Sunday, June 7, 2009

Archbishop who shot at court premises to open defence

Two witnesses have testified before a Tarkwa Circuit Court, in a case involving the 63- year- old Founder of the Christ Imitation Church at Asankragwa, Archbishop Kofi Atobrah Boadu who is charged for firing shots at the court premises. The plea for bail by Archbishop Boadu was not granted. He would however open his defence on Monday, June 8.The two witnesses were the Prosecutor of the Asankragwa Magistrate court, Chief Inspector Vincent Bebli and Detective Sergeant William Dafeamekpor of the Tarkwa Divisional Police Station. Sergeant Dafeamekpor told the court, presided over by Justice Samuel Obeng Diawuo that on the day of the incidence, he was on duty when the accused person was arrested and was being interrogated. He said the accused person told the police that he went to the court premises to ask the magistrate to settle a case involving him amicably.Sergeant Dafeamekpor said the accused person was later asked by his outfit to surrender a weapon he was wielding including the necessary document, which he did. He said the document had record of a registered revolver, which the accused failed to surrender.Four witnesses have initially testified before the court. They include the Magistrate of Asankragwa District Court, Justice John Evans Ocran, the Bailiff, Paul Anin, the Registrar, Richard Klu and the Assistant Registrar, Kwaku Eshun. The four witnesses, who testified against the accused were unanimous that the accused came to the court raging with anger and started insulting the Magistrate saying: "where is that foolish man, that foolish Magistrate who passes foolish judgment in this court." They said attempt by personnel of the court to calm him down proved futile.The accused left the premises and returned threatening: "I'm prepared to kill and kill myself." The witnesses said when the Magistrate arrived at the court premises the accused person, who had parked his vehicle close to him, got out and started insulting him. Archbishop Boadu subsequently pulled out a gun and shot, after the Magistrate had gone to his office, but no pellet came out. He went back into his vehicle and came out with another pistol and fired a shot at the court building at a distance of about eight metres.

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