Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fun Galore at Cartoon Network Kids Festival

It was a hidden fun basket let open at the Aviation Social Centre over the weekend as several children from many parts of Accra and its environs gathered and mingled with one another and competed in teams named after their favourite cartoon characters such as Batman, Ben 10, Bunny, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Tom and Jerry and many more.
It was such a delight to see the children playing, laughing and learning at the same time. This was a sight that certainly sent one reminiscing about his childhood and all the fun associated with it. The day was also an opportunity for many of the children to get to network and make new friends. The children took part in activities such as athletics, tug of war, lime and spoon racing, basketball, bouncy castles, Indomie sponsored eating competition and so many more. Young and pretty Ruth Tetteh from the St. Benedict School, Dansoman, emerged winner of the tough musical chairs competition, beating 14 other contestants. “I always want to win, no matter how tough the competition. I’m very happy to be the winner” Ruth said, all smiles.
The adults also participated in the fun activities as they cheered their children to victory in the various competitions. Some of them were also lucky enough to catch up with old friends and colleagues. These adults had so much to talk about as they shared among themselves the challenges in their individual lives and the feats they have chopped in their diverse endeavours. Certainly and more importantly, as the adults watched their wards continue to have quality fun, they shared among themselves also the challenges of raising their kids, the new ways of good parenting and practical ways of dealing with today’s children.
There were also corporate groups such KLP (publishers of children’s books), GT Bank as well as Ghana Commercial Bank who seized the opportunity to tell parents about the GCB KidiStar (Kids Account). They advised all parents to invest in their children’s future by taking advantage of the stimulating and rewarding GCB package to give their children a financial head start.
There were lots of good food and music as they children fraternized and competed healthily through interesting games and other playing activities. The winners from the various activities were also presented with prizes from Tigo, Indomie, GCB and Global Media Alliance. YFM’s Hasira, the MC for the day gave the children and their parents a really nice experience with very interesting tales and activities.
This is the third festival organized yearly by Global Media Alliance with support from Cartoon Network. The Cartoon Network Kids Festival is a platform that offers a relaxing atmosphere for children to spend quality time together, learn through healthy competitions and shape their learning abilities. The fair also provides an avenue for children to acquire team building skills, unearth hidden talents while offering parents the opportunity to network and share parenting experiences.
The Cartoon Network Kids Festival organized every July is also an opportunity for Ghanaians and foreigners to commemorate and celebrate the Republic Day of Ghana in a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere. This year’s event was sponsored by Rabina InflatableFun, Coca-Cola, Indomie noodles, Fanmilk, SilverBird, Y FM and TV Africa.
Source:Global Media Alliance

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