Monday, June 15, 2009

Prostate cancer is the next killer after lung cancer in men-Mr.Sekley

A Biomedical Scientist and Chief Executive Officer of G2 Medical Laboratory Mr Gershon Sena Sekley,last weekend disclosed that prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death among men after lung cancer.He said statistics indicate that 5% of men who are 50 years and aboveare at risk getting prostate cancer, whilst 10% of men at the age 40 and above with family history of the disease are likely to contract it.Mr Sekley said this at the launch of Prostate Cancer Awareness month and fund in Accra.The lecture was under the theme "A Healthy Happy Father, A Healthy Happy Family and A Healthy Happy Nation." He said the disease was really dangerous and needed an urgent public awareness education.The disease can cause emotional, physical and psychological effect on human coupled with it high cost of treatment. The Biomedical Scientist said the disease could be controlled if men who fell within the vulnerable age group exposed themselves to regular check-ups for early detection of symptoms for treatment.Mr Sekley said the medical laboratory would use the world celebration of Fathers' Day, on June 21, to create awareness on prostate cancer. He finally advice the public not relate superstitious beliefs to the disease.
BY:Michael Amedor

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