Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Lift Your Game" TV show launched.

Awesome Ventures Limited (AVL), producers of the popular TV3 "Masem" show has formally launched “Lift Your Game” TV show, in Accra, which is aimed at sharpening the entrepreneurial skills and creating jobs and wealth for Ghanaians. “Lift Your Game” show is a 13-week TV programme supported by MTN Ghana limited with partners such as Private Enterprise Foundation (PEF) and Business Development Services (BDS) Fund. Participants of the show would be expected to showcase the best of Ghanaian entrepreneurial talents to a wider audience including a 3-week enterprise growth training workshop. Speaking at the launch on Monday at the Fiesta Royal hotel, the Minister of Trade and Industry Ms Hannah Tetteh stated emphatically that the new TV program will help the youth learn from the experiences of participants in the show so as to establish and grow their own businesses from a small beginning to a bigger ending. “The youths must learn from the many famous successful individuals who had made it in life through hard work, discipline and modesty.” She advised the youth and business men to learn a lot from the show to make-up their lifes because government can not give employment to all.
Ms Tetteh disclosed government’s steps to restructure the National Board for Small-Scale Business Industries, to inject efficiency in the operations of corporate entity to further assist entrepreneurs grow their businesses.
Giving further synopsis of the show, Mr. Leslie Boafo, the Training Manager of Awesome Ventures Limited (AVL), said a grand seminar would be held for some 500 selected participants who have been in business for at least a year, after which they would be asked to produce an attractive business plan for sponsorship. 30 participants would then be selected based on the merit of the proposal and would then receive 3 weeks training workshop after which 15 finalists would be selected for the reality show. “The 15 participants would be selected by a panel of entrepreneurs on the basis of proposals submitted at the end of the 3 week training workshop and presented with cash and other prizes". He expressed the hope that the show would inspire at least 50,000 Ghanaians to learn how to start and grow their own businesses through best practices.Mr. Torgbor Mensah, Chairman of the Argon Group, a private Ghanaian business group, said the country was blessed with dedicated and hardworking citizens but they lacked prudent business direction to enable them to create wealth. “Lets all make good use of this opportunity Masem is providing us.”
BY:Michael Amedor

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