Monday, June 22, 2009


Private Waste management giant in Ghana Zoom lion will start the Nationwide Mosquito Control Program (NAMCOP) in all ten regions of Ghana after its formal launch last week. The program will first begin with a survey in various communities to identify the potential breeding sites, collection of base line information for monitoring and evaluation purposes, community sensitization about the exercise and clearing of bushes, desilting of drains coupled with spraying of the potential breeding sites. This was disclosed by the National Coordinator of the Nationwide Mosquito Control Program (NAMCOP) Alhaji Issah Mohammed at the launch of the Nationwide Mosquito Control Program last week at Koforidua in the eastern region. The launch was under the theme “Getting raid of mosquito =Getting rid of malaria.”He said the main objective of the program is to control mosquitoes in a scientifically sound way so as to prevent the mosquito transmitted diseases such as filariasis also known as elephantiasis, yellow feve,viral hemorrhagic fevers and malaria. “Through this program we shall be controlling the mosquito population, the biting nuisance that they create in our homes, hotels and other places where they hamper our daily outdoor activities”. Alhaji Mohammed further stated that, his outfit Zoomlion has acquired thousands of spraying machines, motor bikes and other related equipment for the NAMCOP program and most importantly fogger machines that uses fogging technology to spray over wider and beyond areas like river surfaces. Five thousand people is expected to gain employment from the program and the spraying will also be limited to outdoor areas only but also to indoor residual spraying.
Zoom lion had also constituted a technical advisory committee made-up of private individuals and experts from the various fields connected with the mosquito control from reputable institutions to advice on the planning, execution and monitoring of all aspects of the program as it is our policy to get experts involved in all our activities and projects he added. “ We also plan to liaise the Ministry of Information and the Ministry of Education to extend the information and education on this program to the school children and general public “.“Let’s keep Ghana clean and bring the mosquito menace under control and roll malaria away.” He finally urged the public to cooperate with the workers to keep Ghana clean and bring the mosquito menace under control and roll malaria away. The Eastern regional minister Samuel Ofosu-Ampofosaid said he was optimistic that the fight against malaria in the country will yield positive results since Government spend shuge sums of money annually on malaria treatment and prevention. It is crucial that stakeholders through out the country put their hands on deck to ensure the success of this program which seek to find a lasting solution to this endemic disease. He congratulated zoom lion for their giant steps and welcomes greatly the idea of private –government partnership of this kind.
BY: Michael Father Amedor.

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