Wednesday, February 3, 2010

MP apologises for 'wild' sex allegation

MP for Evalue-Gwira, Catherine Afeku has apologized for wrongfully accusing a section of women of being sexual appendages on sports trips.

In an interview with Joy News’Sammy Darko on Wednesday, the embattled MP said her assertions were to help curtail the exploitation of women in the country.

Mrs Afeku on the floor of parliament Tuesday alleged that one of the criteria for selecting the women delegation to Angola to support the Black Stars in their game against Egypt was their ability to provide sex to their male counterparts.

The women were part of some 440 government sponsored supporters who went to Angola on Sunday to lend support to the the Black Stars.

Even though she was made to retract the allegations for failing to provide evidence, the Evalue-Gwira MP has been heavily criticized for what is said to be an unguarded comment.

She told Sammy Darko after siting today that her comments have been misconstrued.

“It was a platform to bring to the fore the issue of sexual exploitation. The Angola incident that was attached and made the focus of my statement is quite unfortunate and the apology for those who travelled on the trip is easily rendered. I have absolutely no qualms at all.”

She hinted that some women have in the past agreed to travel with high profile personalities based only on their ability to offer sexual favours, adding her comments were targeted at those women and not at those who made the Angolan trip.

“I got up to speak as a woman that young women who are intelligent, bright and can travel [must do so] on their own merit without giving any sexual favours,” she explained.

She intimated that the issue of sexual exploitation is a reality and the earlier the nation addressed it the better.


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