Thursday, May 28, 2009

Aqua Vitens Threading On Dangerous Gounds

The management of Aqua Vitens Rand Ltd is threading on dangerous grounds with their tactics of intimidation of workers and violation of the contract they signed with the government of Ghana.Following demands by workers for a review of the management contract and conditions of service, a deliberate attempt is being by some management staff to victimize their subordinates.Leading the onslaught is one Ing. Matthew Adombire, General Manager, Operations. Mr. Adombiri, who is alleged to be interested in the position of Managing Director of Ghana Water Company Ltd. He has written a letter to the top hierarchy of the organization, recommending the demotion of and transfer of one Mr. Samuel Kwodwo Yeboah for gross insubordination.His offence is that he defied the orders of Mr. Adombire to deny students of the University of Ghana water supply on March 19 this year, the day President Mills was to visit the university for their congregation. The order follows an impasse between some students and workers of the Ghana Water Company Ltd.Mr. Adombire was alleged to have Mr. Yeboah to deny the school water to show them where power lies; however, the latter did otherwise, fearing the consequent embarrassment the President would have gone through in the face of a planned demonstration by the students on such a day.Mr. Adombire, angered by the ‘positive defiance,’ wrote a letter to him asking him gives reasons for which disciplinary action should not be taken against him. Not satisfied by the explanation, Mr. Adombiri has written another letter to Management, recommending his demotion and transfer to the Nawuni Intake, which according to him, “is smaller for a second chance to develop him” for failing to add an iota of knowledge for his own development.Meanwhile, the Management of Aqua Vitens Rand Ltd., is coming under serious pressure from the workers over a 30% over-board increase in salary for all workers. Their concern is that, it would benefit those who are already enjoying an “unjustified” salary adjustment of about 150%.They are calling for a review of such adjustments to ensure fairness and to boost the morale of the junior workers who are working under very dangerous conditions. Some of them work in rodent and snake-infested areas. Stay tuned for more.
Source:Democrat (Solomon Davids)

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