Friday, July 31, 2009


STARTRITE Montessori school based at New Bortianor off Weija-Kasoa road has held its first ever graduation ceremony .The graduation held last week within the school premises was dubbed “Quality education and national development.”The guest speaker for the graduation, Dr.George Owusu said the school s theme for the graduation “Quality education and national development” was appropriate as virtually every country in Sub-Saharan Africa including Ghana has identified improved quality education as the national highest priority. In this dimension, the key determinant of quality education is the critical role of teachers because studies revealed that, positive attitudes among teachers are critical given evidence that teaching performance is perhaps the main driver of student learning. Teacher’s motivation is important for promoting school reform and quality education. “Teachers actions need to be self-motivated, resulting from their acceptance of and identification with the values and objectives of practices and regulations in school”.He further stressed that, even though teachers’ salary is important, teacher policy needs to address a lot more than salaries. Teachers should place more emphasis on quality of their relations with students and colleagues.Dr.Owusu commended the school efforts to invite experienced teachers and volunteers from Europe and North America to assist them in terms of teaching and learning. He said that was an opportunity to open the school and students to the world beyond Ghana.The Director of Startrite Montessori School, Dr. Peter Quartey said the school through its tireless efforts made various achievement such as improvement in the number of school buses to three which have made transporting of students easy to school early to start learning, improvement in academic works due to great forbearance of dedicated teachers coupled with moderate fees compared to other schools with comparable facilities and the development of the school’s new site which will be ready in September for pre-school children to enable them enjoy ultra modern facilities to aid them learn more effectively.Dr.Quartey added that, the prospects of the school included continuous strive for excellence, registration of school to junior high school and senior high levels and also giving parents the option to choose between GES and the UK GSCE system of education, improvement of school library to ultra modern status and having links with collaborators among others.The Director challenged parents to get their kids ready in time to minimize lateness and also appealed to government to develop roads with in the area because it’s been a great challenge to the school especially during raining season such as this.Hard working staff members were awarded for their tireless efforts.
Source: Ghanaian Reactor Online/Michael Amedor

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