Monday, June 15, 2009

Ocquaye denies milking state coffers

Ghana’s former High Commissioner to India and MP for Dome Kwabenya, Professor Mike Ocquaye has denied reports that ten months after being recalled from India as Ghana’s High Commissioner, he continued to draw salaries of nearly seven thousand dollars every month.An audit report on Ghana’s Mission in India had stated that in addition to collecting his full salary and Foreign Service Allowance till 31st December, 2004, Prof Mike Ocquaye continued to collect same salaries and allowances till October 2005 when he was not the High Commissioner to India.The Audit Report observed that the anomaly occurred because Prof Mike Ocquaye insisted he was also the Head of Ghana Mission in New Delhi.The auditors find the position untenable and recommended that he should be made to refund over sixty nine thousand dollars to the State.Prof Mike Ocquaye however in an interview with Citi News said the facts are twisted.He categorically denied ever drawing any money from Ghana while working in India.“I did not draw any salary in Ghana during that period so the matter of double pay does not come in. I did not draw salary as MP or as Minister.I had a lot of work to do in India; I had not lost post, there is a formal way in which an ambassador leaves post…In fact during this period, 6th March, 2005, I was in India taking salute for Ghana.”Prof Mike Ocquaye further explained that even after his removal as Ambassador he remained in India and continued working in the interest of Ghana.He said he was instrumental in securing a number of facilities for Ghana.However at some point during the process, the Auditor at the Ghana Mission raised a query that he should not be paid from India although he continued working in other capacities in India.

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