Monday, July 6, 2009

African Refiners Association and heads of laboratories meets in Accra.

The African Refiners Association and heads of laboratories have met in Accra to discus the important role of maintaining consistently high stands of petroleum products on our market. The two day meeting was a follow-up of a pervious one held in Dakar Senegal for laboratory-professionals in quality Assurance in refineries where issues discussed includes methodology,quality,saftety and security among others in laboratory. Speaking at the opening of the meeting last week in Accra, the Deputy Minister of Energy Dr.Kwabena Donkor said governments great concerns was in the areas of renewable energy sources in the country’s energy mix. “What prevent us as Africans to explore the bio-fuels as the advanced countries have done”. “Let us focus our attention on bio-fuels which have great potentials to provide employment in our communities and reduce our dependence on the conventional fuels.”
Mr.Donkor further stated that, issues of adulteration, contamination are losses of revenue to the state through these practices are the challenges that confront the country. Therefore there is the need for a new breed of professional as Africa strives to improve fuel quality to its people.
He urged them to use quality approaches with an open mind and dedication, success would be possible regarding the management improvement process as quality control laboratories are the heart of a refinery’s operations.
Source:Ghanaian reactor Online

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