Thursday, May 28, 2009

Monkeys in Boabeng-Fiema sanctuary multiply

A five-member delegation of the Boabeng-Fiema monkey sanctuary management board has toured the nine fringe communities to educate the people against practices that would affect the development of the sanctuary.The delegation, led by Mr. Edward Opoku, chairman of the board, included Mr. Kwabena Kyeremeh, board secretary and Mr. Anthony Dassah, wildfire division officer.Addressing the people at Fiema, Senya and Konkrompe at separate fora, Mr. Opoku cautioned the youth against group hunting, which he said affected the comfort of the animals. He warned the people against bushfires and advised farmers who wanted to prepare their farm lands to engage the services of local fire volunteers.Mr Opoku reminded the people about the bye-laws against chainsaw operation and reiterated that culprits would be made to face the full rigours of the law.Mr. Adu-Darko appealed to unit committees and traditional authorities to join in the education campaign by monitoring the activities of the people. He said the sanctuary is a viable economic project in the area and urged the people to protect it. Mr. Kyeremeh who is also assemblyman for Bonte-Bomini commended the chief of Boabeng, Nana Okofo Tabiri Adjei, for mobilizing the youth to fill potholes on the feeder road from the community to the sanctuary's guest house.Officials said monkeys in the Boabeng-Fiema sanctuary have multiplied and entered other communities like Busunya, Akruda number one, Akrudwa number two, Bonte, Bomiri, Senya and Konkrompe.

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