Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NPP Guru Blasts Alan & Nana Boys

Says they have nothing to offer elephant to capture power
The Subin constituency chairman of the NPP Alhaji Abdul Baba has noted that the struggle by the party to recapture power in 2012 would be an elusive dream if the perceived factionalism that exists among the supporters of stalwarts Alan Kyeremateng and Nana Akufo Addo is not promptly addressed.Alhaji Baba noted that, the perceived factionalism in the camp of the two stalwarts of the Party is a potential threat to their efforts to wrestle power from the NDC come 2012.The Subin Constituency Chairman said this during an interview with THE SUN at the weekend and stressed that, most Ghanaians are already fed up to the back teeth with the economic hardships they have experienced for the past eight months of the Prof. JEA Mills administration. According to him, they were therefore longing for the return of the NPP and as a result the Party needs unity to marshal all arsenals to wrestle power from the ruling government. He noted that the way some supporters of the two leading members of the party were behaving ever since the party went into opposition has made him believe that they have nothing at stake to offer the party to win power. The constituency chairman prayed that the supporters of the party, particularly those belonging to the two camps will bury their selfish aims and seek means of propagating the agenda of the party, instead of individuals.'We need to work in oneness to enable us to achieve the feat of dethroning the NDC because, the NPP has good policies for Ghanaians than any other political party,' he said.Alhaji Baba lauded the MP for his constituency Hon. Isaac Osei for his selfless efforts to make the constituency one of the best in terms of educational infrastructure.He said the MP has through his own resources purchased street lights for the installation in some sensitive areas in the constituency to strengthen security.Alhaji Baba was happy that, Hon. Osei is the only MP within the Kumasi Metropolis who has initiated a public platform on quarterly basis known as 'Meet Your MP', to brief the constituents on what transpires in parliament.'I wish all MPS would emulate the good steps by Hon. Osei to enlighten their people on activities of parliament, for their constituents to be informed and understand the position of the party', he said.
Source:THE SUN

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