Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Devtraco Limited Unveils New Corporate Identity

Press Release
Leading Ghanaian real estate developer, Devtraco Limited today formally unveiled a new corporate logo as part of their brand awareness strategy. The company has also formally launched its new website to further signify the company's evolution to a market-driving customer oriented residential property solutions platform.With the launch of its new corporate logo and website, Devtraco aims to equally simplify and unify the look and feel of its brand and better communicate important characteristics and value to consumers.In a statement issued by the Head of Corporate Affairs & Marketing, Mrs. Gloria Buckman Yankson, she stated: "Devtraco Limited has been driving a fundamental shift in its approach to the Ghanaian real estate market that began with our company restructuring. A logo is an important part of any company's identity and at Devtraco we feel it is time to think more about our brand identity. We hope that our customers like our new logo. It's our hope that the name Devtraco, along with our new logo will become synonymous with one key market segment focus: providing well-designed but affordable and secure community living."The company announced that the new brand identity combines the essence of both what they do and their enhanced service delivery promise, building on Devtraco's successful history, yet also signaling the new direction the company is headed today.Mrs. Yankson added: "We intend to grow the value of our brand as we evolve the company. This evolution will allow Devtraco to be better recognized for our contribution to the real estate industry in Ghana, establish a stronger emotional connection with our clients, and strengthen our overall position in the marketplace."To see Devtraco's new website visit www.devtraco.com.gh

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