Saturday, June 27, 2009

Obama's visit to boost economic growth- Minister

The Minister of Information, Mrs Zita Okaikoi on Friday called on Ghanaians, especially residents of Cape Coast to do away with their differences and unite for the visit of the US President, Barrack Obama.
She reiterated that Ghana is privileged to have the first Black-American President visiting, stressing that the event would have a long term impact on the country and the region in particular. Mrs Okaikoi made the call, when she visited Cape Coast to ascertain preparations for the visit of the President, slated for July.
She said the visit of the US President, would go a long way to boost the tourism industry and the economy in general, adding that Mr Obama is expected to make a major policy statement on Africa. Mrs Okaikoi asked players in the tourist industry to endeavour to improve upon their services to attract more tourists and investors to the country, adding "we cannot compromise on quality."
She called on the people to keep their surroundings clean. Mrs Okaikoi said a number of committees were in place to prepare for the visit.The minister also visited the various media houses in Cape Coast including the Ghana News Agency (GNA), Information Services Department, Daily Graphic, Ghanaian Times, Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, Yes FM, and Coastal Television, a community television station.She commended staff of the GNA for their hard work, despite working with obsolete equipment and poor working conditions.Mrs Okaikoi expressed concern that the agency, which is supposed to feed other media houses with news items, had only one computer and currently had to depend on other organisations to have their news transmitted to Accra.At Radio Central, a GBC FM station, the minister, urged the staff to work hard and be dedicated to their duties, adding that government is doing everything possible to provide the state-owned media with their needs to enable them to give of their best.She said for instance, before the end of the year, GBC Head office would be provided with the latest news studio to boost its news coverage, which would be duplicated in the regions. Mrs Okaikoi said GBC was sitting on a "gold mine" and urged the management to make use of the facilities available and endeavour "to do away with waste and corrupt practices".She urged the media house to intensify public education on the visit of President Obama.

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