Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The veteran Writer and Director of Flamboyant films located within the Tema metropolis on Monday re-launched his movie titled ‘HIS MAJESTY’S SERGEANT’ which took place in Burma in 1944. At the launch in Accra, the writer and director called on Government to reposition the movie industry to regain its past glory and most importantly have the potentials of contributing effectively towards the country in terms of resources. Giving some synopsis of his movie ‘HIS MAJESTY’S SERGEANT’ he said “The year is 1944. The Battle of World War II, in all theatres-the Pacific, South-east Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean- are at their fiercest. In the jungle Burma Battle-hardened West Africa soldiers are locked up in uncompromising racially-tinged battle, with the invincible forces of imperial Japan, intoxicated with the determination to overrun South-East Asia.
Of all the nationalities in the camp of the allies. It is those from colonies, who find themselves in a psychological fix, as they find themselves fighting in a war, to defend the freedom of their colonial maters.
It is this situation that Jafa, an Africa sergeant, finds himself in a cave with Singh an Indian Corporal and Jake, a British private. Before they can settle, Jake starts to assert his assumed racial superiority.
‘I am a sergeant in the armed forces of his majesty the king’
‘I have never even shaken hands with a black in all my life. And so stop dreaming.
After a brutal punch-to-kill fight, Jake takes leave of them to avoid what he deems a racial humiliation. On his way to only god knows where, he finds himself in an enemy trap. Jafa saves him. Forced to return to the cave, his odium for Jafa does not ebb.
They beat off attack upon attack from the enemy. All this time, Jake who has heard of African juju, which some Africans carry to their bodies to repel bullets, tries to find out whether, or not, Jafa has one
Singh on watch outside runs in to inform them that an overwhelming attack threatens and darts back. As jafa, his mind in turmoil, tries to find a way out of the sticky situation. Jake disarms him and starts taunting him, his gun trained on him menacingly. From outside, fierce shooting sound fills the cave. A strident sound of a gun report shakes the cave. It turns out to be Singh’s gun. He runs in and disarms Jake.
Jafa and Singh organize themselves to leave the cave, Jake refuses to go. Jafa starts to use force to get him out with them. A struggle ensues. A bullet from outside hits Jake’s right arm. He does not release his grip on Jake’s body. A second bullet slams the side of Jake’s body, hurling him to the floor.
A small group of allied soldiers enter the cave. Before Jafa follows Singh and others out, he kneels down near Jake’s body and with fingers trembling uncontrollably, slides into place, his eye lids, which are open in death.”
Mr.Yanney also call on all film and cinema companies around the world to help in showcasing this hilarious and taught provoking movie “ HIS MAJESTY’S SERGEANT” to all persons around the globe.
BY: Michael Amedor

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