Friday, July 31, 2009

Vodafone Ghana to lay-off 950 employees under business transformation update

Vodafone Ghana, is poised in laying off 950 employees under its new business transformation update under a compulsory redundancy by end of November 2009.This will allow a new organisation take effective by 1st December this year to deliver enhanced value for customers and ensure commercial success in the competitive telecommunication market.This was disclosed to the press today at the company's headquarters based in Accra by Mr.Isaac Abraham,the chief manager of the corporate communication department of Vodafone Ghana.
" We have already developed a negotiation within a collective bargaining agreement with other senior staff terms and conditions of service for compulsory redundancy,which is three months basic salary for each year of service.This exercise will be done in a fair manner and with stated alignments."

He further stated that, the labour office,Senior Staff Association and communication workers union was yersterday notified of the the restructure.The company have also offered two voluntary exist program this year.The second one,at the request of the union was restricted to non unionised employees and they will be dealt wih accordingly.

Abraham said his outfit will offer full transition support in the form of entrepreneurship training,investment advice,counselling and preparation for life after Vodafone Ghana all affected employees.

Source:Ghanaian Reactor Online/Michael Amedor

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