Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ga Mantse Caught

*.Asks Security Agencies To Disrespect Supreme Court *

*.But Ga Chief Say He Should Rather Be Blacklisted *

Days after launching a vile attack on President Mills and some of his advisors, labeling them as "standard seven boys," because he and some Ga chiefs feel unimportant to the president, the Ga Mantse has been caught setting a vicious trap which could stir up trouble in an already volatile environment.

The Herald has laid hands on a letter purportedly authored by the Ga Mantse, Nii Tachie Tawiah III, asking the security agencies to disrespect a Supreme Court ruling on the Gbese chieftaincy dispute, and give his man, Nii Tetteh Quaye II, protection to enable him celebrate the forthcoming Homowo festival.

This is in spite of a decision by the highest court of the land on April 27, this year, that Mr. Thomas Okine of Accra Hearts of Oak fame should occupy the Gbese palace as the lawful Gbese Mantse under the stool name Nii Ayi Bonte II. This was after a protracted legal battle between the Ga Mantse’s favourite, Nii Okaidja III and Mr. Thomas Okine.

But the Ga Mantse insists that although the Ga Traditional Council is aware of the decision by the Supreme Court on the occupation of the Gbese Palace, it has decided to set aside all contending parties in Gbese and place the performance of rites and ceremonies under the supervision of Ga Dzasetse, Nii Tetteh Quaye II, to prevent any public disturbance.

Nii Tackie Tawiah III in his letter dated May 10, 2010 attributed his call to disregard the Supreme Court decision to what he claimed are opinions expressed in the media on aspects of the matter thus sparking “grave uncertainty”, hence the Ga Traditional Council has resolved to take control of the Homowo celebration in order to minimize any incidental conflicts.

Nii Tachie Tawiah’s letter which was served on the Inspector General of Police (IGP), the Greater Accra Regional Minister, the Minister of Chieftaincy and Culture as well as all media houses demanded all security agencies to co-operate fully with the council on this decision.

When reached, the Gbese Mantse was utterly shocked at the letter especially when the Supreme Court has declared him the proper custodian of the Gbese Mantse Palace, and described the Ga Mantse, known in private life as Dr. Jo Blankson, as a fraudster and a lawless person.

In an interview yesterday in his pharmaceutical office near the Rawlings Park in Accra, Nii Ayi-Bonte, threatened to drag the Ga Mantse to the Supreme Court on contempt charges for what he called “his blatant disregard for the highest court”.

According to him, the Gas currently have no king and “whoever is claiming to be the king of the Gas is a fraud” and must not be entertained by the public especially the security agencies. Present at the interview was Nii Bi Ayi-Bontey, former Member of Parliament for Odododiodioo and one other person.

Brandishing, a copy of the Supreme Court judgment, Nii Ayi Bonte, told The Herald that he has been given the authority to perform the necessary traditional rites and ceremonies towards the celebration of the Homowo, and he has since taken over the palace and performed some of the rites.

He warned the security agencies not to offer any form of protection sought by Dr. Blankson to celebrate the annual Homowo festival, adding “when the Supreme Court gives a ruling even the president must obey. He is a trouble maker and the security agencies must watch him”.

The Gbese Mantse maintained that Dr. Blankson was not customarily nominated, elected and installed as Ga Mantse and even the Abola Kpiam Royal Family which he claims he hails from, has disowned him, therefore, he is not recognized and must henceforth desist from holding himself out as Ga Mantse.

Another person who identified himself as the Ga Dzasetse, in a separate interview, asked that the Ga Mantse who prefers to be called Dr. Jo Blankson, must be ignored.

Nii Yartey Otoga, described Dr. Jo Blankson as a provocative person who the security agencies must keep on their radar else he would cause trouble.

He advised Dr. Jo Blankson to deal with all the numerous cases filed against him before the Greater Accra House of Chiefs by all the royal families; Nii Amugi We, Teiko Tsru We, Tachie Kommey We and the Abola Kpiam We and get himself gazetted before holding claim to Ga Stool.

Both The Gbese Mantse and Ga Dzasetse denied knowing who Nii Tetteh Quaye II is, and his connection to Ga Mantse?

Meanwhile, documents obtained from the Supreme Court by this paper revealed that the court has by majority decision ruled in favour of Mr. Okine to take control of the Gbese Mantse’s Palace in Accra.

The Supreme Court judges who sat on the case include Justice Sophia Akuffo, Justice Mrs. S.O.A. Adinyira, Justice Sule Gbadebge, Justice Mrs. V. Akoto-Bamfo with Justice William Atuguba, the Deputy Chief Justice presiding.

Nii TackieTawiah III whose status as Ga Mantse has consistently been challenged recently openly criticized President Mills for ignoring him and other Ga chiefs by refusing to invite them to state functions since he took office in 2009. But government insists Nii Tackie Tawiah II must first be gazetted before he will be officially recognized.

However, the Ga Mantse insists it was time President Mills discards the notion that he (the GaMantse), was installed by the NPP government; therefore his administration will never be associated with him. He accused the Mills' administration of deliberately sidelining him and sought to remind the president that Ga chiefs are not fools to be sitting in Accra and not be invited to state functions.

"The President of the Republic of Ghana is so fully persuaded that the NPP had installed the Ga Mantse, the least he can do is provide evidential proof. He must be able to tell us how this manifested. He more than anybody else knows that this is impossibility. Additionally, we're not fools sitting in Accra, because the President cannot proceed on the basis he is doing," he averred.

A visibly angry and highly agitated NiiTackieTawiah opened up to what he perceives as injustices being perpetuated by the Mills' administration against the Ga State during an exclusive press briefing held after a durbar of chiefs at the GaMantse's palace recently.

By Larry-Alans Dogbey

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