Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Scandal: Deaf Men Hearing

Deaf Football Australia threatens Ghana with ban

The Deaf Football Australia has threatened to drag the Association of Sports for the Disabled of Ghana (ASBOD) to the International Sports Confederation for the Disabled (ISCD) for sanctions after allegations that Ghana sent hearing players to Australia for an international friendly.
The GNA Sports can confirm that Deaf Football Australia is also demanding USD 14,789.00 from Ghana, as refund which covered the cost of Ghana's contingent in Australia with deadline fixed for August 14, 2009.
A letter sent to the secretariat of ASBOD and signed by Brian Seymour, Secretary of Deaf Football Australia said "I'm writing to inform you that, Deaf Football Australia and its deaf community are very disappointed and disgusted with your organization sending hearing players to an international assignment".
The letter said "the invoice is for expenses for 39 persons who travelled to Australia."
Investigation conducted by the GNA Sports revealed that 25 hearing persons were sent Australia to represent Ghana instead of the non-hearing persons of the Association.
An official of ASBOD who spoke to the GNA Sports on condition of anonymity suspected fraud in the trip that implicates some high profile officials of ASBOD.
According to the ASBOD official, the 25 hearing persons who went to Australia were not players but people seeking travelling opportunity. It is believed that each of the 25 hearing persons parted with 4000 dollars each to get a place on the trip in July.
The ASBOD has referred the letter to the National Sports Council (NSC).

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