Monday, December 8, 2008


Nana Kwakwu Bonsam a traditional Chief Priest was today hosted on TV3 on one of Ghana's local television network based in Accra. Nana Kwaku Bonsam who was questioned on knowing the winners of the just ended Presidential and Parliamentary Election by the host said "yes but was not ready to disclose it not on set or to anybody to prevent misderstanding among citizens to cause negative impact on the security of the state". He further added that a peacefully election that was reviled to him will still exit as he disclosed to journalists in a press conference before the elections at the press center in Accra. Various questions were asked by the host mainly on this years elections and trying to know how he came by the name Nana Kwaku Bonsam as local Ghanaian name. "Some of his services are ready to help in ; Be it spiritual guidance, business promotion, bareness, visa problems, marriage problems, want revenge, ?, etc...A lot of people have obtained help from me both locally and internationally. Evaluate your life. If there exist a problem, then email me".In his press conference before the elections he said his Gods sent message to his acclaimed targeted group in the country towards the forth coming elections that can jeopardize the peace in this country are; the politicians and media persons in Ghana. Kwaku Bonsam said his first sent message to politicians was that, some of them were planning to cause confusion during the 7th December elections. They plan to do this by using inflammatory languages against their opponents so as to generate an atmosphere of hatred which will be used as a platform to start unnecessary violence. He further claimed that the politicians in the country are use to telling lies about each other to also generate public hatred among them. Kwaku Bonsam also said the media been a powerful tool of the state and have a lot of influence on society which he fell a victim due to his inability to speak and write English will be convinced by some politicians to join them in spreading their fallacious statements. According to him, he saw journalists announcing fake results from polling stations and it resulted in a big controversy which shall turn bloody. He said he prayed over these problems and was directed to advise the groups. "AS for the politicians I have spoken to them in confidence .If they choose to ignore it that would not be my problem because I have played my role and they will face the punishment”. Kwaku Bonsam told the Journalists present that he sent to beg them not take sides or get passionate about anything on Election Day. “You can support whatever party you want but do it fairly."I do not intend teaching you your job but only telling you what I have seen; some statement from politicians should not be taken seriously as some of them might not bring peace”. He also pleaded with pastors to stop calling the pending election in favor of some political parties and also called on Ghanaians to leave peacefully among themselves in this election period. He said this year’s election will be a peaceful one and entreated all faith base organizations to keep praying as he is also doing. “I will not be surprise to hear people insulting me tomorrow after the media publication of this press conference”. His message was titled “Life is all about destiny, Discover your!!!”

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Kwaku bonsam get his juju from a pastor he always tell the truth here is the video Kwaku Bonsam Exposes Sakawa Pastor