Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fisheries association reminds government

of all inclusive policy
The Sekondi branch of the Ghana Inshore Fisheries Association has reminded the government of its promise to include the association and other stakeholders in the formulation of all laws and regulations guarding the operations of the sector. It expressed concern that the association was not consulted in the preparation of a bill to regulate the activities of fishermen, which would soon be presented to Parliament.Mr Francis Eshun, Chairman of the branch and Opanyin Yena 2004 Best National Fisherman made this known to the Ghana News Agency after a general meeting of the association in Sekondi. They called for a review of the ban on the use of generators and aggregated lights in fishing, saying, the use of generators in particular ensures the safety of fisherman on the high seas. The generators are used to recharge the batteries of fishing vessels in case of engine failure.On the use of lights in fishing Mr Eshun and Opanyin Yena explained that due to global warming, fish stocks prefer to live at the bottom of the sea and could be attracted to the surface only by light. They said the use of aggregated lights should be allowed only between April and November when the sea becomes warmer. Mr Eshun and Opanyin Yena called for the inauguration of the Fisheries Commission.They disclosed that pair trawling is active among fishermen between Cape Coast and Half-Assini despite the ban and called for more drastic measures to check the activity.Nii Botchway, Secretary of the association said members had provided two fishing vessels to the Marine Research Institute to facilitate their work.

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