Monday, August 17, 2009

Network of Muslim Youth Organizations in Ghana to mark International Youth Day

The Network of Muslim Youth Organizations in Ghana which is the umbrella Muslim youth bodies in Ghana is established to harmonize the objectives of Muslim Youth Organizations and to champion the cause of the youth.
As we celebrate the day of International Youth Day, the Youth Network writes to associate ourselves to the day and express our view on the challenges facing youth in Ghana particularly the Muslim youth.
As part of the celebration of the day, we wish to remind the stakeholders that issues that affect the youth affect the future of the nation, since there is every possible need as mandated by the constitution to build capacity for youth development. Employment of the youth is the key to youth development.
About the youth policy, it is ironic that Ghana is the only Commonwealth country that is yet to implement its National Youth Policy despite the fact that it has ractified many international treaties. We as the Youth Network is calling in the current Government to expedited action on the policy. We also edge the young people in the Government to see themselves, as youth representatives in the Government to ensure that the youth policy is formed as soon as possible.
The Network of Muslim Youth Organizations in Ghana express our displeasure about the attitude of some members of the ruling party who see HAJJ OPERATION as mining area where no accountability, transparency and best practice. We wish to assure Muslims all over that country that some of the members who mess up the previous ones but have not been persecuted when ten precious life’s were lost and billions of cedis cannot be accounted for are part of it again. We wish to assure the tax payer and the general public that the Muslim Youth will use all legal means to ensure that the Two Million Dollars the previous Gorvnment dished out to the organizers is retrieved.
We call on Government to do more to ensure that child labour, and the influx of young girls from the Northern is reduce if not curtail. “The most effective way of ensuring our country’s successful future is through the engagement and achievement of our youth. That future would be uncertain and unpredictable unless we act responsibly and with resolve to ensure that our young people are shaped by the right values and influence. Our policies must anchor and guide their personal, social spiritual and economic development.” This is the current Government’s manifest.
(National Coordinator)

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