Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stop picking politicians as panelists for radio/TV programmes

Mr Prince Bagnaba Mba, President of Forum for National Equity, a non-governmental organization, has appealed to managements of the electronic medium to stop inviting politicians to serve as panel members on their programmes. "Such a practice is not only polarizing Ghanaians, but it is also serving as a catalyst for creating divisive tendencies within the rank and file of Ghanaians," he said.Mr Mba, who spoke to the GNA in an interview on Tuesday, suggested to television and radio stations to rather invite experts whose contribution would enhance the socio-cultural development of the country.He said the use of political party members as panelists on the electronic medium networks was not educating Ghanaians enough on issues as most of them ended up toeing the line of their parties rather than what was right and workable in the system. Mr Mba said the use of political parties to gain power was also influencing people to be divided on ethnic, religious and factional lines instead of using ideologies to convince the electorate. He said there was the need to dissuade the people from politicizing every issue of national interest but rather fashion out the political culture based on social philosophies of leadership in order to sustain the country's young democracy."We need to get the country out of the 'notice me syndrome' where politicians hide under the cloaks of political parties to make themselves popular in society." Mr Mba called on the drafters of the constitution to consider discarding aspects that were totally western and introduce social aspects that were akin to the Ghanaian traditional leadership under the chief. "Political parties, apart from sponsoring candidates during elections, also need to engage themselves in the provision of social amenities that will benefit the masses. I therefore challenge them to engage in farming and the provision of hospitals and other projects that will benefit majority of people," he said.

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