Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mills works from Jubilee House for first time

President Mills is working from the Golden Jubilee House for the first time today.

He is receiving letters of credence from various diplomats assigned to Ghana.

This will be the president's first official use of the palace since assuming office ten months ago.

And it follows several criticisms that the edifice built at the cost of $80 million was being left to go waste.

Joy News' correspondent at the presidency, Steve Anti, says the president is likely to return to the Osu castle once the ceremonies to receive the diplomats are over.

Meanwhile, the president has indicated he wouldn't mind sharing the Golden Jubilee House with staff of the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

The presidency was reacting to suggestions that President Mills may never relocate to the new edifice after it was allocated, albeit temporary, to the Foreign Affairs Ministry whose official offices were gutted some three weeks ago.

Presidential spokesperson Mahama Ayariga explains that the residence is big enough to accommodate both the presidency and the ministry.

"The use of that wing [at the palace] does not disturb the future decision to use that facility. In fact the edifice is so huge that the ministry can operate from there even whilst the president is there. The fact of the minister being there does not in any way preclude the president moving in there as and when he deems it fit," Mr Ayariga said.

Mr. Ayariga also dismissed concerns that the number of people visiting the Foreign Ministry while it operates from the Jubilee House may pose a security threat to the presidency.

Joy News sources at the presidency suggest some aspects of the president's operation might soon be transferred into the Presidential Palace.

Source : myjoyonline.com

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