Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Woman threatens suit against Tigo over leaked info

Millicom Ghana, operators of Tigo could soon be in the dock for allegedly releasing confidential information about a subscriber.A married woman, name withheld, accused the network operator of providing her ‘jealous’ husband with details of her call records.In an interview with Joy News’ Israel Laryea on Tuesday, the troubled woman admitted having challenges with her marriage.“We are really having a tough time in this marriage, but I’m trying to hold on because it's said once you are in, getting out is not easy."She claimed the husband did not trust her and was always stalking and monitoring her phone records.She then put a security code on her phone to prevent further inquisition by her husband.She was however surprised when the husband produced a detailed account of all calls she had made, the duration of those calls and and text messages she sent.Upon further investigation she found a white envelope with the inscription ‘Tigo’ containing all the details of the calls.Such details are hardly released to individuals unless it is demanded by the police for purposes of criminal investigations."I don't have any bad intention against him (husband) but he does, and going to Tigo for my call records, I really don't understand it," she lamented.She produced evidence of the breach of trust and ethics by the cellular network company when she walked into the studios of Joy FM. She has threatened to sue Tigo over the matter, but will first have to mobilise funds to hire the services of a good lawyer.Officials of TIGO are unsure how the call records may have been released but say it will be almost impossible as access to that kind of information is highly restricted. They said even though the network can verify which official may have accessed the records, that kind of information becomes unavailable after 90 days.
By Nathan Gadugah/

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