Monday, August 17, 2009

Dismissal Of NYEP District Co-Ordinators

The Nasara Youth Coalition (NYC) of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Zabzugu Tatale Constituency wishes to register its displeasure over the recent dismissal of the National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP) District Co ordinators of the Northern Region.It is quite shamefully pathetic that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) which sang the so-called ‘Better Ghana for all’ song during the electioneering campaign has started its nepotism and favoritism of marginalization of the ‘non-NDC Ghanaians’ for no justifiable reason. It is indeed a big blow to the NDCs so-called socialist credentials and a wanton betrayal of its 2008 manifesto that they have politicized every facet of the Ghanaian society.Were they not those who promised a better Ghana for all? Did they not promise to invest in people by creating jobs? Have they soon forgotten their pledge to put money in people’s pockets? What about the good professor’s pledge to be ‘a father of all Ghanaians’?The NDC has been in office for only eight months, yet the country is much more polarized and divided than ever before in Ghana’s history. It is with the greatest sense of shame to hear that the NDC Government has dismissed all the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Co-ordinators of the National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP) in the Northern Region whilst plans are in the offing to send away all the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Managers of the National Health Insurance Scheme as well as the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) District Officers.These Metropolitan, Municipal and District Co-ordinators of the NYEP were removed from office last week with the explanation that they were going to be re-assigned, the dismissed Co-ordinators were urged not to see that action as dismissal. In any case if the Programme was or is going to be restructured at all, why couldn’t the newly appointed Co-ordinators (NDC Youth Organizers) have waited for the restructuring to create avenues for their engagement? Are the dismissed Co-ordinators not Ghanaians? Must they suffer capricious dismissals because they are perceived to be sympathizers of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP)? There are no two Ghanas, there is no Ghana for NDC and another for NPP; we are all Ghanaians under the flamboyant constitution of our republic.Workers of the Non Formal Education Division (NFED) in the Zabzugu Tatale District and some other districts of the Northern Region are on suspension with their motor-bikes seized by their District Chief Executive (DCEs), simply because they are thought to be ‘non NDC Ghanaians’. Was this the caliber of change Ghanaians were promised? President Atta Mills must take control of the government; he must let his people understand that he was not made president through a coup d’├ętat.There is no denying the fact that the man who offered himself as a Saint in his quest for power has been grossly intoxicated and absolutely blinded by power; he has started showing visible signs of not being his own man and worst of it all, his people have gone wild by seizing toilets ,attacking and vandalizing offices among others. Crime is on the upsurge, economic activities are dwindling day by day, cost of living in Ghana is now sky rocketing whiles workers’ salaries can take them nowhere.The good people of Ghana will not forget so soon the ‘THE SYSTEM SPOIL’ advert that was being used by the NDC for cheap political capital. The system now is not only spoiled, but worst than ever, in the history of Ghana. The NDC Government should know that -170 +170=0.They should not forget that the good people of Ghana will not see them to be creating jobs if they dismiss 170 NYEP Co-ordinators(alleged to be anti-NDC) and give appointments to 170 new Co-ordinators(NDC Youth Organizers and Activists).Ghana is for all of us; if the New Patriotic Party was able to put in place the National Youth Employment Programme, the National Health Insurance Scheme, the Metro Mass Transit Company, and the School Feeding Programme among several other pro-poor policy interventions; why can’t the NDC Government also evolve programmes to create employment for the Ghanaian youth instead of dismissing people to create jobs for their boys.It is hypocrisy at its zenith for the good people of Ghana to always be misinformed and made to think that the NPP Government did absolutely nothing in their eight year reign when clear testimonies of the NPP acumen of indelible achievements as a government, are abound everywhere. President Mills should know that dismissing all public sector workers who are thought to be NPP sympathizers to please Jerry John Rawlings only makes his government unpopular and adds to the numerical potency of the NPP-giving the NPP the ideal impetus to easily come back to power in 2012.
Alhassan Mahama Ibrahim (P. Secretary) FOR: NYC General Secretary
Source:Ibrahim, Alhassan Mahama

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