in a new era of seriousness into our national affairs because I believe in Ghana. I believe that God has given Ghana a future and a hope. I believe that we can build a worthy Ghana. I believe that we should have a semblance of a real Parliament in the next administration.
I wish to pour out my life in the service of God, country and humanity. My vision of Public service is as a divine calling to ministry. My ministry shall be under the watchful and protective eye of God as a ‘God’s Eye’ ministry guided on my journey by a gold star standard of excellence, not a clouded black star shrouded in corruption and cocaine deals without the fear of God. My aspiration, is to administer to the needs of our people and our country as an indivisible nation under God almighty. The example of an Executive President who acts as a ceremonial tribal chief without moral leadership or vision is not a good model for Ghana. With God as my help, I shall continue my service to country in the areas of Peace and security Development and Justice, With God as my help I shall change the face and the dynamics of the politics of this country. My challenge is the challenge of democracy as defined by God almighty, Each his brothers keeper, love thy neighbor as thyself these are divine instructions for governance. I Nana Frema Busia Have signed a covenant of righteousness with God inspired also by the ideals of democracy as encapsulated by my father Kofi Abrefa Busia in his books the challenge of Africa and Africa in search of Democracy. President Kufuor has failed in key areas of his portfolio particularly in Peace and Security, Corruption and Justice, compromised and shortchanged Ghana by a secret pact with the opposition. Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah has been vindicated, we are in an autocracy of the corrupt, a one party state with colusion by the major parties NPP NDC and CPP. The upcoming election is a nullity and void ab initio. It is Francis Poku, the devil in a white shirt’s unaccountable budget that has been used to effect the purchase of the opposition, there is no effective opposition in Ghana, therefore there is no democracy, President Kufour has put Ghana’s national security in the hands of the CPP to complete the one party arrangements, There is a Parliamentary racket that has compromised treason and failed to initiate proceedings against President Kufuor who should have been impeached for condoning treason and Francis Poku’s blatant treachery a long time ago Why did President Kufour set up a commission to pretend to be looking for missing cocaine when he knew it would not be found instead of firing the so called security Guru national blackmailer, Francis Poku on the spot. Why did it have to take the ‘accidental’ failure of his personal security under Francis Poku’s so called competence to sack him. The Presidents life is not more important than my life or my brother’s life. We all have equal rights to life.

Having won elections on a false zero tolerance for corruption mantra President Kufuor has failed to prosecute significant past corruption by the NDC. I know because I am the legal Counsel for the team who did forensic and diagnostic audits on NDC mega corruption nightmares including various SSNIT ventures, Ghana Airways and La Palm divestiture. President Jak has done selective prosecution to pacify the international community after which the judiciary pats the back of President Kufuor’s NDC pals with minimum sentences after which the opposition is up in arms. President Kufour then grants subsequent mind boggling pardons. How about Tsatsu Tsikata? Should he not be entitled to a Presidential pardon before the beleaguered President Leaves office in this farce of a democratic country? President JAk grants pardons to free his own chains, seeking future reciprocity. Under President Kufuor corruption has been entrenched and institutionalized and has flourished, to a higher high, higher crimes by persons in high positions including cocaine trafficking is pardoned in secret corridors, President Kufuor has lost control of his government because of corruption as exemplified by cabinet and other ministers who run riot in a mind-boggling and sad parade to exude the rewards of corruption without shame in their bid for the Presidency undertaken on a national scale for internal flagbearership.

The self applause IS A CAMOUFLGE AND A Cover-Up President Kufuor is without integrity, The freedom and justice that is enshrined in Our national emblem is a sham, if there were justice and Peace in Ghana we would not have Dagbon, and Gushiegu and Bawku and Anloga which are the result of lack of truth and social injustices creating cyclical upheavals The justice system in this country is a failure enveloped in corruption. Corruption is sadly an irony of President Kufour’s zero tolerance politics and his downfall.The role of Gender in politics and Sexual harassment as a Developmental hazard under Kufuor.With God as my help, I am launching simultaneously today, a ‘Women in motion’ movement to support my Presidential candidacy for the 2012 election to honour the deserving women of this country in whom God has a special call as exemplified in putting his holy spirit in our forbear, the Virgin Mary to deliver eternal salvation through his son Jesus Christ. I am running for political office as a Protest candidate. I am protesting reckless disregard for national security, life threatening sexual harassment, high level corruption and political ineptitude at the heart of the presidency as well as disregard for rule of law and human rights including the right to life.

For refusing to have illicit sex, for failing to become a ‘classified top secret’ ‘mistress of Francis Poku ,’ kept by state funds, for standing firm and upholding zero tolerance for corruption doctrine, for refusing to cooperate with Francis Poku to dupe Ghana of millions of dollars, specifically, for saying no to the offer of a national asset with Chinese interest on divestiture valued at twenty million US dollars, [$20m],which was to be funded by a loan from NIB, does this have a hotel Kufuor ring on a larger magnitude to it? for refusing to cooperate with siphoning moneys from the UNDP and the international donor community, for refusing offers to buy me a house, set me up in business, pay all my debt in the USA among other offers I have been deemed a national security threat who should be eliminated because I have declared a sexual & corruption ‘Intifada’ [resistance]. As punishment for my crime of sexual resistance among other severe sanctions I have never been paid by the government of Ghana for six years. My torturer ordered UNDP to stop salary support to my position as part of an assistance package to government of Ghana after one year of assistance, even though UNDP had undertaken a commitment to support my position for five years to implement a national action plan. Francis Poku said hell no . UNDP has complied. Well I do not obey masochist with absolute power egos. I am not available to be purchased at any price and I will not compromise my principles or shortchange the country to cold blooded greed and NATIONAL INSECURITY.I am standing firm as an independent Protest candidate to protest inflows of arms and cocaine and upsurge in violent conflicts and armed robberies. Absence of coup detat does not constitute peace. WE are sitting at the crossroads of a potential violent implosion as we shout empty Peace slogans. In an election season where it has become fashionable for government functionaries to boast about maintenance of peace and security, as legal Counsel to National Security and Technical Advisor as well as the National Coordinator of the small arms commission with a Peace and security portfolio which includes systematic prevention of conflicts and armed violence and control of small arms, my offices from which I am barred as a punitive measure by this negative change Kufuor government as a punitive measure is idle while a five million dollar [US $ 5m] support from the European Union/UNDP which is the direct result of my work as well as a projected two million dollar support from the Japanese Human Security for interventions in our conflict zones such as Yendi, Bawku Anloga is not being implemented because I am the only active staff of the Ghana National Commission. Consequently, Measures to curtail significant underground illicit production of arms including provision of alternative livelihoods have been abandoned and my life at risk because I refuse to have sex with powerful men at the Presidency. This is rather sickening; it certainly is mafia tactics and not the rule of law. It is as if jokers are in control of Ghana. Agyeman Manu now promoted to trade and Kan Dapaa now promoted to Defence physically changed the locks on my office and bared me from meetings which were run under my technical leadership. Initiatives I have participated in, in Sri Lanka, Brazil, and South Africa etc for local induction and innovations for interventions on arms control rendered redundant. Does this constitute rule of law and good governance and on course positive change. President Kufuor should be impeached just for cooperating with closing down my offices because Francis Poku ordered it. The only thing being done at the small arms secretariat is an arms media database compilation which is an innovation I introduced. I am singularly responsible for the establishment of the small arms commission which President Kufuor administration was unable to establish after Francis Poku abolished the set up that had been put in place by the NDC. In July 2005, I informed the Presidency in my capacity as Legal Counsel to National Security that Francis Poku posed a dangerous risk to the country and should be called to order. The then National Security Coordinator was rather promoted as a Minister and issued with a national award of the Order of the Volta. In 2003/2004 there were alarming arms inflows from the Cote D’Ivoire civil war and the Bukina border linking up with the Yendi crisis rendering the entire Northern sector volatile. This is a fact borne by research conducted under my joint oversight with Dr Kwasi Annin, now at the Kofi Annan Peace Institute and international Small Arms survey based in Geneva. Francis Poku refused to implement an emergency UN assisted border surveillance project which I had sourced for Ghana under my oversight because ‘Taflatse’ I refused to sleep with him and President Kufour could not do anything about this. Today we are seeing the results in Bawku, Gushiegu, Anloga &Yendi deadlock. Ghana is falling apart at the seams and inundated with illicit arms while we pay lip service to Peace. To the Kufour Presidency the fact that I have worked as a Ghana Government representative with UNDP to source an approved US $ 32 million dollar [thirty two million dollars ]funding for ECOWAS MEANS I HAVE NOT WORKED and should not be paid unless I sleep with someone at the Presidency or in government or UNDP as my sponsor. I am not impressed by effusive self applause including gold chains around Presidential necks. I am not impressed because I know from my first hand knowledge of the Presidency that all that glitters is not Gold.

I live in a National Security residence under virtual house arrest, under security surveillance and ongoing political terror. When unleashed absolute terror which includes misuse of the security agencies including the BNI, CID, & national security insurgents was at its peak, I found myself under excessive and protracted life threatening stress near death in a US hospital with all my vital signs shutting down including loss of vision, cardiac function and mobility following attending a meeting at the UN General Assembly as Ghana’s lead technical Expert on arms control in 2006. My panic stricken mother, has endured multiple hospitalizations as a consequence of ongoing Francis Poku engineered acute crisis in our lives and political onslaught with President Kufuor watching his spectator sport, torture. In a fragile state following my brother’s death, I had to take my mother outside the country in an emergency. The ‘ghost’ of Francis Poku’s unbridled power is still haunting us in this Busia/Danquah mirage government as President JAK refuses to abide by a negotiated ceasefire and stop the Francis Poku siege even now. ‘If I want to kill you I know torture tactics’ this is what was pronounced by the powerful sexual predator at the Presidency. With knowledge of my health crisis the torture was intensified to ensure my certain death. All entreaties over the past 4 years including solicited appeals by Otumfuo Osei Tutu, Chief Justice Georgina Wood, Rev Palmer Buckle, Arch Bishop Sarpong, Rev Adu Gyamfi, President Kufuors son Chief Kufuor, Prof Ken Atafua formerly of CHRAJ and Reconciliation Commission, Lawyer Appia Menka, and other party members as welll as Kofi Busia’s only surviving brother Nana Kusi Appiah as well as my mother have failed to resolve my life threatening siege. In desperation I also sought help from various media houses and personalities pleading that my life was in danger but they all looked the other way. Accompanied by a pastor I eventually made a recording at radio Gold to be played to the nation if I died unceremoniously. Francis Poku on my trail even though I take tro tro for safety called radio gold and warned against any publicity on my behalf. My life was at risk because The national Security Secretariat under Francis Poku was involved in a desperate search to retrieve evidence of treason from me. I am the ultimate evidence that was to be eliminated to cover up official acts of treachery against the territorial integrity and security of this country by persons with a security portfolio who were acting contrary to national security interests. I was been deemed a threat who should be eliminated by a covet torture operation and permanently silenced because Francis Poku’s tactics are usually covet rather than overt. He is a super hero of covet operations. In Jan 2007 I recommended to President Kufuor, Chief of staff, Mr. DK. Osei. And madam Ama Busia in the presence of my mother and my dead brother then alive that Francis Poku should be fired. I was told that I could not tell the Presidency what to do. I was also told that whatever I know about cocaine or Trasacco valley I should keep to myself because President JAK’s government does not know about any such matters. In Jan 2008 Francis Poku was sacked for no reason. Who knows what lurks behind the secret alleys of the Kufour Presidency.

It is as a part of severe sanctions authorized against me for criticizing his Excellency on the Dr. Richard Anane reappointment as amoral, that the EU/UNDP assisted five million dollar [US$5m] conflict / armed violence prevention & arms control project under my oversight is not being implemented with my offices at the Small Arms Commission Secretariat shut down with Presidential approval. It is Ghana that bears the ultimate brunt of this Presidential malice. This is a truly sordid affair. Well, President JAk, according to Kofi Busia from his book ‘ Africa in search of Democracy’ 1967 ‘ A basic tenet of democracy is that all men including party bosses and rulers are fallible and consequently, that there should be effective institution for the expression of criticism and for constitutional change of government. Also according to K A Busia according to KA Busia, ‘Democracy is a form of government, but it is base on ethics’ hence my criticism of his Excellency should be taken in good faith. When in February 2008 the Ministry of Information issued an extraordinary 24 hour Ghana News Agency all points false radio bulletin and GTV Primetime broadcast that I have never worked for the government of Ghana, as if I were an absconding criminal, it was part of a systematic and desperate governmental effort to harass, intimidate and shock me into quiet submission and to tarnish my undisputed reputation by those without honor or integrity or concern for overriding national security interests.President Kufuor has also sanctioned issuance of eviction notice from my official residence but His Excellency is still withholding six years of my cumulative salary after the Presidency relocated me from California after 20 years abroad. This is my current dilemma, When something untoward happens to me while living under National Security roof where I am unsafe President JAk who is head of national security will have to answer to the public so I refuse to abide by their ‘Patriot games’. Where does President Kufuor want me to go? Exile, like my father Kofi Busia? I am already in Preventive detention.

A snapshot of Solitary Confinement;
When my official residence almost burnt down the CID failed to show up to collect evidence. With my plea for life to the President ignored, and a refusal by the Parliamentary Select Committee on Defense and Interior to investigate my petition against Francis Poku also ignored this is what happened to persons who attempted to help me. A member of Parliament to whom I had given documents to assist with initiating a parliamentary inquiry reported armed robbers at his residence and abandoned the requested help. Both the majority and The opposition in parliament sold my petition against Francis Poku and my plea for life to Francis Poku who initiated a reverse criminal investigation against me to torture me further at a time when I had been so ill that I could not walk or talk properly and had experienced momentary blindness due to Francis Poku’s torture. It is Francis Poku’s fabrication of an alibi for himself that what Kweku Baako's crusading Guide published as ‘Francis Poku has been cleared by BNI ’ That honestly is a silly trick. How can Francis Poku clear himself of charges before parliament and CHRAJ. What is absolutely clear is that Francis Poku has not been cleared. That BNI report rather constitutes an attempt by Francis Poku to unsuccessfully blackmail me into silence. How can Francis Poku clear himself of matters pending before Parliament and CHRAJ? l was left adrift to die in my residence after my resident national security watchman was recalled and my police bodyguard following intimidation by the BNI vacated his post unceremoniously claiming boredom. The stage was set for whatever devious plot the master schemer who boasts torture credentials deemed fit to be executed. The pastor who accompanied me to a radio Gold to make the recording for publication in case I died under suspicious circumstances having been picked up by the criminal surveillance I was under, was at a subsequent prayer visit chased around by two surveillance patrol vehicles detailed at the corner of my house to show where power lies. A colleague on the small arms commission for apparently visiting me on one occasion and a couple phone calls on my bugged phoned to check up on me had a Francis Poku bogus security report prepared against him that he was staging a coup detat. In my opinion Francis Poku needs serious psychiatric attention. The pastor who took me to radio Gold at a subsequent visit was involved a freak accident with my own brother Pastor Maurice and 3 other pastors in a freak accident the day before the President’s own accident. Because of corruption 4 unconscious Pastors were condemned to die at 37 military hospital. Because of corruption a medical doctor at Okomfo Anokye, a doctor tore up a court ordered autopsy document and failed to perform the autopsy. This is Ghana. In a mind boggling waste of public resources and abuse of power a multi agency team comprising BNI, CID & National security agents who should have been looking for lost cocaine were ordered to institute a criminal investigation to falsify charges so that I can be put in jail. My only crime was refusal to have sex with their boss. The best they could come up with after one year of investigations was that my request for salary which has been withheld for six years as part of my torture package constitutes blackmail. Ben Ephson's & Kweku Baako were the Francis Poku agents who publicized the Nana frema Busia is blackmailing ministers initiative. Francis Poku’s own newspaper published Ben Ephsons blasphemous and defamatory effusions on Adom FM under a caption ‘Busia’s daughter blacklisted for blackmail’ when they were the ones covering up Francis Poku’s blackmail in a preemptive sick strike. These so award winning investigative journalists who are holding Ghana hostage with incredulity never spoke to me, during their so called investigations.

I am running for political office as an independent candidate because I do not believe that a woman with my professional and political pedigree, my knowledge, skills and expertise, including some 20 years of international legal experience, technical expertise in peace and security, corporate and political governance and eligibility to the Ghana supreme court as well as my contribution to Ghana and sub regional security for ECOWAS small arms control initiatives should sit at home and do nothing while President Kufuor denounces my work and simultaneously take personal credit for my work at international and local level. Indeed no one regardless of credentials should be subject to a death warrant for upholding ethical principles. Sex should never be an unwritten requirement for a job. I am speaking out against sexual oppression and subjugation of human rights by unaccountable men in positions of power. I am proposing a Professional violence & emporwerment bill in addition to the Domestic Violence Bill. I am proposing a national call to moral and ethical order. I am running as an independent candidate to launch a moral crusade and to Protest the fact that religious and moral education has been taken off the school curriculum, significant numbers of our youth are unemployed and addicted to hard drugs. We are wallowing in filth and environmental degradation while refuse collection has become a monopoly of one company that does not have the capacity to undertake this effectively nationwide. Corruption has seeped from our Presidency to our market places from t governmental machinery, and both the public and private sector to our class rooms. Our value systems have broken down. We pride ourselves on complacency while sitting on a potential implosion without moral or inspired leadership and certainly without vision. We are the ‘fa wo ho di Ghana’. A nation gone scot free, a society without sanctions for wrongdoing, this is our national interpretation of independence, a nation that celebrates 51 years of lack of accountability. I am running as an independent Protest candidate to denouncing sexual harassment to the point of death, the rape of national assets and use of women as kickbacks as a national tragedy which is killing the soul of women all over Ghana and thwarting national development. I am protesting unethical, amoral and lawless conduct and lack of accountability at the presidency and in government as well as in the public and private sectors. I am protesting abuse of state power, moral poverty and injustice.

I am challenging all flag bearers and political parties in particular Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo an acclaimed Busiast, and human rights and justice advocate and the NPP to support my independent candidacy as MP for Manyhia to show abhorrence of this Kufour administration inhumane governance mishap. I am also challenging all political parties to propose policies to deal with sexual harassment which is a widespread national tragedy holding Ghanaian womanhood hostage and under sexual bondage. Indeed I am challenging the NPP, NDC and the CPP to publicly support my candidacy in Manyhia. I am challenging the women caucuses of all the parties and daring the NPP women’s caucuses to openly support my candidacy at Manhyia. Is the Busia in Busia Danquah a sham? All over Ghana, womanhood is in crisis, under siege to the sexual whims of unscrupulous men in positions of power both in government and industry parading as honorable men without honor. Women are suffering in silence afraid of the repercussions of speaking up. The issue of sexual harassment should be put on the national agenda. This why I am inviting women’s activists and institutions church groups etc including federation of women lawyers, my class mate Gifty Afenyi Dadzie on the council of state and her Aglow women, democracy and human rights institutes and activists including Nana Oye Lithur, Audrey Gadgepo, Rose Mensa Kutin, Madam Dwamena Edna Kuma etc CDD and IEA to all support and comment on this story to move Ghana forward In a true democracy where women are accepted as equal partners in development, no woman should lose their job for refusing to have sex with any man regardless of who they may be. I am running as an independent protest candidate to provide exemplary leadership, to advocate the release of women from the sexual prisons and oppression in the professional arena, as well as in provision of social services, in the award of contracts as well as in the educational institutions –etc. I am protesting the criminal demand for sex and use of women as kickbacks as an incidence of pervasive corruption that prevents women from effective contribution as a significant national resource. Integral to Ghana’s national developmental security should be the policy that everywoman everywhere in Ghana should have sexual security within the confines of her own body. Certainly the security of this country should not be compromised because of sexual predators and sociopaths in positions of power. I am proposing a national call to moral and ethical order. I am anticipating the support of all the decent men in Ghana who are the bedrock of integrated existence to play their rightful God assigned role by supporting me and all the women in this country whose daily sweat and toil contribute immensely to our economic and family lives, those who believe Ghana is not ready for a woman President are simply wrong . According to Kofi Busia in a speech delivered on the first day in Parliament on 6th March 1957 “ It is by the devoted day to day service of many ordinary and unnoticed citizens that a nation achieves greatness’ the overwhelming majority of those unnoticed citizens are women . Thank you.

This is why I urge the people of Manhyia to be at the forefront of national development to send a powerful message to all of Ghana by saying that we value our women, our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. In Ghana we do not abuse women who contribute to national development by rendering them destitute, homeless and jobless. In a modern era a woman’s place is where God intended her as helpmates not a sex slaves to unaccountable men with unaccountable budgets. I am a daughter of Manhyia. I belong to the distinguished household of Akyempemhene Konkoni Osei TUTU otherwise known as Palace Gate. Kofi Busia’s support by Manhyia which propelled him into national significance has its roots in his marriage to my mother, she who is without blemish a Manhyia royal with links to the Golden stool. It is exile that forced a divorce. The Busia foundation that does not know who Kofi Busia is does much discredit to my father’s life and legacy by peddling a 4 children falsehood. Poor Kofi Busia there is no internal democracy even where his children are concerned, we have modern day apartheid. I have gone home to my roots, to Manhyia to seek the Justice that has eluded me in President Kufour’s government. All eyes should be on Manhyia, tongue in cheek Manhyia does not belong to the Presidents household Apagyafie that has manipulated another candidate on the NPP ticket. I really rather think that Ghana currently really need the fine young man's skills as a medical doctor. I took my mum to Okomfo Anokye hospital recently and we were there for 9 hours. Health delivery service in this country certainly require all hands on deck by available doctors. What happens in Manhyia will tell us about who we are as a nation.

A Brief Look at Manyhia;
Manhyia has pivotal unquestionable support for the UP tradition and the Kumasi metropolis has seen negligible positive change after 8 years of Kufour administration and 12 years of Addo Kufour as MP . Manhyia lacks basic infrastructure with parts of Manhyia constituency wholly bypassed by development. The uncompleted Community Centre by a Public toilet which transmits stench at the heart of Ashtown is a nightmare. The heart of Manhyia is in sanitation and health complacency. Sanitation is a critical issue in the whole of Ghana and is demonstrative of failure of decentralization by successive governments. Perennial blackouts and increasing and severe water shortages in Manhyia constituency is part of every day life. The Kufuor administration which boasts of foreign investments that flow from the President’s travels have failed because of corruption. The golden age of business government could not create the enabling environment for local and or joint partnership to re open the tanning factory, the jute factory or the shoe factory in kumasi which has their core support. The promised Vehicle assembly plant has not materialized. To me, the inflows of investment figures are fictitious. The Accra Kumasi dual carriageway has become a single carriageway to be completed by 2004 is still under construction . Those who went to Odododiodio to demonstrate political decadence ‘I and my father are one’ with the son of a late NDC MP do not know who Kofi Busia is or what he stands for. I want my father’s name and image disassociated from the NPP If the rhetoric about entrenchment of democracy, human rights, rule of law and women’s emancipation are a mere charade. I do not want unscrupulous politicians to use my father Kofi Busia’s name and image in vain just for political expediency.I am not standing in opposition to the UP tradition which the NPP claims as its roots in Manhyia. I wish to affirm that tradition which is my bloodline and challenge its proponents to uphold a gold standard of democratic excellence. Again I am not talking about undeserving effusive self awarded gold chains of contention. That kind of showy glitter is designed to cover up dirt. It is unconvincing. It is also a waste of our meager national resources. I am standing as an independent candidate to offer genuine choice to the UP tradition which is my political pedigree. I am standing firm for truth and for true democracy The ideals of that tradition as exemplified by Kofi Busia supersedes and transcends the secret misdeeds of the Kufuor Presidency. According to Kofi Busia from a paper ‘Is Democracy of Universal application’ published in 1979. ‘ Experience has shown that there should be procedures and institutions which enable voters to give free and fair expression to their will and that there should be genuine choice’. I am offering genuine choice to the Up tradition in Manhyia.

Freedom and Justice;
When President Jak leaves office I shall breathe freedom. I shall seek the justice that is enshrined in our national emblem and national conscience. I shall subpoena the then former President whose mantra included ‘produce the evidence’ to produce my documents’. I shall subpoena the then former President Jak to testify to his personal ratification of my appointment and agreement to pay all my salary arrears as of Jan 2007 which he has reneged upon. I will call on President Jak to defend his democratic credentials. I shall seek that the President be held to account with regard to his stewardship of national security and zero tolerance for corruption. In fact all of us as a nation, individually and collectively should be held to account. . AS others have been reconciled I should want an open, transparent public process when a new government is constituted with President Kufuor producing my documents which he has ceased I shall call on the new administrating to return my asset of 6 years of withheld cumulative salary as punishment for upholding my dignity under governmental siege and pay appropriate compensation for unlawful termination as well as compensation for deliberate application of persistent and protracted, emotional, psychological abuse a designed to kill as well as financial constriction. Reconciliation should be conducted at the end of every political era to right ongoing injustices. I am running as an independent Protest candidate to lead a movement to activate democratic ideals even as I make a call for socio–political justice and developmental security through foundational and attitudinal change. When giving the opportunity I shall exemplify and demonstrate the Busia Component of Busia Danquah tradition so help me God. I shall challenge a government of ethical values and principles and for fundamental change in social, moral and attitudinal change to move Ghana forward. My guiding principle is a quote from my dad ‘ ‘ Let me say that if you are going out and have not the compelling urge inside you to make something better, to improve some situation or condition, then you really are not living and will not make much of a mark in this world and you will not be missed when you leave it’ I am standing as a protest candidate. On election day, December 7, 2008, I want the one hundred and ten thousand registered or so voters of Manhyia to witness my protest on their ballot. I am sorry that I was unable to stand as a Presidential candidate due to my brothers death and onerous logistical requirements. I do not believe in political hierarchies or first come first served. Look what Pres Bush has done to the USA and the world. I believe in merit, talent and the purpose of God in one’s life. How can politicians ask the electorate to take election handouts and vote their conscience when the conscience is compromised and polluted by those very handouts. All the parties are engaged in election rigging by vote buying so when the highest bidder wins we should all peacefully abide by the results because we all participated in the rigging with complicity of the electorate who get their comeuppance at this ‘cocoa season. I am calling on all God fearing and decent Ghanaians regardless of their political color to support my protest and call for justice I am calling on all democracy and human rights as well as peace and security institutes, international development agencies, women’s groups and activist to support my search for true democracy and for justice and my right to life. As a member of Parliament I shalI challenge the status quo, invigorate our young people, be a role model for our girl children and boys, liaise with descent Ghanaians, particularly men, to do awareness & education campaign on sexual maturity for undeserving ‘bad boys’ in men’s suits who find themselves in positions of power and abuse it. Sexual harassment is a crime and should not be condoned by a Parliament of honorable men. It is not Nana Frema Busia, a distinguished woman who has humbly and quietly served this country with excellence in both the local and international arena who should be condemned to death but the dangerous criminal who has been let loose in the UK to continue dubious activates.
I shall demonstrate with excellence and integrity, synonymous with the Busia name which is being exploited by politicians, so called Busiast who have no iota of comprehension about what Kofi Busia stands for. My challenge is the challenge of democracy I am ignoring President Kufuor and his conflicted Attorney Generals order that I vacate my official residence which cost 30,0000 dollars a year of tax payer money so that they can cover it up. The order shows incompetence by the Attorney General. It is also unconstitutional in light of the pending CHRAJ Whistle Blower Action;

We certainly have not built a solid foundation otherwise so unless we take corrective action the next the next level of higher high will collapse on us. We the people fail to understand that the politicians will go back and raid national coffers which translates to sub standard execution of projects and lack of real development and spiritual and economic poverty. I am afraid of freebies. Free education is meaningless if it is sub standard. Free school feeding is meaningless if it is sub standard. National health is meaningless if it is sub standard. I am advocating world class qualitative standards not a black African standard for which basic or mundane performance of national duty is falsely deemed an achievement. I am Protesting the single obvious failing of the Kufuor administration., upsurge in perception and reality of corruption, moral degradation and lack of visionary leadership. This is not the progress that was envisioned for Ghana by my father. These are developmental hazards. When President JAK intoned Zero tolerance for corruption he did not tell the truth. Office of accountability is a sham otherwise he would have held Francis Poku accountable and not given him safe passage. Whistle blower act Procurement act freedom of information act are all not worth the paper they are written on unless we have the political commitment in truth, in freedom and in justice to implement them. This election is a nullity. Perhaps the electoral commission that also has some corrupt staff, just a Ghanaian thing should postpone the elections. No one should attempt to do a ‘Yendi’ on me. I am protected by the Holy Spirit. NDC says it is the NPP that killed and NPP says it is the NDC that killed to make it seem like it is the NDC. Whatever. We are a nation of killers. We have shed blood. WE do not know who really killed the women that former Pres JJ said were killed by NPP. We also do not know who killed at Yendi. WE know former Heads of state were killed by firing squad in the name of the nation. Ghana is embroiled in bloodshed. Ghana must atone for sin of bloodshed in true repentance for God’s salvation. I thank God for the test of fire. I have forgiven every one involved by God’s Grace. I am ready to do God’s work. What about you? I have already been through the valley of the shadow of death, so I DO NOT FEAR the oncoming POLITICAL EVIL from either side of politricks. I intend, God willing to hold a press conference in Kumasi and a prayer rally where I will outline a program for Manhyia/Ghana and also give details of the specifics of torture and pray for national revival for God to select our next leaders no matter how imperfect and bless and wash them in his blood to be great leaders of national transformation. I have devoted this initial launch to substantive matters of nationhood and national interest. I am truly sorry that this day has come. I have tried to cover this matter up for six year because of its potential for chaos. I am now living on my last reserves of energy buoyed up by God’s amazing grace and living power which I have experienced in a very personal way. I am however truly exhausted. I thank God for his amazing miracle for giving me this experience as a testimony . I sincerely believe that we can all change our non selfless ways as we continue our exciting journey of nation building. I am ready to serve Ghana and intone a call to action Will you join hands with me. Please understand that integral to this address is a national plea for sanity in national affairs.. In a different era the Kweku Baako’s, Haruna Atta’s and Ben Ephsons of this world would have risked going to jail under criminal libel to publish this conundrum while Under President JAK,s democracy? It is by not holding President JAK to appropriate scrutiny and accountability that he has been doomed. Finally I challenge the Crusading Guide, Accra Mail, the Statesman, Daily Graphic and Ghanaian times, Ben Ephson as well as a Peace Fm/affiliates to publish this statement in its entirety and GTV to provide full news coverage of it because I want to see democracy and free press at work in Ghana. I have ‘shot’ ideas at President Kufour and all the major political parties because according to Kofi Busia in a statement at the national Assembly on 10th December, 1970, ‘I personally believe that Ideas are more powerful than guns. This is why I will have some of my supporters at Manhyia in T-shirts advocating arms control. Perhaps the Committee for joint Action will lead my protest for Justice? How could President Kufour ground someone with my kind of intellect while appointing no brainers as ministers. This is just a rhetorical question. President Kufour should certainly remove the monstrous statue at 37 military circle that diminishes my father's stature and put former Nigerian President Obasanjo's statue there to complete the Obasanjo way. President Kufuor should also address the nation to answer all the issues I have raised and explain his actions and inactions in national security, as President he is commander in chief of the army and head of national security. On Election Day God Almighty wants all voters to look into the eyes of God which is encased in a star of hope that is watching them [my symbol] they should also know that the Holy Spirit lives in them and knows if they are voting the money they received. After voting everyone should be able to say ‘it is well with my soul’. The next election is about redeeming the soul of Ghana. God is doing a new thing in Ghana, because the men have abused their power and become the tail and not the head, God is going to use women in a very special way WITH THE SUPPORT OF GENUINE GODLY MEN. This is why with God’s help I intend to found and lead a new political party, a Revived Progress Party {RPP} for ALL God fearing People which is over 90% of Ghanaians. All regardless of current political color are invited. I must end absolutely by quoting and adopting a quote from Dr K A Busia in a letter he wrote on 29th December 1946 to Rev Whittle” God has not finished his work yet and I wonder which the next scenes in that miracle play will be and how it will end’ I believe that Kofi Busia has a gem of ideas that Ghana need to recover as we continue our search of democracy.. I thank you sincerely. Ghana Behold, the national black mailer. I am ready for crucifixion !.The Run Nana frema Busia run campaign seeks prayer, financial and logistical support from the Ghanaian Diaspora as well as local support. I am seeking pastors for prayer rally. Will announce mobile numbers for contribution to campaign and support to pay withheld salary. To pledge support or comment please send email to or Every woman anywhere in the world who has experienced sexual harassment regardless of age should contact me