Saturday, July 28, 2012

“Release Dr. Janneh” – Amnesty International tells Gambia President

Amnesty International, an organization against human rights violation in Ghana have called for the immediate release of the former minister of Information and Communication in the Gambian government, Dr. Amadou Scattred Janneh who is serving life imprisonment for printing and distributing of hundred T-Shirts in the Gambia.

Dr. Janneh was charged with treason and sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour at the special criminal court in Banjul after he was nabbed in his office on June 7,2011 for being in possession of T-Shirts made by the NGO’s ‘coalition for change- the Gambia’ (CCG).
The T-Shirts at his disposal were witnessed to have been featured the slogan “End to dictatorship now” and that thrived the situation to caused his arrest.

In the nefarious nature of the above Amnesty international considers Dr. Janneh is a prisoner of conscience and is a symbol the frightening human rights situation that exist in the Gambia this day.
“He must be released immediately and unconditionally. Gambia must stop such acts of persecution and allow criticism to be heard in the country”, the angry amnesty international barks at the Gambia government.

Meanwhile, Amnesty International that seems to promote human rights protection have for the past three years raised concerns on human rights regarding The Gambia worldwide ‘Gambia Day of Action’

According to the organization, Gambia Day of Action follows Gambia president Yahya Jammeh’s ‘Freedom Day’ on July 22 he uses to commemorate the day he took power in military coup in 1994.
They hinted that, “The Gambia must stop making a mockery of its international and regional human rights obligations and ensure the human rights of all people in the country are respected”.

Amnesty International noted that after president Yahya grabbed power through coup’detat, the citizens have been subjected to unlawful arrest, torture, unfair trials, rape among others.
Unlawful killings and arrest dominates activities of the day in the Gambia when one flouts the law after the indigenes have been entangled with limitations to freedom of expression and assembly.

This wicked conduct on the part of the Gambian government have impeded journalists in discharging their duties to the required standard, Members of the opposition are harassed, threatened and arbitrary arrested or killed.

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